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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: What's up, Bucs fans? Let the chat session begin.
strick-9: Jim: Don't think anyone is here other than us three. Didn't see it advertised
pewterreportjf: Just so all of you know, the Bucs are scheduled to hold three organized team activities this week (held one today), three next week and then their three-day mandatory mini-camp the following week. After that it's a long five or so weeks until training camp begins.
1vabucsfan: JF With Stevens out the 1st 2 games does that make Troupe a lock?
strick-9: JF: Charlie is doing a bang up job.
jonbuc: Were you guys able to watch today?
strick-9: What are your thoughts on Zuttah so far…
pewterreportjf: strick – Thanks for joining the chat session tonight. I posted a story about the chat on the front page and posted a message about it on both boards, so I'm not sure why people didn't know it was being held.
buc4life79: jf…do you think theres a poss we look at travis henry…..
pewterreportjf: strick – Charlie Campbell is doing a great job. He's come a long way in a short amount of time. There were several reasons why we courted him and hired him in April, and I think our readers and subscribers are seeing why. He's a great teammate and he'll only get better.
guest: Why did Grads and not Simms get cut last week? Do the Bucs still feel Simms actually has some trade value?
buc4life79: grad cant cut it in the nfl….
kybucfan: JF, even though the d-lineman really cannot be evaluated at this point w/o pads, what is your hunch on how much the d-line's performance will improve vs. last year, if at all?
buc4life79: hell been playin afl real soon
pewterreportjf: strick – Jeremy Zuttah will develop into a good player. If an injury occurs at one of the interior positions Zuttah probably will get the nod in place of the injured player. The only thing that could hurt Zuttah is the fact that the Bucs will crosstrain him at three different positions. That will be tough, but he's extremely athletic and intelligent. I like him.
1vabucsfan: JF With Stevens out the 1st 2 games does that make Troupe a lock?
pewterreportjf: buc4life – The Bucs might look at Travis Henry, although I don't have that confirmed. However, I don't expect the Bucs to sign Henry.
buc4life79: just a thought….
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a great point. The Bucs do believe Chris Simms has better trade value than Bruce Gradkowski. Simms missed today's OTA again, but he better show up to the mandatory workouts in a few weeks. Otherwise, the Bucs will have grievances against two quarterbacks.
jonbuc: JF were you guys able to watch today?
buc4life79: i think we should look at how simms has progressed and see if hes back to his normal self before doin anything
pewterreportjf: kybucfan – Gaines Adams should be a lot more consistent as a pass rusher, but I'd be surprised if Greg White had the type of success this year as he did last year. Unfortunately, I am not that confident that Tampa Bay's pass rush will improve, which will be a major problem. The Bucs defense must do a better job of getting after the quarterback if it hopes to get itself off the field by forcing punts and turnovers.
buc4life79: simms with the shotgun could do wonders
guest: fyi, don't think that because there aren't many people on tonight that we don't LOVE the chat sessions… it's just an extremely slow period in the NFL (as I'm quite sure you guys know since you have to write during this time)
buc4life79: simms played in the shotgun most of his college career
buc4life79: in texas
buc4life79: so that could real help and we have a better oline too….
guest: simms was also mediocre in college…
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – We have it on good authority that the signing of Jerramy Stevens was not a knock on Tampa Bay's tight ends. Bucs head coach Jon Gruden will play plenty of two – and three- tight end sets this year, so bringing in a guy like Stevens, who is familiar with the system, makes sense while John Gilmore and Ben Troupe learn the system. They're both new to it. The Bucs can easily justify carrying four tight ends in the regular season.
tonyclifton: Lack of pass rush = better one on one play by the corners….hopefully
strick-9: Do you see Boyd possibly making this team…I think he had the best hands in the draft for rb's?
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – No, the media was not allowed to watch practice today. We are able to watch on Thursday, though.
jonbuc: If they carry 4 TEs how many receivers do you see them carrying?
buc4life79: simms has more arm strength and can throw the long ball better than garcia
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs really high on Biddleand does he or Hankton have return ability?
buc4life79: let spurlock keep returning
pewterreportjf: tonyclifton – Even if Tampa Bay's defensive line hasn't improved its pass rush, you could make the argument that the secondary has improved. But even great cover guys can only cover for so long. The defensive line has to raise havoc in the opposing teams' backfield early and often. You saw what the Giants did en route to winning the Super Bowl. If the Dolphins part ways with Jason Taylor you can expect the Bucs to express interest. kybucfan: Thx, what about the o-line's performance? Do you think that Faine not only upgrades the center position but also the guard play as some have estimated?
bucjoe: Why do you doubt Greg White will do as well as last year? This year he will be much fresher.
jonbuc: Seems to me that carrying 4 TEs, 4 QBs, 2 FBs, 9 DL might not work numbers wise
buc4life79: white is goin to be a beast…..
buc4life79: and so is adams
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – What we reported from the OTA at Ray-Jay a few weeks ago was true. Both wide receivers Taye Biddle and Hankton were impressive. However, I think everyone should take this with a grain of salt. It's the offseason. We've seen players like Chas Gessner impressive this time of year just to not even make the team in September. They're definitely guys to keep an eye on though.
jonbuc: JF did Dexter look any better on Thursday?
tonyclifton: Here's hoping that Haye will dominate
buc4life79: jf…do you know when the fanfest list is goin to be released
bucjoe: jf, you don't think being fresher this year will make a big difference for White this year?
buc4life79: our d line is goin to be awesome this year i believe…
strick-9: If Sabby improves to the point he can we trade Phillips now?
pewterreportjf: kybucfan – Yes, Jeff Faine will be an instant upgrade for Tampa Bay's offensive line. He's still learning the system, but he's a tremendous athlete. Not only will he make the offensive line better, but he's going to open up Jon Gruden's playbook in terms of implementing and executing more screen plays and passes. Faine has the ability to get to the second level and Gruden knows this. John Wade could make the calls at the line of scrimmage, but he couldn't hold up physically. I'd be shocked if Faine didn't serve as a substantial upgrade at the center position.
kybucfan: Cool, thx.
buc4life79: jf…do you see gruden having dunn and bennett on the field together
buc4life79: using more screens with there speed
kybucfan: Any word on how Tanard Jackson is looking and/or what the team is expecting from him this year?
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Greg White should be much fresher since he isn't playing in the Arena League, but there's a reason why he had trouble catching on with an NFL team. I'm not saying what he did last year was a fluke because he was indeed impressive and deserves a lot of credit. However, I'm not sure it would be fair or realistic to expect White to duplicate — or even improve upon — that success in 2008.
buc4life79: jackson is going to be a monster this year…
1vabucsfan: JF Is there any truth to Darby looking good and taking advantage of Grahm not being there?
pewterreportjf: buc4life79 – Absolutely. I've already seen Warrick Dunn and Michael Bennett line up in the same backfield, also known as the "Rocket" backfield. They did this quite a few times during the last OTA we were allowed to watch. I expect to see it more in the regular season, especially if Earnest Graham doens't show up for work.
buc4life79: that is goin to be a very interseting formation
jonbuc: Any updates on Earnest?
tonyclifton: Greg White – I hear many comments on his play possibly not resembling that of last year. Not taking anyone by surprise aside, why would that be the assumption?
pewterreportjf: kybucfan – The Bucs expect a big year out of Tanard Jackson. What he did last year was amazing, but the Bucs feel he's capable of making the Pro Bowl this year. We'll have to see. Will Allen did well in his first year and then struggled in his sophomore year. I think Jackson will do quite well, though.
jonbuc: JF, for the sake of argument…let's say Earnest isn't on the team this year…who might be the #3?
buc4life79: white will be fresher and adjusted to the nfl….double digit sacks
kybucfan: thx
pewterreportjf: 1vabucfan – I haven't watched enough of Kenneth Darby to be able to support that particular sentiment. From what I have seen and have heard regarding Darby, his best shot appears to be making the practice squad this year.
buc4life79: i hope you guys got jackson rookie jersey cause hes goin to be our next stud
strick-9: how about Boyd?
buc4life79: jackson over boyd any day
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – Believe it or not, if Earnest Graham wasn't on the team in 2008, Tampa Bay's third running back could be Cory Boyd. Several people I've talked to are very high on Boyd and believe he could be better than Kenneth Darby.
buc4life79: darby needs more chances
buc4life79: i think our depth is goin to help us this year…..
jonbuc: How is Geno Hayes looking?
buc4life79: go noles lol
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs high on Bryant and the progress he's making getting back into football shape?
buc4life79: bryant could be a sleeper player this year if he gets a chance
bucjoe: I believe Boyd has much more upside than Darby. In addition to being a tough runner, he has more speed.
tonyclifton: kybucfan – where are you in KY?
kybucfan: Paducah….it's far Western KY
jonbuc: JF, any chance that either Black or Heyward move to the middle so that they and Hayes might make the team?
buc4life79: hayes will make the team in special teams….
buc4life79: that boy can hit
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – Geno Hayes really opened up a lot of eyes during Tampa Bay's rookie mini-camp, much like Quincy Black and Adam Hayward did the previous year. Hayes showed tremendous speed and instincts, the latter of which former Bucs LB Marquis Cooper lacked unfortunately. One team source told me he'd be "shocked" if Hayes didn't make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster this season. That's a pretty strong statement, and one that bodes well for Hayes.
tonyclifton: KY – I am a Ky boy myself. Shelby and Oldham county were my stomping grounds. UL grad
1vabucsfan: JF I know Matt McCoy has a rep for not playing in the system,but is he picking up ours well enough to make the team?
jonbuc: Well, I don't see how they can keep 7 LBs this year
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – No, I don't see either Black or Hayward moving to middle linebacker. Hayward is playing on the weak side right now and Black is playing on the strong side. That's the way it probably will stay.
kybucfan: Yep, those sound like some Louisville counties to me, lol! funny, I actually just graduated from UK.
jonbuc: Does Heyward look like the odd man out?
strick-9: Does Lehman look healthy for once and any chance he's 2nd string Mike?
bucjoe: Is Black still looking impressive, or is his stock dropping?
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Matt McCoy is an interesting guy and one I want to watch (when the Bucs will let us watch practice). He must play within the system, and this system is new to him. But he must also stay healthy. The competition at linebacker is outstanding this year. The Bucs are very deep at the position.
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs high on Bryant and the progress he's making getting back into football shape?
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – No, it's too early to say Adam Hayward is the odd man out. The one player that is in a lot of trouble in terms of making the roster is Ryan Nece. He's a great guy and one heck of a special teams player, but he's really got to step up at linebacker this year.
bucjoe: Have you heard anything about Galloway's shoulder? It bothers me that nothing is being said.
kybucfan: JF – What's your early read on who the back-up linebackers are when the season starts given that we have SO many?
buc4life79: galloway will be ready….
jonbuc: Do you see them keeping 7 LBs even with 4 QBs, 4 TEs, 9 DL, etc?
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Quincy Black is improving, but don't expect him to crack the starting lineup unless Derrick Brooks or Cato June get hurt. Black will need to make a big impact on special teams this year, especially if the Bucs do indeed released Ryan Nece.
strick-9: Is Lehman just camp fodder?
bucjoe: Does Black still look like he will be an outstanding LB with his size and speed?
jonbuc: I second that
pewterreportjf: kybucfan – If I had to say right now, here are the linebackers that would make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster in 2008: Derrick Brooks, Barrett Ruud, Cato June, Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, Adam Hayward and Teddy Lehman. It's still very early, though.
jonbuc: How Eugene Wilson looking?
buc4life79: wilson could be another sleeper this year….
bucjoe: Any word on Galloway's shoulder?
kybucfan: It definitely is. Thx.
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Yes, Quincy Black still has impressive size and speed, but don't look for the Bucs to experiment more with the 3-4 scheme and using Black and Hayward as rush ends in different situations. From what we hear that experiment is over.
1vabucsfan: JF Are the bucs high on Bryant and the progress he's making getting back into football shape?
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – Raheem Morris and some of the Bucs veteran defensive backs say Eugene Wilson is the real deal at cornerback. They expect good things from him this year.
buc4life79: our d is goin to be sick this year….
jonbuc: Would it be safe to say that Cox and Davis are on the outside looking in?
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Joey Galloway still is limited, but he'll be fine by the time training camp starts. Remember — the Bucs always take it easy with Galloway, who is 36. It's a smart idea, too.
bucjoe: Could Wilson beat out P-Buc?
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – Yes, Torrie Cox and Sammy Davis are on the outside looking in at this point.
pewterreportjf: 1vabucsfan – Antonio Bryant is rusty after a one-year layoff from football, but he's shown flashes. He could make things really interesting if he can stay out of trouble.
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans.
buc4life79: jf…shotgun helps simms make team…true or false
bucjoe: I keep hearing that P-Buc and Wilson are competing for a big contract. It seems to me we need both!
kybucfan: Thanks JF!
1vabucsfan: peace JF
jonbuc: Any change Pettigout might get moved if Penn beats him out in favor of the more versitile Davis, Zuttah, and Buenning?
pewterreportjf: buc4life – False. Chris Simms will not make Tampa Bay's 53-man roster.
pewterreportjf: jonbuc – Nope. Luke Petitgout will stay at left tackle. So will Donale Penn.
buc4life79: alright good night all…..
pewterreportjf: Thanks for the excellent questions.
buc4life79: til next time yall….
strick-9: thank you Jim…
jonbuc: Thanks!!!!
bucjoe: Thanks JF! These chats are always great!
pewterreportjf: We hope you're enjoying Pewter Report's offseason coverage. Don't worry — training camp is just around the corner. Take care

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