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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below.Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Included in this chat transcript is the latest on Tampa Bay's wide receiver competition and standouts from the Bucs organized team activities that took place earlier in the offseason.

Also included is a progress report on Bucs second-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who was the team's fourth quarterback on the 53-man roster last year, but it fighting for a roster spot heading into camp. How will Tampa Bay fare in 2009? What can fans expect from the Bucs training camp, which begins on Saturday, August 1? Get answers to these questions and more in this chat transcript.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.

pewterreportjf: What's up, Bucs fans? Let the chat session begin. You have me for 30 minutes. Ready … Go!!!
cigarfox: How many WR's do you believe Tampa will keep this year and would you say that Stovall and Jackson would be the first to go?
guest: Any scenerio where this is a one-in-done year for Ra and Dom?
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – The early guess here is that Tampa Bay could keep six wide receivers, including Antonio Bryant, Michael Clayton, Brian Clark, Maurice Stovall, Kelly Campbell and Sammie Stroughter. That could change depending on how these players and others fare on special teams.
cigarfox: Do you think Roy Miller will see the field much behind Hovan and Sims, or do you see one of these guys posably being beat out by Miller.
pewterreportjf: guest – The only way I see the Bucs firing Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik at the end of the 2008 season is if the team goes 0-16 like Detroit did last year. There is no rebounding from 0-16, and ownership has to make a move if that happens. I don't think the Bucs will be 0-16, but I don't expect the team to have a winning record, either.
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – Sure, I can see Roy Miller getting some playing time at defensive tackle. But you're right — Ryan Sims and Chris Hovan are likely the starters there. The Bucs are looking for depth there and expect Miller and others to step up.
guest: Will Byron Leftwich beat out Luke McCown for the starting nod?
guest: Any word on the bucs taking Jarmon in the supp. draft?
cigarfox: I would love to see Jarmon
cigarfox: I am sure he will be hard to get.
pewterreportjf: guest – The starting quarterback job is still very much open, but we believe Luke McCown is the leading candidate to win the job right now. Leftwich has a long delivery and struggled during the mandatory mini-camp, but like McCown, Leftwich had some strong offseason moments, too. This battle will be won or lost in training camp and preseason.
buccana: was Griese really fined for missing OTA's!?!
pewterreportjf: guest – No, no word on Jarmon other than we do know the Bucs have expressed some level of interest in him in the Supplemental Draft.
pewterreportjf: buccana – We don't know for a fact if Brian Griese was fined for missing the team's mandatory mini-camp, but he wasn't excused, so we believe Griese was fined for missing those mandatory workouts.
guest: Besides Jarmon, have the Bucs expressed any intrest in any other player eligible for the supplemental draft?
pewterreportjf: guest – No, Jarmon is the only one we're aware of that the Bucs expressed interest in in terms of the Supplemental Draft.
guest: PR… how ya guys doin?… I'm wondering if you have any updates on Caddy?
buccanay: anything on Sears?
cigarfox: Are there any big holes on defense that appearce to be noticable at this time/ I know it;s early.
cigarfox: I heard that will be ready for camp.
pewterreportjf: guest – Cadillac Williams plans to participate in training camp, but some believe the Bucs will place him on the physically unable to perform list, just as they did last year. We probably won't know until Williams takes his physical along with the rest of the players on check-in day, which is July 31.
pewterdog: jf- do you think there going to be blackouts this season?
guest: In this new Bates defense, what will be the responsibilities of our Safties?
guest: anyone know exactly when the supplemental draft is?
guest: Any news about Freeman planning any type off extra work with the coaches before OTAs?
buccanay: Has Dominik totally not gonna work with Ruud before this season on an extension, and could Ruud walk as an UFA after this season, assuming CBA is reached
pewterreportjf: buccanay – Nothing new to report on Arron Sears in terms of the personal issue that kept him out of almost all of Tampa Bay's offseason workouts. The people we've talked to don't expect Sears to be ready to go for training camp, which means Jeremy Zuttah would start at left guard. Even if Sears returns at this point, it appears to be Zuttah's job to lose.
pewterdog: there are a lot of "guests" in here- type your name in the upper right box!
codmons: Any news about Freeman planning any type of extra work with the coaches before OTAs?
pewterreportjf: pewterdog – Blackouts are a real possibility for Bucs home games this year. I'll have more on that in my upcoming on-line column, which will be published Friday on
buccanay: Is it possible to watch NFL games live on-line? I've recently read there are a couple of sites where this is possible
mbowen: If you had to pick one thing or person that WILL have the most possitive impact on us winning games this year what/who would it be?
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – The biggest hole on defense is more of a question, which is how will Tampa Bay's pass rush fare in Jim Bates' defense? If the pass rush doesn't improve the entire defense will suffer. That question won't be answered until training camp, preseason and even into the regular season.
pewterreportjf: guest – I had a write-up on the responsibilities of the defensive players in Jim Bates' scheme a few weeks ago (it was a two-part column).
pewterreportjf: buccanay – If a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is put in place before the 2010 offseason, then I don't see the Bucs allowing Barrett Ruud to test free agency. They'd likely either franchise him or sign him to a long-term deal.
buccanay: Why is Dominik so hard-headed, not to bring in an experienced CB like Surtain, who's worked in Bates D? This being extremely hard-headed, IMO
cigarfox: Youth movement
pewterreportjf: guest – Most of the players are taking vacations between now and the start of training camp. I'm sure Josh Freeman has been working out and studying his playbook, though.
buccanay: Ruud could give Dominkik the middle-finger, as well.
pewterreportjf: buccanay – I know you can follow NFL games live on, but I don't know if that's via video.
codmons: I'm surprised that we aren't bringing a vet corner in fr the nickel spot, considering the depth and all… hope they are sure about that
guest: JF-is it me or is Ruud only good for about 10 games? could this be a reason why no long term deal has been reached?
pewterreportjf: mbowen – I don't know if the Bucs will win a lot of games this year, but I think the players are going to play their butts off for Raheem Morris. They love him and want him to succeed. If this team, as young and inexperienced as it is in certain areas, goes anywhere near 8-8, I think it's a sign of great things to come for the Buccaneers, who have a brutal schedule in 2009.
cigarfox: I love Tampa's corners
buccanay: yea, JF, not talking about the "game day", but a live video feed. Recently saw a live feed of a baseball game and it was impressive
guest: do you think claytons training session with rice will really help him?
pewterreportjf: codoms – The Bucs have passed on several experienced free agents veterans, especially on the defensive side of the ball, opting instead to give younger players a chance to prove themselves. That's a risk, but the Bucs feel it's worth the reward.
simms2clayton: what are you thoughts on the idea that too many people are overly optimistic that Bates will be able to transform the defense. I think we forget that Monte was the greatest defensive coordinator of the last 10 years. I'm not buying into all the expected production increases for each position.
codmons: Hopefully the reward isn't youth being force in on our secondary, then getting ate alive by other offenses lol
buccanay: it's great that Dominik want to give young players a chance, but an injury to Talib and/or Barber and the season is TOAST
pewterreportjf: guest – I think Barrett Ruud is a solid player and probably should have made the Pro Bowl last year. The Bucs want to sign him long term — Bruce Allen and that regime discussed it with Ruud's agent last year. It just didn't go anywhere. The Bucs have time on their side. Ruud doesn't. I think it will all work out in the end. It's just a matter of when that will be.
cigarfox: Do you think that Ward and Graham will split carries pretty evenly?
pewterreportjf: guest – I would like to think that anybody that spends time in the offseason working with a Hall of Famer like Jerry Rice would come away better for it. We'll see if Michael Clayton supports that logic.
cigarfox: If Larry is any indication of what working with Rice can do, than Clayton should benefit
codmons: Any more news about Sabby Piscitelli at the moment?
pewterreportjf: simms2clayton – That's a great point. The Bucs seem to believe that their entire defensive line will immediately be better from a pass-rushing standpoint because of Jim Bates' system. Bates' former players supported that notion, but we can't ignore the fact that Bates has had some very talented and productive pass rushers to work with.
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – Yes, I'm not sure the Bucs will even have a "starting" running back. I get the impression Earnest Graham and Derrick Ward will pretty much split the workload. One may do more work in one game and the other may do more work in another, but by the end of the season their workload should be about even.
cigarfox: Looks like there will be a lot of pressure on Adams. It's almost like Adams is the key to our defense.
buccanay: any idea of when the Buc will practice in pads? Do they let you guys know in advance if they are going to be in full pads. It would be great to know before hand if they'll be in full gear
pewterreportjf: codmons – No news on Sabby Piscitelli. We just know he's looking forward to working as a full-time starter at strong safety. This is a big year for Piscitelli.
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – If Gaines Adams can't succeed in the sack and QB hurry column in Jim Bates' defense I don't think he'll be successful anywhere.
codmons: Have the Bucs lost any interest they may have had on Plaxico?
cigarfox: good point
buccanay: For instance, will the night practice at RAy JAy be in full gear/
pewterreportjf: buccanay – Raheem Morris wants his players to become more physical, which is why the team likely will spend most of training camp in full pads. That's why Morris scheduled two practices one day, one practice the next. This camp should be a grind for the players.
guest: Can Fulton play a little d-line for us?
mbgreenwood: Hello Jim – Been hearing anything about Jarmon lately?
buccanay: I know that! but is there a sked for individual practices for wearing full gear?
cigarfox: I don't think Tampa needs another WO with the TE duo we have.
pewterreportjf: codmonds – According to our sources, the Bucs never really had any serious interest in Plaxico Burress. A simple inquiry of, "Hey, how is Plaxico doing?" was made by someone with the Bucs, and the agent/media took it and ran with it. If Burress' legal woes were behind him maybe the Bucs would have more interest, but that is not the case right now.
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't see Xavier Fulton playing defensive tackle for the Bucs.
buccanay: Sorry JF, I guess you think MOST of the camp will be in full pads, GOOD always better to watch
pewterreportjf: buccanay – No, there is no schedule available yet that tells fans which practices are in pads and which ones aren't.
codmons: With the Bucs considering dropping Quincy in as a DE at times, think they might try to drop Gaines back as a OLB?
buccanay: What your gut feeling on Josh Johnson? Does he stay with the Bucs?
pewterreportjf: codmons – Yes, the Bucs toyed with playing linebacker Quincy Black as a rush end along the line in the offseason. Whether it sticks for training camp remains to be seen. I'm sure there will be instances where Gaines Adams is dropped into coverage, but not necessarily as a linebacker.
buccanay: Any chance we keep JJ and let Leftwich go?
guest: i would love that
baybuc35: when is the supplemental draft? and what is the bucs chance of bucs getting DE Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft
cigarfox: How has Winslow looked as a blocker. I think he may be a better blocker then he gets credit for.
pewterreportjf: buccanay – Josh Johnson's situation is one to keep an eye on. He's improved since his rookie year, but the Bucs probably will only keep three quarterbacks on their roster this year. Luke McCown and Josh Freeman aren't going anywhere, so that leaves the final spot to Byron Leftwich and Johnson. The interesting thing is if Leftiwch doesn't win the starting job, we wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs released him in favor of keeping Johnson since Leftwich is due bonus money if and when he makes the 53-man roster. Johnson will have to show that he's worthy of the roster spot, though.
buccanay: There will be ALOT of guys released in the next 6 weeks, do you think we'll be a player in any of these releases
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – Kellen Winslow is a better blocker than he gets credit for from the games I've watched of him in college and with Cleveland, but we can't tell you how he looked in the offseason from a blocking standpoint since the Bucs didn't have pads on.
guest: supplemental draft-july 16
pewterreportjf: buccanay – Sure, if a player is released by another team and the Bucs feel they could use that player, then I can see them attempting to sign that player. One thing is for sure — the salary cap won't be the reason why the Bucs don't sign a player(s) in preseason. They have plenty of cap room.
buccanay: Follow up to question about players being released, is there a particular position in which we may look at to upgrade during player cuts over the next month
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Thanks for the great questions.
codmons: What situations will the Bucs use Clifton Smith on offense exactly?
buccanay: thanks JF!!!!
codmons: damn, thanks for the answers!
cigarfox: Thank you!
pewterreportjf: codmons – The Bucs plan to use Clifton Smith as a situational receiver on third downs, especially on screen and swing passes. They like his speed and playmaking ability in the open field.
baybuc35: In addition to running his 40 in the 4.7-4.8 range at his Pro Day, Kentucky DE Jeremy Jarmon posted 19 reps of 225 and a 31" vertical. They're not Gaines Adams or Vernon Gholston numbers, but won't hurt his chances of being a high supplemental pick. Jarmon might have been a first-day selection in 2010 had he not tested positive for a banned substance. Source: National Football Post
pewterreportjf: Take care, Bucs fans. Thanks again for joining the chat.

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