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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: What's up, Bucs fans? SR is in the house! Sorry I've been away for a while. I've been busy on our 96-PAGE Training Camp Issue. It's the biggest issue we've ever done.
tampaboi24: Is my true passion, love the Bucs, so as long as youre a fan were cool
bschucher: hiya SR
tampaboi24: Whats up SR glad you could make it
buc4life79: scott…CNNSI is reporting were close to signing kevin jones…any truth to that….
antcam: What's up Scottie
tampaboi24: Whats the buzz a few of us heard about concerning Kevin Jones? Not true is it?
bschucher: for league minimum i hope if so..
pewterreportsr: So broke the news on Earnest Graham's contract details. What do you think? I was surprised to learn … no signing bonus … no guaranteed money … no incentives … very good deal for the Buccaneers.
bschucher: very good….
che: Kevin Jones, SR, Kevin Jones.
stereochemistry: I doubt Graham sees all of it
pikappaphi422: Bruce is the GREATEST
che: what's the deal/
buc4life79: i like the deal…but i seriously think dunn is going to be our starter by the start of season
dbo2440: Who are the Bucs focused on now that Grahams contract is set….. besides Garcia
antcam: I think he could have done that deal w/o Drew.
strick-9: eg's contract sounds like a trade deal
che: trade deal?
pewterreportsr: Truth be told, we have been trying to confirm the Bucs' interest (or lack thereof) in Kevin Jones. I can't confirm anything right now. I wouldn't think there would be a high sense of interest in Kevin Jones, but I could be wrong.
buc4life79: why not…lookin at last season we lost 3 of our starting backs….
pikappaphi422: Any chance that they bring somebody to camp that wasn't at the OTA's……an AFL player
buc4life79: depth is the key in the nfl
che: numberswise, there doesn't seem to be room for him
antcam: Good view Strick, Maybe to the Cards' for A. Boldin?
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – Graham's deal certainly makes him tradeable, that's for sure. It's a good deal for him if he sticks around for two years, but he better be the starter or the No. 2 RB. That's a lot for a third-string RB to make.
strick-9: buc4life: "quality" depth is a key
buc4life79: kevin jones wouldnt be quality
buc4life79: 4 solid backs how could you go wrong
che: SR, who do you get the sense the Bucs like more, Darby or Boyd?
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I hear what you are saying about depth being the key, but I just find it odd that the Bucs didn't have a representative at his workout – yet they are interested in Kevin Jones? It sounds very un-Buc-like to me. They usually do their due diligence.
buc4life79: caddie wont be back til probaly week 9 if he even plays
stereochemistry: SR: Do you see any starters who could be in for a surprising position battle in camp?
dbo2440: Who are the Bucs focused on now that Grahams contract is set….. besides Garcia
antcam: M. Clayton
pewterreportsr: che – I don't think the Bucs are sold on either Darby or Boyd. Darby stunk on special teams last year and Boyd has missed all of the OTAs and mini-camp days as a result of a knee injury he suffered at the rookie mini-camp. The guy to keep an eye on is Clifton Smith. I think he has more of a shot to make it over Darby or Boyd.
buc4life79: clayton better step up this year or i see him being gone
che: interesting
"hate": Scott, do you think its possible to keep 3 rbs happy with their shared roles in this offense?
strick-9: SR: as long as it isn't ryan moats
pikappaphi422: Any word from 1 buc about sapp' s comments
bucfan9720: SR – Do you think that Dexter Jackson and Maurice Stovall make an impact on the receiving core this year?
buc4life79: i think stovall is goin to have a big year
pewterreportsr: stereochemistry – I don't see any starters who could be in for a surprising position battle at this time. Maybe P-Buc vs. Talib, but is that really a surprise? I don't think there are any surprises.
bucfan9720: and if so, how much of an impact
tampaboi24: I think our receiving unit as a whole will step up this year! So much competition, Clayton will be back and Bryant can be a Gangsta when he wants to
kybucfan: SR – Do you know if the Bucs have brought in K. Jones at any point this offseason…say early on in Free Agency?
bschucher: Kirwan on Sirius today seemed to thnk Stoval was going to come through this year…
buc4life79: stovall needs to play inside and use his height to his advantage
guest: Any news on Greg White's contract status?
pewterreportsr: hate – Yes, I think Gruden can keep 3 RBs happy in this offense because they will be used on special teams and as WRs, too. Look for Dunn and Bennett to catch a lot of passes this year.
bucfan9720: we know what we have in galloway and hilliard, and what we could have in clayton, but i wanna know about the younger guys
tampaboi24: buc4life has it right, stovall needs to use his size.
buc4life79: dunn..bennett….the rocket backfield…
che: sorry to up, but man is Longoria good.. great play.
tampaboi24: vincent jackson in SD is on the up n up, why cant stovall do it?
buc4life79: stovall reminds me of jojo
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – I have doubts about Dexter Jackson making much of an impact. I need to see more before I'm a believer. The Bucs are drinking the DJ Kool-Aid, though. I'm not. As for Stovall, he SHOULD emerge this year. If he doesn't, he's in trouble. He should at least be the No. 3 WR.
bucfan9720: stovall at this point reminds me of a useless pick, i really hope he can step up, its not like he has all-world WRs in front of him
tampaboi24: SR what are your true thoughts on Bryant?
buc4life79: good point…but gruden needs to spread the ball more….
bucfan9720: do the bucs have d-jax returning punts and kicks next year? or just punts?
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I can't confirm that the Bucs have brought Kevin Jones in for a visit. I wouldn't be surprised if they did. They usually do their due diligence.
guest: SR.. now thats its been slow… are you going to get your vacation in?
"hate": I'm of the belief that if our offense is to do anything this year, we need b
antcam: Scottie, who do u see emerging as the best buc this season?
kybucfan: thx
"hate": IBryant to be our #2
buc4life79: gaines adams
buc4life79: will be our team mvp…
bucfan9720: bryant wont make it out of training camp i think
tampaboi24: man we should make these chats longer! so many questions so little time
pewterreportsr: guest – No new news on Greg White's contract status. I doubt he gets a new deal this year. Maybe in 2009. Keep in mind that they can't even touch his deal until August because that's when he signed his original deal. You can't touch a deal twice in a 365-day span.
sbf: Get dunn on your fantasy teams. expect 50-60 catches this year
bradentonian: do you really think Dunn is a "role player" as you stated in the EG contract story?
tampaboi24: very insightful, never knew that
buc4life79: gaines had 6 sacks in 8 starts and really came on at the end of season…
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – As for the younger WRs, keep an eye on Taye Biddle and Cortez Hankton. They stood out to the PR staff in the offseason.
antcam: Funny you said that BF9720, I had a dream he had 3 sacks in the opener this year.
guest: I guess Greg's agent didn't tell him that part when Greg made some waves about it earlier in the offseason.
buc4life79: dunn is going into training camp with a chip on his shoulder to prove everybody wrong….
bucfan9720: antonio bryant 3 sacks?
bucfan9720: does anyone else feel that by the end of the season, earnest graham is going to be a non-factor in this offense
buc4life79: possibly….
bucfan9720: caddy coming back, dunn coming in and bennett with a full offseason under his belt
bschucher: nope bucfan.. i think he is going to be a BIG part
buc4life79: see how the season is first…bennett and dunn could take 1 and 2 spots
che: Who do the Bucs view has having more starting potential, Quncy Black or Adam Hayward?
talib 25: Will Jermaine Phillips be re-signed or will the Bucs move him out in favor of Sabby Piscitelli next year?
pewterreportsr: tampaboi24 – I'm luke warm on Antonio Bryant, but the decision-makers are high on him. I need to see more of him at training camp. I think the coaches and front office are just dying to have one of these Bryants or Bostons pan out. I'm not sold that he's one of the five best WRs, though. Although I will say getting to watch one practice a week with an obstructed view during team drills did not give me a complete picture of Bryant's abilities.
antcam: Scottie, do you think that Graham will have more carries this year than his 222 last season?
sbf: SR – Next year we will have Garcia, Griese, McCown, Johnson. IF we give garcia and mccown new contracts… i think one of them will get a new contract… and it will be McCown. do you see garcia getting a new muti year deal.. or mccown? what is your thoughts on this?
pewterreportsr: sbf – I can see Dunn getting 50-60 catches this year.
kybucfan: SR – Any word on how D. Penn has looked from physical fitness standpoint this offseason? I think that in some recent articles I have read it has mentioned that he as gotten "stronger."
buc4life79: i see this offense having 3 players over a thousand yards
bradentonian: 60 catches? not a chance
pewterreportsr: tampaboi24 – You know SR usually loses track of time and stays until around 9:45 or so!
tampaboi24: Keep Caddy sitting. Love the guy to death but there is no need to rush. You know how much power and speed we have in our backfield!? Askew=power, Dunn and Graham=resliance and power, Bennett=SPEED, were good there.
buc4life79: caddie needs to stay parked til next season
bucfan9720: have you guys forgotten just how good of a finish cadillac is?
tampaboi24: Of course none of them are Caddy, given the way he fights and fights and fights but combined with Gruden. Were set!
che: lol, SR, speaking of yourself in the third-person?
tampaboi24: well said 9720
bucfan9720: caddy is one of the best 4th quarter backs in the league
talib 25: Would the Bucs cut somebody like Michael Bennett or Warrick Dunn if they were to sign Kevin Jones?
antcam: yeah it's been so long since he's finished
pewterreportsr: brandentonian – Truth be told, Jim Flynn wrote most of the Graham article on the front page. I think out of Jim, Charlie and I – I'm probably the one who sees Dunn more as a feature back in Tampa. Yes, he is a role player, but I think if Gruden had to lean on one back this year, it would be Dunn.
tampaboi24: Good deal! Im a huge fan of reading the chat but this is my first time getting to join one! I love the site
bucfan9720: i cant wait for you guys to be back on the caddy bandwagon, hes going to be back healthy and hes going to re-establish himself
buc4life79: dunn is goin to be our starter
sbf: SR – now that time is slow… you should get some vacation in… im gonna be riding these chats and asking questions in threads on the PI board like crazy once TC starts. this is my first TC with PR PI. so yea.. expect sa major amount of questions haha
"hate": SR, no surprise there and anyone that thinks Dunn will be cut is delusional.
pewterreportsr: che – I think the Bucs like Black over Hayward right now. That third-round pick they have invested in Black probably has something to do with it, too. Black has taken a step this offseason. I can't say the same for Hayward right now.
buc4life79: caddie is a awesome back but let him be 100 percent before he plays dont rush him back
bucfan9720: sbf, you dont need to ask questions in training camp.. they cover practically everything already
sbf: SR – Next year we will have Garcia, Griese, McCown, Johnson. IF we give garcia and mccown new contracts… i think one of them will get a new contract… and it will be McCown. do you see garcia getting a new muti year deal.. or mccown? what is your thoughts on this?
pewterreportsr: antcam – Unless Dunn and Bennett get hurt, I don't see Graham having 200 carries in 2008.
sealbuc: I think this running game will go as far as the O-line will take them.
bucfan9720: sealbuc, thats going to be very far
buc4life79: our line is the best it has been since the early 80s with wilder
bucfan9720: i think we have developed one of the best offensive lines in football
strick-9: sr: will lehman stick around as a back-up this year?
bradentonian: who will backup Faine?
bucfan9720: we had the 11th ranked running game with earnest graham
sbf: bucfan9720 – really? sweet! i havent been around for TC yet with PI. im excited. too excited…
antcam: So Strick might be on to something with trade thing. IMO
talib 25: Will the Bucs cut any big name players before training camp like they did last year with Simeon Rice?
bucfan9720: cant wait to see what better backs can do
buc4life79: i think ryan neece might get cut
tampaboi24: SR with the Bucs giving Graham a new contract, do you think that was an attempt to gratify the fans, given that we have the salary cap?
pewterreportsr: sbf – The Bucs want to give a long-term deal to Luke McCown, but he really needs to win the No. 2 job for that to happen. As for Garcia, I still think a deal could get done before camp starts. If it doesn't though … the Bucs may just let Garcia hit free agency next year and see how much (or how little) a 39-year QB would fetch on the open market.
bucfan9720: SR- do you personally think that josh johnson could ever progress into a starting QB for the bucs?
buc4life79: scott…you think hayes could start in the next couple years
pewterreportsr: sealbuc – The O-line and the RBs should be the strength of the offense – if not the team – in 2008. There is no reason for the Bucs not to have a top 15 (or top 10) running game.
bradentonian: extending Garcia is a waste… he won't even be effective for a whole season this year
talib 25: How long did Rich Gannon play for? Maybe Garcia could finish his career like he did exept for the career-ending injury part.
pewterreportsr: strick-9 – I think either Lehman or McCoy sticks. Not both. I think the edge goes to McCoy right now based on what I've heard.
buc4life79: garcia has "NEVER"played a whole season in his career
bucfan9720: garcia better not get an extension, as big as he was last year, it makes no sense
che: SR- If Ike Hilliard is not the #2 or #3 WR, does he have a shot at making the team with younger guys like Jackson and Hankton giving more on teams?
pewterreportsr: talib25 – I don't think there will be a Simeon Rice-like cut coming down this year, but with Bruce Allen … you never know!
bucfan9720: give him a raise, but dont give him an extension
tampaboi24: well Tampa kinda did him dirty. He should get at least a 1 year extension where he can make that million up
antcam: I think next season is time to insert McCown as the stater going into the offseason.
bschucher: they did not do him dirty
buc4life79: not totally sold on mccown yet
pewterreportsr: tampaboi24 – The Graham contract has nothing to do with appeasing the fans. Bruce Allen doesn't work that way. The Graham deal was to reward Graham and pay him well if he keeps doing what he's been doing.
bucfan9720: if mccown shows enough in TC, i have no problem with him starting, i think were good enough in other areas to still contend with him at QB
antcam: Why would they pay him more to do less?
talib 25: Will the Bucs keep 5 TEs this year? (Alex Smith, Ben Troupe, John Gilmore, Jerramy Stevens, Andrew Economos)
buc4life79: mccown descision makin needs to get better before he starts
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Do I think Hayes can start in a few years? Maybe. It all depends on whether he can shed blocks. He's a little dude, very much like Nate Webster, who couldn't shed blocks well. I need to see more of Hayes before I can draw any of those kind of conclusions.
tampaboi24: good deal SR, i hate how we got a bad rap on the stevens/bryan deals, i feel the Bucs the operate in a good manner.
buc4life79: thnak you
antcam: It won't get better from the pine.
buc4life79: lol
bucfan9720: we better not keep 5 TEs
bradentonian: bad rap? what else do you expect when you sign a turd?
pewterreportsr: che – I think Hilliard would make the team this year even if he was the No. 4 WR. Gruden loves the guy because he's a pro's pro who knows all of the WR positions. He's very dependable.
sealbuc: SR- Have you heard of any of the rookies still working out or are all the players on vacation?
buc4life79: hilliard is the only one who catches the dawm ball…besides joey…and he doesnt even catch them all the time…lol
che: SR- Is there any word on if we can expect big things from Greg Peterson this TC?
bucfan9720: buc4life… jacksonville game last year?
che: maybe at DE
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I think the Bucs keep the 4 TEs you mentioned, but they only view Economos as a LS. All five of those guys make the team this year in my opinion.
buc4life79: refresh bout jackson
bucfan9720: SR- how the hell do they expect to keep 4 TEs and a long snapper
talib 25: I wish Economos could help out in other ways besides just LS.
pewterreportsr: sealbuc – Most of the players (and pretty much everybody at One Buc Place) takes vacation time in July. That's why it's been hard to get things confirmed lately. :)
bucfan9720: 5 receivers? 1 fullback? 7 offensive lineman?
bucfan9720: where do you make a sacrifice
bradentonian: how about dumping a QB to make room?
antcam: Scottie, who do u think is closer to losing a roster spot A. Smith/M.Clayton?
pewterreportsr: che – Greg Peterson needs to have a great camp to make the team. He's not a lock with Douglas, Wilkerson and Moore as new additions.
buc4life79: clayton
bucfan9720: id rather 4 QBs than 4 TEs
buc4life79: true 9720
"hate": the thought of keeping 4 tes on the roster bothers me.
talib 25: What would happen if Simms shows up to TC? Would he actually be taking snaps and wasting reps with him?
bucfan9720: me too hate
bucfan9720: doesnt make any sense
talib 25: Would the Bucs cut Ben Troupe?
bradentonian: 4QBs makes no sense
buc4life79: simms show up…hahahahahahaha
"hate": ZERO
bucfan9720: cut john gilmore
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – I think the Bucs keep both Askew and Storer at FB. I can see Tampa Bay running the ball a lot and needing both lead blockers, especially with Askew getting his hands on the rock more this year.
bucfan9720: dude is a scrub
bucfan9720: troupe is a great blocker, alex smith does a little bit of both, and stevens is a good receiver
buc4life79: crybaby
buc4life79: crybaby simms
buc4life79: lol
antcam: He's suppose to be blocking TE
pewterreportsr: antcam – Who is closer to losing a roster spot – Alex Smith or Michael Clayton? I would say Clayton based on what I've heard.
talib 25: Maybe we could use Gilmore as a TE/FB so then he would be the backup FB and we would only keep Askew as the other FB instead of Storer too.
antcam: Tell me it aint so
bucfan9720: i say we sign rick razzano
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I don't think Simms will be at training camp. Not this year with the 80-man roster limit.
bucfan9720: i hear hes a good one
"hate": Based on what you've heard? DO TELL!!!!!
bucfan9720: yes, please, do tell?
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – The Bucs have high hopes for Gilmore as their blocking TE. We'll see how he looks once the pads come on.
talib 25: Maybe they could use Gilmore as an H-Back.
buc4life79: anybody goin up to the chicago game…..
talib 25: Whatever that means.
bucfan9720: i can only imagine how incredible this offense would be if clayton could return to rookie form oppositie galloway
antcam: Do u have to know the playbook to block well?
antcam: I think not
pewterreportsr: hate – You've got to wait for my next SR's Fab 5 for the goods on Clayton!
"hate": Awww man!!!!! :)
talib 25: Why don't the Bucs cut Simms now.
antcam: Go tease Scoop
che: SR- Who is the odds-on favorite to be the starting LT on opening day?
bucfan9720: the sooner they cut simms the faster he signs with atlanta
"hate": when can we expect the next FF?
bucfan9720: thats why
buc4life79: lol
buc4life79: 9720
talib 25: So lets put Simms on the PUP list?
bucfan9720: he will get cut eventually
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I think the Bucs are pissed at Simms and now it's personal. I could be wrong, but they can't be happy with how he's handled this situation with all the whining. I think there's some spite to this now.
bucfan9720: look at when jacksonville cut byron leftwich
"hate": surely we should get a special 4th of July edition of the Fab 5
talib 25: So what do they do?
buc4life79: i agree scoot
buc4life79: scott
bucfan9720: if anyone should be mad its me
buc4life79: dont bite the hand that feeds you
antcam: In this editon does PR give out preseason adwards?
bucfan9720: i was led to believe simms could really be the franchise QB we have been waiting for
pewterreportsr: che – I think the Penn vs. Petitgout battle will be a very good one to watch at camp. Charlie Campbell did a great training camp battles article in the July issue of PR that highlights the LT clash.
bradentonian: the situation with Simms has been based on spite for a while now
buc4life79: pay the guy 5 mil to sit on his ass for 2 yrs and the bucs dont care bout you…whatever
guest: SR – remember we were up at the crack of dawn waiting for the last fab 5. best have it ready!! lol
talib 25: Hopefully he doesn't show up to camp and we put him on the Did Not Report list and take away 1.5 million dollars from him. I wish we didn't have to do that. I like Simms, he's a very nice guy.
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – The Bucs may put Simms on the suspended-did not report list if he fails to show up at camp. That and Bruce will probably file a grievance against Simms … if he hasn't already!
bucfan9720: SR- are there any good QB or WR on the free agent market next year?
pewterreportsr: antcam – No, the July issue is the training camp issue. The season kickoff issue in September dishes out the preseason awards.
buc4life79: im sure old bruce has the paper work on his desk…lol
antcam: I'm filing a grievance against the buc for a player impersonate a QB on their roster.
talib 25: What could the Bucs get for Jermaine Phillips if they decide to trade him?
pewterreportsr: hate – My guess is Sunday for the SR's Fab 5. Scoop has been tough to come by with everybody out of town!
buc4life79: 4th or 5th at best
bucfan9720: whoa whoa whoa
bucfan9720: trade flip?
bucfan9720: why
talib 25: He's on the last year of his deal and it's doubtful we would re-sign him.
antcam: He's the hardest hitter on the team. I hope they resign J. Phillips.
"hate": Ill have to get Unc Stan on the case. I'm anxious to get the "dirt" on Clayton
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – Simms was the QB of the future until the Redskins game in 2005. Then he embarked on a 1 TD, 9 INT 0-4 skid and lost a spleen. That pretty much made him the QB of the past.
bucfan9720: so let him play his contract year and decide on it next year, hes not bickering for a new deal
buc4life79: phillips will be resigned
pewterreportsr: guest – Glad to see SR's Fab 5 is so eagerly awaited!
talib 25: What would happen with Piscitelli then?
antcam: Even before the Redskins game he was very medicore at best. IMO
bucfan9720: i hope sabby kicks ass in TC this year
buc4life79: baby lynch…lol
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – The best QB on the market next year is McCown, believe it or not.
bucfan9720: SR thats extremely depressing
talib 25: As long as we have Raheem Morris, it doesn't matter who plays in our secondary.
pewterreportsr: antcam – I doubt the Bucs re-sign Phillips. I could be wrong, but from what I'm hearing that likely won't happen.
bucfan9720: bad year for us to not have any cap space when drew brees was on the market
guest: SR, any word on Raheem as the future Defensive Coordinator for the Bucs?
talib 25: A bigger question: Will the Bucs re-sign Raheem Morris or will he get away?
antcam: That's insane.
buc4life79: i think morris will be taken care of during the year
bucfan9720: re-signing flip goes against the teams past history with safeties
antcam: I hope your sources are tripping!
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – McCown has really made strides this offseason. He's making his reads much quicker and without near as much hesitation.
bucfan9720: they normally let guys just walk and have them replaced
docbravo: SR, any word on Raheem as the future Defensive Coordinator for the Bucs?
che: SR- Is Will Allen in danger? If so, who would replace him as a reserve S
bucfan9720: SR- like i said, if he steps his game up, i have no problem with him starting over garcia
bucfan9720: i dont think theres a big difference between garcia and mccown outside of experience
buc4life79: tarnard jackson…enough said….
docbravo: I think Garcia's biggest problem is that he doesn't trust the line in front of him
antcam: If that's the case drafting Sabby in the second is too early for just one contract
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I would like to see Raheem stay in Tampa Bay, but there will be some interest in him for a DC position in the offseason. It will be up to him if he wants to jump at the first opportunity or wait to be Monte's successor. I think it's 50-50 that he stays/goes, but it will be Raheem's decision – not the Bucs'.
bucfan9720: will allen is irrelevant, he had a chance to shine and did terrible
talib 25: Here's what I want to happen: The Bucs bring back John Lynch next year, since he is a free agent, and he plays one more year and retires as a Buc. He will play a Tim Brown role for Piscitelli. Sabby would be the starter and Lynch would back him up. Occasionally, Lynch would get in on running downs and as a blitzer. How about that?
docbravo: He got hurt last year for running around, when he wasn't even being pressured.
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – Right you are about the team history regarding safeties.
buc101: SR/JF – Why haven't you responded to my pm's about the Buccaneers Picture Thread?
bucfan9720: im speaking for us all and for the bucs when i say raheem morris should stay and take over the reigns as DC when monte is done
pewterreportsr: che – I think Will Allen is safe this year, but with Eugene Wilson able to play safety you never know.
docbravo: Probably cause he can't see your name LOL
buc4life79: lol
buc4life79: DUH!
buc101: haha
antcam: Good one Doc!!!! I was thinking the same thing
che: Sr- So if Eugene Wilson were to be counted as a Safety, who is the #4 CB right now?
docbravo: LOL
buc4life79: just playing…
bucfan9720: thats the best part about wilson, he can be the 3rd or 4th safety and the 3rd or 4th corner
pewterreportsr: che – Wilson is playing cornerback right now, but knows how to play safety.
buc101: haha, its coo' – make me feel like I do anything
docbravo: I can't see Lynch coming back here to be a back up….Wasn't that why he left?
bschucher: naaa. we can highlite your name and see
buc4life79: dont being hatin all fun in games… :0)
bucfan9720: alot of people forget, we take 53 into the season but we can only have 45 active on gameday
pewterreportsr: I'll have to check my PM bin. I've been swamped with our 96-page training camp issue and have fallen behind.
buc101: you better
buc101: lol jp
buc101: take ur time
bucfan9720: its why they took zuttah in the 3rd and signed guys like wilson
antcam: Why not 100 Scoop!
talib 25: How about this: The Bucs let Phillips go in FA and bring back John Lynch next year, since he is a free agent, and he plays one more year and retires as a Buc. He doesn't have much left so he will play a Tim Brown role for Piscitelli. Sabby would be the starter and Lynch would back him up. Occasionally, Lynch would get in on running downs and as a blitzer.
"hate": 4Bucs would like to know of Peterson's chance of making the team
buc4life79: lynch will retire a buc…..
buc101: SR – I know the Jackhammer got injured in the Giants game, is there any possibility of that injury bothering him during this upcoming season?
bucfan9720: i dont want to see anyone play a tim brown role ever again
bucfan9720: what a waste that was
tampaboi24: I think the Bucs have done an excellent of drafting the last few years. It seems especially true on OL. Think we could have a top 5 unit this year?
buc4life79: i still have the letter he wrote to bucs fans that was in the tribe before he left….awesome person on and off the field
guest: ["hate"] 4Bucs would like to know of Peterson's chance of making the team
pewterreportsr: antcam – I'm thinking we might be over 100 pages for our September issue (season kickoff edition). We'll see. To answer your question, our printer works in 8-page increments, so after 96 pages, it would be a 104-pager.
docbravo: Tim wasn't a total waste. He could at least Fair Catch the punts with out fumbling like the rest of our Punt Retuners!!!!
bucfan9720: hate, SR said he has to beat out the vets
talib 25: With Tim Brown, Clayton was a start receiver. Without his mentoring, he sucked. The same way Jeremiah Trotter mentored Barrett Ruud this season.
antcam: Awesome!!!!!!!!1
guest: ["hate"] 4Bucs would like to know of Peterson's chance of making the team
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I think Tanard Jackson is fine healthwise.
strick-9: trade phillips for shockey
tampaboi24: WHAT!?
buc4life79: jackson is the man
buc101: I like how u know who I'm talkin bout SR
buc101: btw – I take credit for that nickname
docbravo: NO SHOCKEY! He's a glorified Ricky Dudley!
tampaboi24: Shockey is great! but our team doesn't revolve around players.
buc101: so if you use it make sure u give me the credit lol
buc4life79: we have enough tight ends…lol
bucfan9720: right, because a phillips for shockey trade is going to happen NOW
bucfan9720: after we signed 2 TEs this offseason and the giants already spent their 1st on a safety
antcam: The Giants do need a Safety.
tampaboi24: our offense needs to adopt the same mentality as our D. we just don't have to many veterans that have been there a while.
pewterreportsr: Alright folks, it's 9:45 p.m. Time for me to sign off. It's been real and it's been fun … but has it been real fun? Yes. I haven't done a chat in a month, so I'll be in again next Tuesday night. I'll see you then or on the boards. Tell your friends about!

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