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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Included in this chat transcript is the latest on Tampa Bay's starting quarterback competition, standouts from the Bucs organized team activities and quarterback Josh Freeman's progress thus far.

Also included are the battles between kickers Mike Nugent and Matt Bryant, defensive ends Jimmy Wilkerson, Stylez G. White and Kyle Moore, the contract situations for middle linebacker Barrett Ruud and left tackle Donald Penn, an update on left guard Arron Sears and much, much more.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.


15:08:57 [pewterreportjf] Hello, Bucs fans. The chat session for June 24, 2009 will begin at 1:00 PM. Chat with you then.

16:51:15 [guest] Odds Josh Freeman starts week one?

16:55:09 [rcpadrick] I think Freeman starts the season

16:56:18 [bucs1] I hope sp

16:56:20 [bucs1] so

16:57:01 [rcpadrick] If he can keep progressing, he'll start. I think he's gonna be really good.

16:57:07 [bucs1] I think Aqib Talib makes the probowl and becomes an elite shutdown corner

16:57:46 [rcpadrick] agreed

16:57:52 [detroitbuc] JF who gets the start at QB

16:58:13 [bucs1] Freeman has all the potential, a lot of the media has said he should sit a while but I do not agree. We have all the pieces in place on offense to take the pressure of the QB so why not start Freeman

16:58:50 [detroitbuc] i think the O will be better then most think

16:58:51 [rcpadrick] That's how I feel. The whole "sit-and-watch" approach is a myth.

16:59:18 [bucs1] exactly. especially when you built an offense the way we have

16:59:28 [pewterreportjf] Hello, Bucs fans. We're only one month away from the Bucs reporting to training camp. Let the chat session begin. You've got me for 30 minutes.

16:59:30 [rcpadrick] I watch every game every Sunday, doesn't make me ready to play QB. Only playing would.

17:00:06 [bucs1] PR….chaces freeman starts week one?

17:01:06 [gator_thumper] anything new on the sears situation?

17:01:36 [pewterreportjf] bucs1 – I don't think the chances are good that Josh Freeman starts in Week 1. Freeman has made a lot of progress, but he's got a long way to go. The discussion at One Buc Place has been about possibly increasing Freeman's reps in training camp. If Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich had performed better during the offseason there would be no chance Freeman would start in Week 1, but both McCown and Leftwich must improve. At this point we believe McCown has fared better than Leftwich, but this battle will be won/lost in training camp/preseason.

17:02:26 [detroitbuc] two scrub QB's fighting it out, LOL

17:02:47 [dhinote] Who will have the most carries this year, Ward or Graham

17:03:13 [rcpadrick] How did Clayton looked in minicamp?

17:03:14 [pewterreportjf] gator thumper – No, nothing new to report regarding Arron Sears' situation and excused absence. We certainly wish him the best, but we can't say we expect him to report to training camp. Even if Sears reports to camp Jeremy Zuttah appears to be the starting left guard at this point. Sears' absence will hurt the Bucs most in terms of depth.

17:03:16 [gator_thumper] you think winslow will lead the team in receptions?

17:03:24 [buc 63] I am not very thrilled with Leftwich… takes him too long to release the ball. Griese..'nuff said and Johnson is WCO guy. Who do you think we go into the season with at QB?

17:03:31 [bucs1] I do not understand why people think Leftwich is any kind of answer for our team. He has shown he is a backup, in my opinion this should be McCowns job to lose to Freeman I think Leftwich should be a none factor

17:04:15 [ktownbuc47] Will the Bucs keep JJ over Leftwich if Byron has an uninspiring traing camp?

17:04:18 [chester copperpot] who's kicking balls the best- bryant or nugent?

17:04:24 [pewterreportjf] dhinote – The Bucs are going to give Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward plenty of carries. There probably won't be a "feature" back in this offense, but Ward appears to be the guy that is going to get more touches because he is better in terms of attacking the perimeter with the ball, where as Graham and Ward are probably equal in terms of attacking the middle in the zone scheme.

17:04:29 [guest] What have you seen out of Wilkerson and how do you think he'll do?

17:05:11 [bucs1] Is Aqib Talib going to be a top 5 corner in the league by the end of this season?

17:05:19 [dhinote] Which Bucs do you see having the best chance at a Pro Bowl year?

17:05:29 [pewterreportjf] gator thumper – If I had to predict someone to lead the team in receptions I'd say Kellen Winslow would be a safe bet at this point. The Bucs will feature plenty of two- and three-tight end sets in Jeff Jagodzinski's offense, and Winslow is going to get a lot of reps.

17:05:31 [guest] Overall, do you believe we'll be able to get more pressure on the QB this season?

17:06:12 [guest] PR… NFL network recently reported the o-line "really enjoyed" blocking for Leftwich, as opposed to McCown, any truth to this?

17:06:34 [ajv211] How has Wilkerson looked? Is it justified that he is already named starter?

17:07:11 [pewterreportjf] ktownbuc47 – Your question is interesting. If Byron Leftwich struggles in training camp and preseason, and Josh Johnson shows some real progress, the Bucs might be better off keeping Johnson over Leftwich for the long term. Leftwich had some good moments during OTAs, but he wasn't impressive at the mandatory mini-camp. The QB battles will be determined in training camp and preseason. Leftwich has another month to study the playbook, so who knows how he'll perform once the team reports. McCown has got to be more consistent as well.

17:07:14 [bucs1] Ruud, Talib, T. Jackson, ward, bryant, winslow, c. smith and any of our O line could make the probowl. Why do people think we will be so bad, i love the direction of this team under morris

17:07:46 [bucyea] Anything with Ruud/Penn contracts. Will either be signed before TC? Do you agree with the FO's stance with Rudd?

17:07:55 [ajv211] I agree with you bucs1

17:07:59 [snoop101] Any new info on DPenn?

17:08:09 [pewterreportjf] Chester – Matt Bryant and Mike Nugent are in a tight competition for the kicking job. They were perfect on their kicks at the mandatory mini-camp. If it's even they finish even Nugent could win since he has a stronger leg and is younger than Bryant, but Bryant won't go down without a fight and is a pretty accurate kicker inside the 40.

17:08:46 [dhinote] Where are we with the Salary Cap? How much will we need to spend after signing rookies to meet the minimum?

17:08:50 [snoop101] Bah, I meant any new info on ASears

17:08:52 [chester copperpot] do you think there is a chance the Lions beat the Bucs in the standings this year, given the Bucs schedule?

17:08:54 [bucs1] Im betting we beat dallas week one and open some eyes

17:09:07 [detroitbuc] same buc1

17:09:12 [ajv211] same buc1

17:09:27 [bucyea] From PR's reporting, don't understand why media are saying McCown has not performed well. By PR accounts, he's done much better than the others

17:09:30 [guest] agree buc 1

17:09:39 [pewterreportjf] dhinote – Wow. I don't know if the Bucs will have a Pro Bowler, but my early guess, if there is one (or more) would be Kellen Winslow, maybe Jeff Faine, Barrett Ruud, Ronde Barber, Aqib Talib and maybe Gaines Adams or Jimmy Wilkerson. I think we're going to see the Bucs' sack totals increase due to Jim Bates' system this year, especially the defensive ends.

17:09:42 [bucs1] our schedule looks hard now, but they never shape up to be what you think the NFL changes every year

17:10:02 [guest] (enter your message here)PR, based on what you've watched, please tell us the most surprising player and most dissappointing.

17:10:17 [rcpadrick] You think Trueblood will have a breakout year? He seems poised for it.

17:10:26 [ayron54] Whats up room!!! Go bucs!!

17:10:32 [ajv211] Do you think all the draft picks will make the team?

17:10:33 [mjmoody] JF, is it true that no team in the NFL has addressed players in Ruud, Penn, Tjaks' current contract situation. Is it,"no new contracts

17:10:41 [pewterreportjf] guest – I saw that on NFL Network. I have a lot of respect for what they do and their reporters, but saying that the offensive line really enjoyed blocking for Leftwich didn't make any sense to me at all. Leftwich took way too many sacks at the mandatory mini-camp. I can't imagine the O-line would be happy about that.

17:10:44 [crackadeluxe] PR, Do you think the Leftwhich signing had more to do with providing a smoke creen for the Freeman pick than providing depth at QB? I think the national media has missed that point entirely.

17:10:52 [bucyea] Ruud and Penn Contracts. Will they get done? do you agree with the FO's treatment of Ruud?

17:11:21 [bucs1] i love the bucs but leftwich is not the answer, let him go and keep McCown freeman and johnson

17:11:34 [guest] ruud and tjack need to get done they r the learders on the D

17:11:57 [bucyea] Gregg Jennings jjust got new contract

17:12:06 [1bucfanjeff] Are their any players you can see the Bucs picking up, UFA's, released, etc.?

17:12:07 [pewterreportjf] bucyea – Nothing new on the contracts for Donald Penn and Barrett Ruud. Charlie Campbell had a good write-up on Penn and how the Bucs were not happy about him missing some OTAs. The Bucs believe Ruud will be fine even though he missed 14 OTAs. Remember – Tampa Bay would like to lock both players up long term, but it takes two to negotiate — and agree to — contract terms.

17:12:33 [bucyea] whats your personal feeling on Dominiks handling of Rudd

17:12:49 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:13:08 [dhinote] Is there any talk with D Brooks about joining the front office or coaching staff?

17:13:14 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:13:19 [guest] i dont understandt y k2 and clayton got big contracts and we got guys like riid tjack and penn u deserv a new 1

17:13:24 [bucyea] if a CBA is reached, won;t Rudd be an UFA in 2010

17:13:39 [guest] ruud

17:13:44 [dudley dawson] Jim- Does Mark Dominik keep Dennis Hickey around just because of their friendship? The Bucs drafts have sucked with Hickey as head of college scouting.

17:13:45 [pewterreportjf] bucyea – We're not professional scouts, but Pewter Report prides itself on watching practice and a lot of football. We can't say the same for other media entities. We talk to sources and watch practice, and then share our opinions. I'm not a scout, but anybody that watched the mandatory mini-camp knows that Luke McCown fared better than Byron Leftwich did. However, McCown has failed to run away with the starting job. He needs to be more consistent, too. In their defense, both players are learning a new offense, so some struggles will come. The job will be won/lost in camp and preseason.

17:13:49 [bucinnj] JF, can you speak on Roy Miller and Kyle Moore. I realize it's still early but do you think one or both will see significant time in the DL rotation?

17:13:57 [dudley dawson] Jim- You can call me Booger by the way.

17:14:16 [mjmoody] That was my understanding bucyea.

17:14:22 [ajv211] Will all the draft picks make the roster?

17:14:32 [bucyea] Sure seems like the Buc Brass is not in McCown's corner

17:14:36 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:14:47 [pewterreportjf] crackadeluxe – Based on what we know and have learned, the Bucs knew they were going to draft Josh Freeman before and after they signed Byron Leftwich.

17:15:00 [snoop101] Any news besides it being a private matter on Sears?

17:15:09 [1bucfanjeff] PR, even though it's just OTA's, based on what you've watched, please tell us the most surprising player and most dissappointing.

17:15:32 [bucyea] if a CBA is reached, Ruud can WALK in FA next season, correct?

17:15:38 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:15:38 [guest] I'm still worried about our outside LB positions. Are Phillips and Black coming along?

17:15:39 [ajv211] Is Sabby the real deal?

17:15:48 [pewterreportjf] Dudley – Dennis Hickey is on the hot seat, in our view. Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden were fired, partially because of their poor drafting. Hickey was retained, and yes, he and Mark Dominik have a close relationship. But if the Bucs are going to be a Super Bowl contender they are going to have to draft much better than they have over the past decade.

17:15:50 [snoop101] I think everyones betting on there Not being a new CBA

17:15:55 [crackadeluxe] JF, It seems as if the Defense has been faring pretty well in OTAs. I would have thought the opposite with all the changes in the offseason. Is the defense surprisingly better than we thought it would be or is the offense just struggling that much? Your oersonal opinion of course. Thanks for your time.

17:16:03 [bschucher] Late getting here. Just wanted to thank you guys fior the great work and keep the Twitters coming

17:16:21 [bucyea] that's a gamble I'd hate to lose, Ruud goes and so do some jobs!

17:16:36 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:17:00 [pewterreportjf] ajv – Yes, I think there's a decent chance for all of Tampa Bay's 2009 NFL Draft picks to make the 53-man roster. I'm not saying they're all going to, but there is a good chance.

17:17:07 [guest] I'm still worried about our outside LB positions. Are Phillips and Black coming along?

17:17:31 [bucyea] has Mcduffie or the other 'big" CB stood out or looked good

17:17:39 [dudley dawson] Jim- Considering the Raiders did not draft well under Bruce Allen, the jury has to be out that this guy can't draft worth a damn.

17:17:48 [pewterreportjf] Chester – Wow, I certainly hope the Bucs aren't worse than the Lions this year. I don't see either team in the playoffs this year. Put it that way. Both are rebuilding.

17:17:56 [ajv211] I'm pumped about the thought of Black as a starter this year.

17:18:26 [dhinote] Who do you see the Bucs Targeting with their top 5 draft pick next year?

17:18:34 [bucyea] A sked for TC yet!!!!????!!!1

17:18:39 [guest] Me too… but Black never shined in preseason games.

17:18:44 [pewterreportjf] Dudley – That's something to consider regarding the Bucs suspect drafting. Bruce Allen is no longer here, and he had the final say in the War Room. We'll now find out how much influence Dennis Hickey really has over the Bucs drafts. He's a nice guy, so I hope for the Bucs' sake he does well.

17:18:54 [guest] dhinote, i love the stupid questions. keep them coming

17:19:05 [dhinote] haha

17:19:08 [mjmoody] JF if the Lions loose their first 9 games they eclipse TB's 0-26 landmark start. Any thoughts?

17:19:08 [snoop101] DH didnt seem that nice in the interview with you all…meh

17:19:11 [guest] Come on Drew.

17:19:52 [ajv211] Do CC and SR think the team will be under .500 this year as well or do any of you guys think they could make the playoffs?

17:19:54 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:20:00 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:20:04 [pewterreportjf] crackadeluxe – It's funny. The offense dominated the defense in the first few OTAs we watched, but the tide turned in the latter part of the OTAs and mandatory mini-camp. I will have a two-part column on Jim Bates and his defense, starting this Friday. You will want to read what some of Bates' former players said about him and his system. The other part will be published one week from Friday.

17:20:05 [bucyea] any news on a TC schedule?/

17:20:09 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:20:29 [dhinote] Guest, who is this

17:20:44 [guest] Your bro!

17:20:53 [dhinote] Really?

17:21:04 [pewterreportjf] ajv211 – Scott, Charlie and I had a good discussion when attempting to determine Tampa Bay's record this year. We think the Bucs will be somewhere between 5-11 and 7-9. That's why as of right now we are thinking 6-10, but to be fair to the team we want to see them in training camp and preseason before making "final" predictions.

17:21:07 [guest] Oh yes.

17:21:09 [bucyea] any of the young "big" CBs stood out, McDuffie?

17:21:10 [guest] I'm still worried about our outside LB positions. Are Phillips and Black coming along?

17:21:17 [rcpadrick] Jim, what is Freeman lacking right now that prevents him from being named the starter?

17:21:33 [bucs1] From what you have seen of freeman is PR happy with the pick?

17:22:01 [pewterreportjf] bucs1 – I wasn't thrilled that the Bucs drafted Josh Freeman, but I understand why. I was someone that was calling for the Bucs to invest a first-round pick in a QB under the previous regime because the franchise hadn't done it since 1994, so I can't complain too much. I just hope Freeman pans out. Otherwise, the franchise could be set back several years.

17:22:18 [bucyea] why do people assume Freeman is ready, when he wasn't at KState?!?

17:22:31 [dudley dawson aka booger] Jim- Don't you think the Bucs drafted a quarterback a year too early. Next year they could have gotten Tim Tebow, Jevan Snead, Sam Bradford, or Colt McCoy. Those guys lead their team to wins unlike Josh Freeman.

17:22:38 [ajv211] I don't want to see Freeman put in if the team struggles. I want him from the start of the season or not at all.

17:22:50 [pewterreportjf] mjmoody – I think the suicide rate in Detroit will substantially increase if the Lions go 0-26 over a two-year period.

17:22:57 [bucs1] agree ajv

17:23:11 [guest] The Bucs won't be horrible this year, but their schedule IS. 6 wins will be a good year.

17:23:12 [snoop101] its possible though

17:23:16 [guest] PR– Do you believe the bucs will struggle this year because of lack of talent, or adjusting to new offensive/defensive schemes, or both?

17:23:18 [bucs1] put freeman in and let him play, what do we have to lose with expectations so low

17:23:20 [crackadeluxe] JF, Thanks for your insight and your time. It is appreciated.

17:23:22 [dudley dawson aka booger] rcpadrick- Freeman is lacking intangibles like being a winner.

17:23:27 [mjmoody] Thank's for that.

17:23:35 [bucyea] TRAINING CAMP SKED!!!?????!!!!!!

17:23:39 [pewterreportjf] bucyea – The Bucs should release their training camp schedule in a week or two. We know the Bucs report to training camp on July 31 and hold a morning practice on Aug. 1 at One Buc Place and a night practice at Ray-Jay that night.

17:24:02 [bucs1] booger why do u hate freeman?

17:24:04 [pewterreportjf] If I have missed your question please ask it again. I don't mean to, but we're getting a lot of good ones here today. Thanks.

17:24:10 [guest] I'm still worried about our outside LB positions. Are Phillips and Black coming along?

17:24:17 [dhinote] What are the chances that either Leftwich or McCown get traded?

17:24:27 [ajv211] Is Sabby the real deal?

17:24:27 [detroitbuc] when is the first pre-season game

17:24:45 [dhinote] Aug 15 at Tenn

17:24:48 [bucyea] any young CB's stood out? McDuffie or the other 6 footer?

17:24:49 [rcpadrick] pdf_files/6_25/observer_6_25.pdf

17:24:56 [guest] Horrible question – Dhinote.

17:25:01 [guest]

17:25:02 [1bucfanjeff] PR, even though it's just OTA's, based on what you've watched, please tell us the most surprising player and most dissappointing.

17:25:02 [bucs1] leftwich is a backup, it drives me crazy people are talking about him starting he has been with 4 teams in 4 years and there is a reason for that

17:25:10 [pewterreportjf] guest – Quincy Black appears to be the frontrunner to win the starting strongside linebacker job over Angelo Crowell at this point, but that could change in camp if Crowell can remain healthy. Phillips appears as though he will win the starting weakside job, which is why they have Geno Hayes now competing over at strongside, too.

17:25:24 [mjmoody] Can you talk a little about the "Go" package. Is Tjak a CB and Black a DE both in the same alignment?

17:25:35 [guest] Are you worried about those LBs at all?

17:25:38 [bucyea] almost as bad as Freeman starting, from a BAD KState team

17:26:14 [rcpadrick] How does Black look at OLB? HE was highly-touted in past years, but never saw the field.

17:26:17 [dudley dawson aka booger] Jim- Don't you think the Bucs drafted a quarterback a year to early? Next year they could have gotten Tim Tebow, Jevan Snead, Sam Bradford, or Colt McCoy. Those guys lead their team to wins unlike Josh Freeman.

17:26:19 [pewterreportjf] 1bucfanjeff – Sammie Stroughter was a big surprise early, but his hamstring set him back a bit. Kelly Campbell did really well in the first several OTAs, but he appeared to cool off a bit in the mandatory mini-camp. Will Allen has also been a nice surprise at safety.

17:26:21 [dhinote] thanks guest

17:26:22 [ajv211] Has Talib really looked that good. I thought he was drafted because he is a good zone-flats defender.

17:26:27 [bucs1] freeman played for an awful team at kstate, look at our offense now it is set up for any QB to do well if they minimize mistakes

17:27:06 [bucyea] give McCown a chance, he's earned it. Leftwich got his, Freeman will get his

17:27:08 [bucs1] Talib is built to be a man to man press corner. he will be dominant

17:27:24 [guest] So will Rod (Toast) Jones.

17:27:27 [detroitbuc] any interest in Matt Jones

17:27:32 [dudley dawson aka booger] bucs1- Bad talent around the QB didn't stop Jay Cutler and Ben Rothlithsberger from elevating their team to wins. Freeman never did that.

17:27:43 [rcpadrick] Tebow will not be a good pro QB. Game doesn't translate, just like Vince Young.

17:27:44 [pewterreportjf] Dudley – You could make a case for the Bucs drafting a quarterback a year too early with Freeman, especially if their intention is to play Luke McCown and see what they have in him in 2009. The quarterback class of 2010 looks much better than the one of '09, but that will all be determined at a later date. Nothing the Bucs can do about it now or next year, even if they own a top 5 or top 3 draft pick.

17:27:53 [mjmoody] ajv211 when Talib was drafted Dion Sanders was upset because, "Bucs only play zone."

17:27:55 [ajv211] Neither of them had the 113th ranked defense in college dudley

17:28:02 [bucyea] exactly Dudley, they Ben and Cutler even had good stats, unlike Freeman'

17:28:09 [guest] Dudley – I agree. Freeman didn't show me enough to warrant a 1st round pick. He has a LOT to prove.

17:28:16 [ajv211] mj moody- didnt know that, thanks

17:28:21 [dhinote] KState set Freeman up to be the man and the coaching staff never felt he took full command of the offense. Why will it be different in Tampa?

17:28:33 [pewterreportjf] ajv – Aqib Talib has been a ballhawk in the OTAs we've watched. His athleticism really stands out on the practice field. I think he'll be fine as a guy playing in a bump-and-run man scheme.

17:28:35 [bucyea] Freeman was in the bottom half of big 12 stats

17:28:39 [dudley dawson aka booger] rcpadrick- Apparently you know football better than Bill Parcells, Jon Gruden, Bill Belichek, and Gil Brant because they all say Tebow will be a good pro quarterback.

17:28:45 [bucs1] True, but i dont know if you can say that freeman didnt do all he could there. after reading some PR articles it souded like kstate may have been a real mess

17:29:04 [rcpadrick] Are you Tebow's mother?

17:29:21 [ajv211] If Freeman doesn't start until 2011 I'd be fine with that.

17:29:33 [bucyea] They all talk but when it comes time, none will draft Tebow, but Gruden, and we all know how great he is with QB's

17:29:40 [dudley dawson aka booger] I guess you can't respond to the point intelligently.

17:29:53 [guest] True, Freeman had it tough. But if he couldn't win more with KState talent, then what is he going to do here?

17:30:07 [pewterreportjf] dhinote – We won't be able to determine whether Josh Freeman is a good NFL QB or not until 2-3 years from now. He didn't have a lot to work with at K-State. He has all the physical attributes, but needs the time to learn life in the NFL.

17:30:08 [detroitbuc] Freeman will play late this year

17:30:10 [bucs1] Start freeman week one unless McCown really pulls ahead in preseason. If they are close go with freeman he is this teams future

17:30:19 [bucyea] JF any of the young CB's stood out, McDuffie or the other big'un

17:30:21 [rcpadrick] We'll see next year when none of those guys draft him.

17:30:39 [guest] Dan McGuire had all the physical talent as well.

17:30:54 [dhinote] Tebow will be picked in the top 3 rounds.

17:31:02 [dudley dawson aka booger] Well Parcells and Belichek won't draft first round qbs because they don't need them, and it all depends where Gruden lands.

17:31:07 [bucs1] our offense on paper looks awsome, freeman will have everything he needs to succeed now. We will rely on the run and not ask him to do to much…….Matt ryan like?

17:31:26 [pewterreportjf] bucs1 – I don't think Josh Freeman will start in Week 1, but I wouldn't be surprised if he played at some point in 2009. If the Bucs struggle record-wise in 2009 I think Freeman will play.

17:31:26 [rcpadrick] Drop it on Tebow. He's not coming here, that's all I care about.

17:31:44 [ajv211] I want McCown to be awesome and Freeman to sit for years like Leinheart

17:31:59 [bucs1] ajv u hate freeman haha


17:32:01 [mjmoody] In your opinion is Olsen gone after this year?

17:32:02 [gator_thumper] likewise

17:32:05 [guest] Every team wishes that drafted a Matt Ryan with the first pick, but it doesn't normally happen that first year. Freeman needs to sit and learn… and that may not even help.

17:32:26 [ajv211] No! I just want him to learn. He's 21 for gods sake!

17:32:41 [pewterreportjf] bucyea – Elbert Mack and Kyle Arrington have a good competition going at cornerback, but I think Mack will win the No. 1 CB job. E.J. Biggers has shown some flashes, but still has plenty of room for improvement. Don't be surrpised if you see Tanard Jackson play some cornerback in some situations, which would allow Will Allen to get on the field as a safety. Allen has had a great offseason.

17:32:52 [dudley dawson aka booger] I agree Tebow ain't coming here, and it would be best for the Bucs if Freeman rides the pine for years because it would mean Luke is leading the team to wins.

17:33:06 [guest] Yeah, is Olsen even on board with the coaching staff? Someone should check into him.

17:33:48 [bucs1] i dont have a problem with McCown starting, just PLEASE dont let Leftwich on the feild he has shown what he can do in the NFL and that is be a backup

17:34:01 [ajv211] i hope they cut Leftwich

17:34:05 [bucs1] agree

17:34:11 [guest] Do you like louis holmes chances of making the team?

17:34:55 [pewterreportjf] guest – Greg Olson is Tampa Bay's quarterbacks coach. He's been coaching them up, so I guess he's onboard in that regard. I believe Olson has offensive coordinator aspirations, so I wouldn't be surprised if he left the Bucs in a year or two for that type of job if one was offered to him.

17:34:57 [bucs1] aqib talib probowl odds?

17:35:17 [ajv211] I was pumped when I heard Buie pushed Lee into Leftwich and knocked him on his ass. Freeman or McCown would have been able to get out of the way but not Lefwich with those heavy feet!

17:35:29 [bucs1] hahaha

17:35:51 [guest] overreaction by morris imo

17:36:02 [pewterreportjf] guest – Actually, that's a great question. Louis Holmes created some buzz with the way he performed during OTAs. That's a credit to him, but temper your enthusiasm. I can't begin to tell you how many players shined during OTAs, just to be missing in action come training camp and preseason. All of the roster spots will be won/lost in training camp and preseason.

17:36:09 [bucs1] i live in jacksonville and leftwich is def. not the answer to the bucs QB situation it needs to be mccown or freeman and i like johnson

17:36:13 [bucyea] Lee should have been sent off

17:36:39 [pewterreportjf] I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions. We will post a chat transcript Thursday. Take care, and hang in there. Football is one month away.


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