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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Included in this chat transcript is the latest on Tampa Bay's starting quarterback competition and standouts from the Bucs organized team activities that took place earlier in the offseason.

Also included is a progress report on Bucs running back Cadillac Williams, who is attempting to work his way back from his second major knee injury in as many years. How will Tampa Bay fare in 2009? What can fans expect from the Bucs training camp, which begins on Saturday, August 1? Get answers to these questions and more in this chat transcript.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.


17:00:22 [pewterreportjf] Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.

17:00:45 [booker] soafter OTAs and Lefthwich not shining does Freeman start as number two in TC?

17:00:48 [rcpadrick] Hello, Jeff. How close to starting do you think Freeman is?

17:00:51 [armybuc] What is the status of contract negotians with Freeman?

17:01:05 [rcpadrick] Jim, sorry

17:01:10 [ajv211] What is this about Freeman being immature? This is exactly what I feared.


17:01:48 [booker] It meant he is still a kid, he is 21 and he will learn in TC

17:01:53 [pewterreportjf] booker – No, I don't think Josh Freeman will begin training camp as the No. 2 quarterback. I think the No. 2 job is a job he could earn should Luke McCown or Byron Leftwich fall apart and Freeman fares well. Tampa Bay is going to wait until it is through one week of camp before determining whether to increase Freeman's reps.

17:01:56 [flyinbuc] jim, how much do you think the new offseason training program will affect the bucs this year?

17:02:24 [booker] Any more news on Sears?

17:02:25 [guest] ajv211- it was all in the QH for you to read.

17:03:06 [ajv211] I recently read an article saying Wilkerson as a breakout player this year. Has he made major strides that any of you have noticed?

17:03:09 [pewterreportjf] rcpadrick – I don't think Josh Freeman will start for the Buccaneers in 2009 unless the season gets out of hand early and both Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich struggle. Freeman has come a long way since May, but he's got a long way to go. I definitely don't think Freeman will start by Week 1, which is what some have suggested.

17:03:35 [chester cooperpot] Jim- Do you think that Dexter Jackson is even the caliber of a practice squad player?

17:03:58 [dabucs12188] When do you think the FO will lock up both Freeman and Miller?

17:04:14 [ajv211] I'm more concerned with Miller.

17:04:18 [rcpadrick] On the topic of Jackson and bad draft picks, who do you think is to blame for the horrendously bad picks the Bucs have made for the past many years

17:04:21 [jbuc15] Jim, how have our DTs been holding up thus far? We havn't heard much about them, and I think they are abig question mark this year.

17:04:31 [pewterreportjf] ajv211 – Charlie Campbell wrote about Josh Freeman and how some in the Bucs organization feel he has some maturity issues, but don't read too much into that. It's not that he's immature, as in showing up to meetings late, attitude, etc. He's good there. The Bucs just feel he must step up in terms of being more of a leader, maybe more vocal. Charlie did a good job of explaining in his PI Quick Hits column.

17:04:43 [nwinters40] Hey Jim – I'm assuming that Scott's on vacation right now… are you taking some time off soon?

17:04:54 [guest] Does Ruud get an extention before the season starts?

17:05:09 [pewterreportjf] booker – No, no new news on Bucs guard Arron Sears. If we had to say right now it doesn't seem likely Sears will report to training camp. The Bucs are hopeful, though. In the meantime Jeremy Zuttah is Tampa Bay's starting left guard.

17:05:56 [flyinbuc] jim, how much do you think the new offseason training program will affect the bucs this year? who has made the biggest improvements?

17:06:07 [nwinters40] Heard anything about the Bucs continued interest in the supplemental draft DE?

17:06:08 [pewterreportjf] flyinbuc – That's a great question. The Bucs completely changed the format of their offseason training program. The Bucs, for the most part, bulked up. They want to be a physical football team and Kurt Shultz is helping them become that. I can't wait to see how it tranlates on the football field when the pads come on next month.

17:06:25 [jbuc15] Leftwich scares the crap out of me. All of the small things that he does poorly, dont make up for his marginal passing ability. All he has is swagger. Is that enough to win games? I dont think so.

17:06:51 [booker] Is the interest in jarmon serious or just speculation?

17:07:11 [pewterreportjf] rcpadrick – The blame can be spread around for Tampa Bay's bad draft picks over the years. No one has perfect drafts, but when you stack the Bucs' track record up against a team like the Patriots it looks pretty bad. Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden are no longer here, so if the Bucs continue to draft poorly a lot of the blame will fall on Dennis Hickey, the director of college scouting.

17:07:13 [nwinters40] Leftwich sucks… but Rob Johnsons helped win the Bucs a Superbowl (kind-of)

17:07:20 [pewterreportjf] If I miss your question please ask again. Thanks.

17:07:26 [ajv211] I recently read an article saying Wilkerson as a breakout player this year. Has he made major strides that any of you have noticed?

17:07:44 [armybuc] How does Derrick Ward look so far?

17:07:50 [jbuc15] Jim, how are our DTs holding up? They are a question mark right now.

17:08:01 [louie] I hear the rookie symposium is occurring. Any news from that?

17:08:23 [pewterreportjf] guest – No, don't expect Barrett Ruud to get a contract extension before the season starts. As far as the Bucs are concerned Ruud has two years left on his contract because right now a new CBA is not in place, so he would become a RFA next year. If Ruud is willing to take a new deal like Kellen Winslow's, which included no signing bonus, then the Bucs might be more open to doing it at this point.

17:08:28 [ajv211] Yea, Talib went over there with a baseball bat a picked fights with New Orlean's rookies

17:08:38 [jbuc15] I think Miller will have a lot of quality snaps this year. He is a beast!

17:08:40 [armybuc] What is the status of contract negotians with Freeman?

17:09:25 [pewterreportjf] jbuc15 – Jim Bates had a lot of good things to say about Chris Hovan and Ryans Sims at the mandatory mini-camp. Hovan has added some bulk this offseason, which should help him hold up. I'll be interested in seeing how they fare with the pads on.

17:09:54 [pewterreportjf] louie – Yes, the NFL Rookie Symposium is being held right now, but there is nothing Buc-related coming out of there from what we know.

17:10:01 [jbuc15] Thanks Jim. Your right, pads will be the showcase for our middle.

17:10:28 [ajv211] Wilkerson improve a lot this offseason?

17:10:41 [guest] Why is everyone so high on Sims? He had his opportunity and folded last year.

17:10:44 [pewterreportjf] armybuc – Both sides (the Bucs and the agent) have been quiet on the Josh Freeman contract talks. The good news is they have one month to hammer out the deal, and the first two quarterbacks in the draft have already signed. The Bucs only have two picks left to sign — Roy Miller and Freeman.

17:11:40 [ajv211] JF- Have you gotten a close look at Kellen Winslow's tattoos? What do you think of them? Are they better than Pittman's were?

17:11:43 [pewterreportjf] ajy211 – We expect Jimmy Wilkerson to have a good season. He likely will be the starting left end, and will see some action at defensive tackle, too. Wilkerson is coming off a good season, but he's in a contract year now. From speaking to him, you can tell he's very motivated.

17:11:52 [booker] Who are you choices for captains on both sides?

17:11:54 [jbuc15] Is anyone else excited to see Sabby, Tanard and Talib flying around the field? Sabby has made plays everytime he steps on the field, and Aqib is tearing it up something wicked.

17:12:13 [flyinbuc] jim, do you really think that brian clark is going to end up as the number 3 wr?

17:12:33 [pewterreportjf] guest – I can't say I'm super high on Ryan Sims, but the Bucs feel Sims can succeed in this defense because it doesn't require the defensive tackles to do much more than just take on blockers and free up the linebackers to make tackles. He's got the size, that's for sure.

17:12:37 [ajv211] it will be interesting to see if there will be a qb captain and which one it will be

17:12:41 [ajv211] i hope mccown

17:12:50 [rcpadrick] Jim, what is your honest opinion on Phillips' transition to linebacker? Is he big enough?

17:13:02 [nwinters40] Has MC-80 learned to catch the ball in the offseason?

17:13:13 [pewterreportjf] ajy211 – I know Kellen Winslow has some tats, but I dont' remember what they are.

17:13:27 [ajv211] Do you like them?

17:13:27 [nwinters40] … or as he already started blaming Morris for his drops?

17:13:40 [ajv211] Is he looking to get some new ones soon!?

17:13:49 [jbuc15] Yeah, I am tired of this, "New Start" for Calyton each year. Make some freakin strides!

17:14:06 [armybuc] Does Jagodzinski plan on incorporating any Wildcat-type tricks in the playbook this year?

17:14:21 [jc510] JF…. back to the Ruud and CBA thing, why wouldn't Dominik get him signed now anyway? Just in case the CBA is extended

17:14:25 [ajv211] i'd love to see peanut or talib take some snaps at wildcat

17:14:26 [pewterreportjf] booker – The team captains might not be decided until later, but my early guess would be Michael Clayton, Jeff Faine on the offensive side, and Ronde Barber, Chris Hovan and Barrett Ruud on the defensive side. I am probably missing one or two, but those would be determined later.

17:15:28 [pewterreportjf] flyinbuc – It sure seems like Brian Clark has the lead right now as far as the No. 3 receiver position goes. Clark isn't a flashy player, but he's steady and consistent. He's got good hands and runs good routes, kind of like a younger version of Ike Hilliard. Clark is also one hell of a special teams player. I think the No. 3 job will come down to Clark, Maurice Stovall and Kelly Campbell.

17:15:36 [ajv211] no, i'd llike to see josh johnson take snaps at wildcat

17:16:03 [ajv211] That's unexciting, I'd rather see Stroughter in the slot

17:16:03 [booker] Has Antonio looked like he will continue his season from last year so far?

17:16:07 [jc510] JF… what about Winslow as #3 WR and then Stevens comes in at TE?

17:16:10 [jbuc15] I like seeing Clark step up. Lord knows Clayton and Stovall have ahd their chance.

17:16:11 [pewterreportjf] mwinters40 – Michael Clayton had trouble with some dropped pass in previous seasons, but he was actually pretty good catching the ball in 2008, especially when you consider the number of times he caught the ball vs. the number of times he was thrown the ball.

17:17:09 [pewterreportjf] jc510 – If the CBA is extended then the Bucs, who have more salary cap room than any other team, are confident they can work out a long-term deal with Barrett Ruud before he were to hit free agency. The big question is when will unrestricted free agency begin for Ruud — next year or the following year?

17:17:19 [ajv211] What are the reasons JF that the Bucs will be 6-10 (which you said in last weeks chat) as opposed to 10-6?

17:17:26 [guest] Where do you see the bucs ranking in sacks this year?

17:17:51 [pewterreportjf] jc510 – The Bucs aren't going to use the No. 3 receiver a lot, especially with the way they have been using TE Kellen Winslow in the slot. We expect to see a lot of that this season, which could keep Clark or whoever the No. 3 receiver is off the field.

17:18:01 [armybuc] Does Jagodzinski plan on incorporating any Wildcat-type tricks in the playbook this year?

17:18:05 [rcpadrick] National and Regional Newspapers: Farewell Old Friends

17:18:11 [rcpadrick] Sorry.

17:18:20 [dabucs12188] JF – Are there any players still around OBP?

17:18:34 [chester cooperpot] Good ridance to newspapers and their biased reporting.

17:18:47 [rcpadrick] Jim, is Phillips going to be a good linebacker? Or are they placating him because they want Piscitelli on the field?

17:19:04 [rcpadrick] cut and paste doesn't work here, apparently

17:19:12 [pewterreportjf] ajy211 – I said 6-10 might be the record for the Bucs in 2009 because Raheem Morris is a first-year head coach, Tampa Bay has a brutal schedule and this team is young and unproven at several positions, not to mention having two new coordinators. If the Bucs do anything better than 6-10 it probably means they have a solid nucleus of young players to build around.

17:19:38 [chester cooperpot] Considering that nobody has signed Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, Ike Hilliard, and Kevin Carter. It shows that these guys had nothing last year and should not have been playing.

17:19:58 [jbuc15] JIM, how is the team chemisrty right now? WIth all the new players, coaches and what not?

17:20:20 [ajv211] agree chester, i think quincy black instead of Dbrooks in that Oakland game would have been a major, major upgrade

17:20:21 [pewterreportjf] guest – Tampa Bay didn't do much to address its need for more sacks and more pressure from the defensive line, but it did hire Jim Bates, whose systems typically get a lot of sacks out of the defensive ends. That's what the Bucs are banking on. I think the Bucs will improve their sack total from last year. My guess is somewhere in the 30s for total sacks.

17:21:07 [pewterreportjf] jbuc15 – Team chemistry seems to be pretty good. The young players have bonded, but there is also a nice blend of veterans. You get a better feel for team chemistry when adversity hits.

17:21:09 [nwinters40] Here's a better question about MC-80 (Jim's right, maybe I shouldn't make fun of his hands)… so has Clayton been able to get open against Talib or Barber at all?

17:21:15 [booker] What are the chances the Bucs take Jarmon in the supplemental draft?

17:21:39 [rcpadrick] Phillips? Good linebacker?

17:21:54 [ajv211] So if we're going to get more pressure on the qb, be more physical, and be more explosive on offense, why will the team lose more games than last season? I know they'll be younger but I don't understand all the negative predictions for this season.

17:22:06 [pewterreportjf] dabucs – Some Bucs players are still working out at One Buc Place, but this is typically the time of year when the players and coaches vacation before they report to training camp. By the way, the training camp schedule should come out this week or next week at the latest. Don't be surprised if there are a lot of evening practices on it.

17:22:08 [jbuc15] JIM, we all know Barber is mad at you guys, but thus far, just how good is he doing?

17:22:39 [booker] Was PFT telling the truth when they said the Bucs fired all of their security at One Buc?

17:23:01 [pewterreportjf] rcpadrick – It's too early to tell whether Jermaine Phillips will be a good linebacker. We know he's performed well enough to stick at the position. We'll get a better feel for Phillips when the pads come on. That's when he usually shines.

17:23:11 [ajv211] JF- What's your beer of choice when tailgating before Bucs games?

17:23:21 [talib 25] Hello

17:23:41 [rcpadrick] Who do you think will be the most surprising player this year? Good or bad?

17:23:46 [guest] what are the chances we trade for a braylon edwards or brandon marshall??

17:23:51 [pewterreportjf] Cadillac Williams is planning to be ready for the start of training camp, but there is a chance he will begin camp on the physically unable to perform list, just as he did last year. The Bucs have been encouraged by what Williams has done to return to the field.

17:24:17 [ajv211] I think Cadillac will be the most surprising player this year

17:24:25 [dabucs12188] JF – What are your thoughts about some of the young guys on the dline such as Dre Moore and Greg Peterson.

17:24:25 [jc510] JF… could Cadillac be the starter if he's healthy?

17:24:30 [rcpadrick] I wouldn't put it past him

17:24:34 [armybuc] OK JF, What's the chance we see a wildcat-type formation this year?

17:24:42 [pewterreportjf] booker – I don't know if the Bucs have fired their security guards, but I haven't seen any there since last season. The Bucs still have security at One Buc Place, though, including cameras, etc., so don't get any crazy ideas. :)

17:24:47 [rcpadrick] why would we WANT to see the wildcat???

17:25:17 [pewterreportjf] jc510 – No way Cadillac Williams starts this year. He's just trying to work his way into the rotation and back from the knee injury. Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward will be the main backs in this system.

17:25:24 [guest] what are the chances we trade for a braylon edwards or brandon marshall??

17:25:33 [guest] teams will figure out how to stop the wildcat

17:25:50 [nwinters40] guest… the chances are zero… sorry to dissapoint

17:25:53 [rcpadrick] the wildcat is a gimmick. And a bad one at that.

17:25:57 [pewterreportjf] armybuc – Based on what I saw during OTAs and the mandatory mini-camp, I would say the chances are slim of the Wildcat being called by Jeff Jagodzinski.

17:26:02 [ajv211] JF- What type of liquor do you take touchdown shots with when the bucs score?

17:26:02 [gator_thumper] teams already figured out how to stpo it

17:26:04 [armybuc] Just trying to get a feel for Jagodzinski's offense… gives the opp one more thing to have to worry about.

17:26:21 [jbuc15] Will Barber be more of a liability this year, or a hard working solid player in this new scheme?

17:26:52 [guest] why do u say zero chance?

17:26:53 [nwinters40] ajv211 – Rocky Mountain Bear F@$

17:26:56 [pewterreportjf] guest – The Bucs will always be interested in players that can help them improve, and you can make a case for the team needing more experienced depth at wide receiver, but I don't expect the Bucs to make a trade for any of the veterans that appear to be on the trading block. Maybe that will change if there's an injury or if the asking price for some of those players lowers.

17:27:02 [talib 25] Darn, I can't think of any question

17:27:17 [rcpadrick] Most surprising player this season?

17:27:37 [nwinters40] … post got cut off… 1/3 tequila, 1/3 southern comfort, 1/3 Jack daniels…

17:27:54 [pewterreportjf] jbuc – I wouldn't be surprised if Ronde Barber turned in a Pro Bowl year in 2009. He has a chip on his shoulder and appears to be very motivated by the critics. Barber has played more bump-and-run man coverage than people give him credit for. An improved pass rush would help Barber and everyone in Tampa Bay's secondary play better than last year. That will be key.

17:28:02 [ajv211] never heard of that one nwinters, you like that drink JF?

17:28:13 [armybuc] Any more on Pittman coming back as a FB?

17:28:23 [nwinters40] it tastes like gasoline… but it does the tick =)

17:28:31 [nwinters40] trick

17:28:43 [jbuc15] Wow, that really make me feel comfortable! Thanks

17:28:51 [ajv211] JF, do you get hammered for all Bucs games or just divisional matchups and the playoffs?

17:28:56 [talib 25] How about Torrie Cox? Is he in the competition for nickel back?

17:29:00 [nwinters40] so JF, how about this Jarmon guy?

17:29:02 [pewterreportjf] ajy211 – Wow. That's an interesting question. There is no liquor in the press box. No cheering, either. That said, when the Bucs score touchdowns all of us start typing away.

17:29:20 [ajv211] ugh

17:29:40 [armybuc] Any more on Pittman coming back as a FB?

17:29:41 [rcpadrick] That's not entirely true, Jim. Last time I was in the press box, they served bananas foster. There was rum in it…

17:29:49 [guest] How do you feel about Jimmy Wilkerson being resigned if he has a 6 plus sack year

17:29:51 [gator_thumper] lol

17:29:53 [guest] i love torrie cox…dont know why but i always hope he rocks out

17:29:55 [pewterreportjf] rcpadrick – I can't name a most surprising player yet, but I do like Sammie Stroughter a lot. He needs to come to camp healthy. Hopefully he's over the hamstring issue.

17:29:58 [ajv211] You need to stay impartial even though you are reporting exclusively for the Bucs?

17:30:03 [ajv211] No cheering?

17:30:20 [rcpadrick] no cheering at all. They'll kick you out and take away your media pass

17:30:24 [pewterreportjf] armybuc – No, the Bucs aren't going to sign Michael Pittman. They have embarked on a youth movement

17:30:30 [talib 25] How is Dre Moore progressing in his second season?

17:30:54 [nwinters40] JF – how about writing an article about how the panthers, falcons and saints all suck… and how their fans are stupid…?

17:31:10 [ajv211] Do you think Winslow's presence on the team will lead to Luke Mccown or other players getting tattoos?

17:31:19 [dabucs12188] How is Greg Peterson progressing as well.


17:31:34 [pewterreportjf] ajy211 – Yes, we pride ourselves on being objective reporters. If the Bucs win that is great for the fans, but our first priority and job is to report fairly on the team. That's the way it has got to be in order for us to do the best job possible.


17:32:06 [pewterreportjf] talib25 – Raheem Morris has said a few good things about Dre Moore and his progress, but he has to show more consistency. That will be key because the Bucs want to have good depth at defensive tackle.

17:32:33 [pewterreportjf] chester – Yes, had Garcia been under contract for another year there is no question in my mind he would have been released along with the other veterans back in February.

17:32:36 [ajv211] Is Luke Mccown or Barrett Ruud planning on getting tattoos?

17:33:01 [gator_thumper] is a tatoo going to make them play better?

17:33:10 [pewterreportjf] I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions. We're only one month away from training camp. Can you believe it?

17:33:13 [gator_thumper] good grief

17:33:17 [rcpadrick] Thanks for the time, Jim. We appreciate your effort.

17:33:22 [ajv211] I think it would help with physical direction and intimidation route this team is going


17:33:35 [booker] uhh tatoos dont do that

17:33:41 [nwinters40] does ajv211 run a tatoo patrlour that is looking for business?

17:33:45 [ajv211] when does the TC issue come out?

17:33:49 [gator_thumper] lol thats the socks i forgot


17:34:08 [pewterreportjf] Don't forget to tell your fellow Bucs fans about our subscription special right now — just $10 for the year. That is offered to current Bucs fans wanting to extend as well. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) or click our subscribe page to take advantage. You dont' want to miss our coverage, especially in training camp. Take care.

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