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pewterreportcc: Welcome, Bucs fans, the Tuesday night chat will begin at 9:00p.m.
doclobster: does this start in 10 mins? am I in the right place?
pikappaphi422: yes
sbf: sup CC… how was wisconsin?
buccanoles: hola everyone
boomac: I am football starved
strick-9: Hey all..
pewterreportcc: SBF- Wisconsin was great. It was nice to see my family.
pewterreportcc: Let the chat session begin. If I don't answer your question feel free to ask again. I will try to answer as many questions as possible.
lhasara: test
sbf: lol.. he said test….
strick-9: sure beats ocs!
buccanoles: Was Clayton the best looking WR in OTA'S
pikappaphi422: What % do you think #4 comes to the Buc and what will it cost?
sbf: CC – what are your thoughts on Favre? what is SR's .. and what is JF's?
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Clayton looked good and I would say he was the best looking WR in the OTAs this year. Although Galloway and Hilliard didn't get much reps.
dbo2440: is there really anything out there for Simms or are teams just waiting for his release
doclobster: Charlie, great job on the training camp issue. just got done readin it on a long car ride.
doclobster: Charlie, who do you think will be cut before camp?
pewterreportcc: SBF- Favre to the Bucs is possible. There are a lot parts of it that make sense that he would land in Tampa.
buc4life79: we dont need favre
guest: If Clayton looks good why all the speculation by SR about he might not make the roster?
pewterreportcc: doclobster- That is tough to say, but I think perhaps a receiver like Brian Clark or O-lineman Chris Clark. I don't think it will be anybody that is an established player on the Bucs roster.
sbf: CC – what are your thoughts on Favre? what is SR's .. and what is JF's? what i mean by thoughts…. on if he is going to come, what compennsation will be had, and what will happen to garcia/mccown/griese… take your time answering it… sorry i had to elaborate more
pikappaphi422: Any chance that a player is invited to camp that is not on the current roster
sbf: i mean .. like.. each of your opinions on if he is going to come
sbf: what your gut feelings are.. and what compensation each of you feel is neccassary.
guest: CC – If Clayton looks good why all the speculation by SR about he might not make the roster?
buc4life79: simms and a 2nd rounder
pewterreportcc: SBF- I think the three of us think getting Favre would be a good move for the right compensation. He still is one of the best QBs in the NFL. One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL is hard to turn down when you can get one. Compensation should be less than a first-round pick, and maybe a player with a mid-round pick.
buc4life79: clayton is walkin on egg shells…
doclobster: cc, did detroit really inquire about trading for simms a couple of days ago?
pewterreportcc: pikappaphi422- I don't think so because the Bucs are still going to have to make cuts and camp is 10 days away. I think that could happen if another team makes a veteran cut that is a surprise.
buc4life79: det is becoming the clone of the bucs…lol
sbf: i was thinking hard about a trade that would involve the bucs , KC , and GB. BA and the cheifs GM are close… i was thinking along the lines of sending jeff garcia to KC and getting brett from green bay.. and some other details… thats just me thinking… not that i thik it would happen.. but i think itd be cool
pewterreportcc: guest- The view that Clayton could be cut comes from sources. There are some reasons for that as SR outlined. Clayton getting cut would surprise me though.
buc4life79: i want to see what parris warren can do after his injury he really shined last year in camp b4 je got hurt
pewterreportcc: doclobster- There have been talks about Simms, and Detroit could be in it, but the Bucs haven't gotten an offer yet.
strick-9: who is the surprise cut this year?…
buc4life79: ryan neece
pikappaphi422: Any word on how the draft pick signings are coming?
buc4life79: hayes is signed…go noles…
guest: CC – can you confirm or deny today's report that Favre doesn't want to play in Tampa because of the heat?
pewterreportcc: strick-9- That is tough to say, but I think there could be a surprise cut on perhaps the D-line or linebackers. There is a ton of competition at those position groups.
buc77: cc, any truth to the rumor that Favre had dinner with the Bucs last night?
guest: whats the latest on brett farve to tampa
guest: Did Favre visit the Bucs yesterday?? Any news?? C'mon now, that's the big story CC
boomac: I am interested in McCown, has improvements in the offseason been enough to suggest he is the future of the franchise?
buc4life79: yeah he had devil crabs….lol
doclobster: OK CC, is it true that Favre was at Flemings last night with BA?
sbf: CC – Like many rookies coming out of college… they have knocks on them… some overcome these knocks (michael clayton and his blocking) some dont… (Matt Jones) Do you feel Dre Moore is pretty angry about being tagged as "lazy" and is ready to show everyone that he is not lazy and in fact, is a force to be reckoned with?
doclobster: wow, we all asked at one :)
pewterreportcc: guest- There is nothing that we heard along those lines, and considering Favre lives in Southern Mississippi, I have my doubts about the report that suggested Favre didn't want to play in Tampa because of the heat.
guest: thanks CC
guest: It's like the big elephant in the room CC is ignoring.
pewterreportcc: doclobster- No we do not believe that Favre was at Fleming's last night. We did get it confirmed that Bucs general manager Bruce Allen was at Fleming's last night, but Favre was not there as a local radio station had previously suggested.
chazmoney3: CC.You think Antonio Bryant has a chance to start this year?
buc4life79: bryant could be a sleeper if he makes it past camp
guest: CC – What are your thoughts on if Favre does come to Tampa about the team ttrading or cutting Garcia and using the contract dispute as the reason?
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- Yes, Bryant is in the mix to start at the flanker receiver position. That spot is wide open right now.
spider1003: what pick would they give up for farve
sbf: i dont know if you guys forgot.. but Favre was on TV last night @ 10 PM. how could he go from dinner in tampa, to in person wherever he got interviewed.. missippi maybe.. or new york or somewhere…. in under 2 hours?
buc4life79: 2nd or 3rd rnder
guest: Can Garcia and Favre both play?
guest: I would be leery of trading Garcia to the Vikings. He just might be enough to make them a serious threat.
guest: sbf – you gotta be kidding?
pewterreportcc: guest- That would make some sense because Garcia would not be happy going to the bench after a Pro Bowl season. He would want to play somewhere.
sbf: am i wrong?
spider1003: what could u get for garcia and smms
chazmoney3: CC. How high of a draft pick do you think we would hav to giv for Favre
buccanoles: hello everyone
chazmoney3: alright u got in man lol
buc4life79: simms is a 5th or 6th garcia maybe a 4th
guest: Garcia is under contract this year, no? Maybe trade him if we get Favre?
strick-9: sbf: its called a tape recording
boomac: I think that Ryan Sims has a breakout season this year, what are your thoughts?
guest: PewterReport – How long will the Bucs let this Favre hype play out and are they using it as contract leverege against Garcia?
pewterreportcc: spider1003- It is tough to say. Obviously Garcia has more trade value coming off of the Pro Bowl, but he is also 38. Simms I think would go for a late-round conditional pick.
sbf: guest.. why would i be kidding.. how does that make me wrong? i thought he was on last night at 10 PM? also.. if we talked to him… that would be tampering.
buc4life79: your right sbf
florida native: Favre = contract leverage against Garcia?
sbf: strick-9 was it recorded?.. i didnt see… i figured he would do an interview live.. i would think it is favre.. and what he said would be released before the show if it was recorded.
doclobster: he taped that in the morning
guest: sbf 1.) taping; 2.) it's not tampering if you have permission from the other team.
strick-9: sbf: part ii is tonight and most of the media has already seen it
pewterreportcc: boomac- I think Ryan Sims could have a big year this year. He is in his second year with the Bucs and is more comfortable and is used to the heat. He also had a big second half. I think he will figure heavily in the d-line rotation and spell Hovan to keep him fresh.
pikappaphi422: Has it been confirmed that Bruce is talking with GB?
guest: sbf – it would only be tampering if the packers did not agree to it, it might also help the value to have the packers let Favre talk toa few teams
doclobster: pretty much the entirty of that interview had been spread around different news sources by noon yesterday
buc4life79: our pass rush needs to step it up a notch this year….
pewterreportcc: florida native- That is a good point. The Garcia negotiations have been ongoing so any leverage being used can't be ruled out. The Bucs have offered Jeff Garcia several contracts since December. He has turned them down.
buc4life79: the depth we have should help
bucsfan4ever: bb
spider1003: what r the chances the bucs pick up another wr
buc4life79: really good
buc4life79: we need help at wr
buc4life79: only 2 of them can catch the ball…lol
guest: Do the Bucs even want to re-sign Garcia?
pewterreportcc: guest- Meeting with Favre without the Packers agreeing to it would be tampering. The question would be is Favre considered active or retired? Had the Bucs been granted that ability then we, and the rest of the media, would probably have heard and reported it.
sbf: ok well i had no idea it was recorded.. figured it would be live.. but ok… wouldnt it leak out to the press if favre was allowed to talk to other teams? thats a big deal.. you think they can keep that a secret.. in GB of all places?
doclobster: i dont see garcia getting re-signer at this point
chazmoney3: CC. Any chance Luke gets a new deal this season?
guest: CC -Just because the team meets with someone doesnt mean the media knows about every meeting
sbf: CC thanks for the back up! hahaha
pewterreportcc: spider1003- You can't rule out the Bucs getting another wide receiver.
buccanoles: Was BF in Tampa last night
spider1003: what names could they be targeting
sbf: the media knows everything. especially in GB. and if they went to flemmings last night.. and i was their server.. i'd be on ESPN right now.
florida native: Pewterreport – is there any real news coming out the Bucs anytime soon? any more acquisitions?
buc4life79: alot of cuts in the next two weeks…will be very interesting to see you comes available at wr
doclobster: buccanoles: scroll down
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- Yes McCown could get a new deal this year. Training camp will have a lot to do with the size of the contract. If he wins the backup spot over Griese then he will be in good standing to get an extension.
buccanoles: sorry in late
chazmoney3: thanks cc
doclobster: cc says no
spider1003: why doesnt someone just call flemings lol
guest: Would the Bucs rather move on without Garcia in 2009?
sbf: every media outlet probably has.
doclobster: 10 news did
chazmoney3: lol thats not a bad idea spider
buc4life79: cc…..just throwing this out there…i wouldnt want him here…but you think the bucs might look at vick after he does this stuff…..
pewterreportcc: florida native- Yes, the Bucs will have some more news before camp hits. They have four rookies to sign and there could be contract extensions.
doclobster: they said he was not
sbf: where did this roumour start?
spider1003: bubba the love sponge
buccanoles: Was M Clayton the best WR @ OTA's
florida native: rookies and contract extension = boring I want NEW talent!
spider1003: the where the bf rumor started
doclobster: tampabay10 news says it started on a packers blog
pewterreportcc: buc4life79- I don't think the Bucs would ever look at Michael Vick when he is released from prison.
chazmoney3: CC. How much playing time do u think Dre Moore will get this season?
buc4life79: lol…thats what i thought
boomac: How has Taye Biddle looked in the OTAs? He is an athletic kid with a lot of promise.
doclobster: is dre moore really in that bad of shape?
sbf: a BLOG? .. figures.
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- It is tough to say right now. Moore will have to really show up at training camp to earn lots of playing time.
buc4life79: how bout getting dilfer out of retirement….lol
sbf: Dre Moore is a beast.
talib 25: How do you predict the Brett Favre situation playing out?
guest: Are the Bucs interested in extending Garcia past 2009?
florida native: Pewter- What percentage would you give #24 for playing this year? Or will he be on the disabled list?
guest: Garcia apparently has really fallen out of favor, at least w/ the media. How do the Bucs view him at this point? Has his contract dispute/attitude really hurt him that much?
sbf: he will surprise you all. maybe not this year.. but next year he will.
guest: Once Moore sign he will show up, so by that I guess he will get alot of playing time
pewterreportcc: boomac- Taye Biddle had a strong offseason and showed off his speed. He is one of the fastest receivers and should be a player to keep an eye on during training camp and the preseason.
sbf: CC – Like many rookies coming out of college… they have knocks on them… some overcome these knocks (michael clayton and his blocking) some dont… (Matt Jones) Do you feel Dre Moore is pretty angry about being tagged as "lazy" and is ready to show everyone that he is not lazy and in fact, is a force to be reckoned with?
bucsfan4ever: hi all
buccanoles: CC Was M Clayton the best WR @ OTA's
spider1003: Is aquan boldin on the bucs radar
chazmoney3: CC. YOu think Biddle or Hankton will make the team? Not if they can but wats your prediction?
buc4life79: boldin would want to much money…..
spider1003: u have to pay money to get quality
buc4life79: ba finally got us out of cap hell…we dont need to go back into it
pewterreportcc: guest- The Bucs view Garcia the same and they have been trying to extend him. Tampa Bay has offered Garcia contracts, but to no avail. Garcia seems to have put the dispute behind closed doors and is focused on football when he is at the facility and with teammates.
doclobster: sbf.. seems like wishful thinking. training cap issue gave him a C ( or -) cant remember
guest: spider – tell that to graham
sbf: doesnt seem like alot to talk about……… we pretty much covered it all offseason…. Favre is what we are feeding off of….
doclobster: camp not cap, sorry
guest: I think alot of fans are forgetting the escalting cap figure every season had alot to do with helping get the team out of cap hell
pewterreportcc: sbf- Moore may have a chip on his shoulder. He will need to be in better shape for training camp. Hopefully for the Bucs he has been motivated to be in great shape.
sbf: guest – that didnt help the vikings.
buc4life79: that is true..but allen did help
guest: Will being quiet about his contract help him? I know Bruce Allen seems to extend the players who are quiet the soonest.
spider1003: boldin can be a perfect complement to galloway
buc4life79: i agree spider
buccanoles: Galloway won't be around that long
buc4life79: but r the bucs willing to spend the money
talib 25: I hope the Bucs start spending money to get good players next offseason and not be as cheap as they were this year. What are the chances of the Bucs going after Julius Peppers, Terell Suggs, Namdi Asmoghu, or Albert Haynesworth next year?
spider1003: true which is why u need a player like boldin or roy williams who do u have for the future d jackson good luck
pewterreportcc: guest- I think Garcia being quiet about his contract will help him, but the Bucs have wanted to extend him the entire offseason. The two sides just haven't been able to agree to a fair deal.
buc4life79: actually i believe most of the players besides a few got more than there worth
doclobster: i aree, gallowoway is already a marvel of nature at 36. doesnt seems realistic that he can keep it up for a couple more years
guest: if Boldin was 35 they would be willing to spend the cash to acquire him
talib 25: I agree about Boldin. If he's truely available, which he will be soon enough because the Cardinals can't afford him, we should jump all over him. I don't care if it takes more than a first round pick.
buc4life79: lol guest….
pewterreportcc: Talib 25- I think the Bucs would go after Julius Peppers, Terrell Suggs, and Nmadi Asomugha if they hit unrestricted free agency.
chazmoney3: I'd love to see us land suggs
guest: CC – what are the odds Favre ends up in Tampa this year?
boomac: who has the better punch boyd or talib?
guest: How much time do you think Dexter Jackson will spend at WR this season?
buc4life79: cc…whats goin on with hayneworth and if he comes available will the bucs go after him
buccanoles: Suggs is a stud
sbf: i tihnk it was Dave that had a funny comment on peppers… i said something like "yea man peppers got sick and hasnt been the same.. he lost a bunch of weight and isnt a force at all" dave said "he wasnt sick… that was withdrawl from whatever made him that huge…"
chazmoney3: CC. Wats your prediction of the Wr's who make the team?
spider1003: do u believe boldin derserves the money if u watch him he could be a terell owns type in this offense
doclobster: boomac: good question
buc4life79: spider i agree
pewterreportcc: boomac- From what we've heard the Talib and Boyd altercation did not get to the point of punches being thrown.
buccanoles: Media hype
spider1003: suggs is a good player doesnt fit in this defense
guest: So thenthe fight was reported wrong with no retraction then?
chazmoney3: We could find a place for him on this D
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- That is tough to say prior to camp, but I would have to say right now Galloway, Hilliard, Clayton, Stovall, Jackson, and Bryant make the team at receiver.
talib 25: I think Suggs would be a good DE for us.
buccanoles: How did Adams look and is he a premier pass rusher in your opinion
doclobster: it was mike florio. does he know "retraction"?
spider1003: d jackson no time at wr stupid for passing up on limas sweed
chazmoney3: Thanks CC
buc4life79: adams will have dble digit sacks this year
guest: it was not only Florio it was also
guest: respectfully disagree, spider
chazmoney3: Limas Sweed=Maurice Stovall
strick-9: agreed 4life..he'll look like mario
guest: i liked limas sweed too
sbf: CC – If garcia is our Qb this season.. whats your prdicted record. if Favre is our qb.. what is your predicted record.. if Mccown is our QB what do you predict our record to be.. same with brian griese and Josh Johsnon (highly unlikely)… but just for metaphorically? or that one word.. i cant think of…
guest: and mario manningham
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Gaines Adams has been the subject of a lot of talk around One Buc for the right reasons. He has really been coming on and is looking good. The team is really excited about him.
spider1003: Limas sweed ran a 4.4 stovall 4.6
doclobster: well, florio "broke" the "news" and everyone else reported that PFT had reported a fight, etc…
chazmoney3: oh my bad i thought stovall was faster than that
buc4life79: cc…haynesworth not signing frach tag deal…could he become a opition if available
talib 25: How do you see the Brett Favre situation playing out?
spider1003: Why draft a wr in the second round when all he is going to be is a punt returner
buccanoles: Has he put on weight or Muscle?
guest: I can't wait to see Gaines this season!
guest: How big of a role will D.Jackson play at WR this season?
pewterreportcc: SBF- Sorry to disappoint, but I'm waiting to predict until we see training camp. That should give us a better idea about the team.
guest: Well I thought the moto was getting the right information even if it meant not breaking the story?
guest: how much cadillac will be at training camp?
sbf: haha alright………………..
talib 25: Favre: 12-4
talib 25: Garcia: 10-6
talib 25: McCown: 9-7
buc4life79: you wont see caddie play til bout week 8 or 9 if that
guest: McCown: 8-8
talib 25: Griese: 7-9
spider1003: the reason they didnt draft sweed because he was to slow lol
spider1003: big mistake
guest: talib – so we're going to the super bowl!
talib 25: Johnson: 5-11
pewterreportcc: guest- Dexter Jackson could figure into the receiver picture this year. I think it would happen more in the second half. He still is raw as a receiver and needs to be coached up. The Bucs are excited about his special teams ability from the get go.
guest: johnson 1-15
boomac: Charlie what do you think about the hype job known as the Saints?
doclobster: lets put up a dart board with records on it…
sbf: i say Favre 12-4 Possible SB .. Garcia 10-6 Playoff loss ….. Luke McCown – 11-5 Possible SB …… Griese – 8-8 …… Josh Johnson – 4-12
buccanoles: Does Jeff Faine open up the playbook more this year?
chazmoney3: CC. Do you think there's any chance Flip gets a new deal after this season?
guest: How many TDs do you think Garcia will throw this season?
pewterreportcc: boomac- The Saints have a lot of talent. I think their secondary could still give them trouble. Their offense looks solid if Deuce McAllister comes back strong from the knee injury.
buccanoles: 10
boomac: Lets get Difer out of retirement………16-0
doclobster: i think flip leaves. he has a home in atlanta
talib 25: Garcia: 17 TDs
chazmoney3: i think jeff will throw 19 or 20
spider1003: lol dilfer did win a super bowl
buccanoles: yup
talib 25: Favre: 29 TDs
bucsfan4ever: Farve 8-8 cause it take 1/2 season 4 him to learn the playbook
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Definitely Faine opens up the playbook. He can get to the second level of the defense and that will allow the Bucs to run more screens then they have in years past.
guest: Saints – isn't grant gonna go to prison? What's the latest on that?
guest: Jeff needs to throw 20 TDs to get a new contract. 13 is unacceptable, even if you throw NO ints
talib 25: Gruden said Favre could learn the playbook in 4-6 weeks.
doclobster: talib 25: when did he say that
spider1003: farve in gruden together what a scary thought
sbf: Garcia will get hurt before he throws 10 TDs.. he will come back and throw 4 more TD's … 14 TDs- 6 ints .. thats my predication for that spaghetti arm QB.
talib 25: I read it in SR's Fab Five
rva bucs fan: say favre comes, garcia leaves…would gruden still use shotgun?
pewterreportcc: guest- Grant's legal situation will be coming up before long. It remains to be seen if he gets in any trouble and misses any time.
doclobster: dont remember that
buccanoles: all depends on what favre wants
doclobster: must have missed it
guest: I have NO DOUBT Gruden would figure out how to use Favre.
talib 25: I'll find it real quick.
spider1003: grant will get off
guest: CC-do you really think the Bucs will shatter their all time pts scored record, as stated in the PR mag?
pewterreportcc: rva bucs fan- Yes, Gruden would still use the shotgun. The rest of the offense has practiced out of the gun and knows those plays. Favre has played in shotgun over the years.
chazmoney3: CC. Do you think there's any chance Flip gets a new deal after this season?
spider1003: charlie should we be scared that the bucs could go 5-11 again
buccanoles: Will Dunn blow up like PR reported?
spider1003: look at the history
talib 25: SR's Fab Five: "And yes, Favre could learn Gruden’s playbook in six weeks and be proficient in enough of it to win on opening day while continuing to master the offense as the season went on."
guest: CC-do you really think the Bucs will shatter their all time pts scored record, as stated in the PR mag?
doclobster: but that is SR saying that
doclobster: not gruden
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- Yes, Phillips could get a new deal after the season, but he may have to make himself essential to the Bucs.
talib 25: My bad.
doclobster: its ok, i just thought id missed something
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think Dunn will have a big season catching the ball.
talib 25: I thought Gruden said something like that, but still.
buccanoles: Will Raheem replace Kiff or do we lose him next year?
guest: CC-do you really think the Bucs will shatter their all time pts scored record, as stated in the PR mag?
chazmoney3: CC. Will Sabby get on the field at all this yr?
rva bucs fan: which of the new coaches from this season has the most buzz going around him?
spider1003: i think sabby could challenge phillips for playing time no chance they resign phillips
rva bucs fan: asst. coaches, that is
doclobster: i agree, i think he'd be ok, i just didnt think gruden had commented on it
guest: You think Gruden will sit there and tell Favre – "Here, learn this playbook." If you think that, you are an idiot.
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- That is tough to say. Monte may want to coach for many years to come. Raheem Morris and Gus Bradley's contracts are up at the end of the season, and they both are great coaches. Hopefully for the Bucs they can keep them both.
talib 25: Brett Favre doesn't need to learn a playbook. He'll get out there and make up his own plays.
buccanoles: That would be a huge loss for us IMO(raheem)
guest: I agree, talib, and Gruden would not get in his way.
doclobster: he just draws routes in the dirt and says "you run here"
guest: CC-do you really think the Bucs will shatter their all time pts scored record, as stated in the PR mag?
pewterreportcc: rva bucs fan- Raheem Morris and Gus Bradley both had great debuts as position coaches. They both are held in high regard by the Bucs and around the league.
spider1003: i think raheem morris is our future def cord
boomac: What success do think Wash will have for improving the D-line sacks wise?
talib 25: He never does what he's supposed to do in a play anyway. He'll just improvise.
pewterreportcc: guest- I think so as long as they don't have any big injuries. Galloway is a must to stay healthy. I have an article on that coming soon.
buccanoles: Can we not promote Raheem to an Asst. coach to keep him on?
chazmoney3: [chazmoney3] CC. Will Sabby get on the field at all this yr?
buccanoles: ST's
talib 25: Yeah
boomac: Can we pay off K state and to keep him here?
guest: That would be awesome(breaking all time pts scored record)
pewterreportcc: boomac- I think coach Wash will help the D-line to improve their sack total. I think this year Jovan Haye and Gaines Adams could increase their total by big margins.
spider1003: what r the chances for jason taylor to come here
buccanoles: good ?
guest: Is Greg White a one-year wonder?
talib 25: I had a dream last night that the Bucs traded for Jason Taylor.
pewterreportcc: chazmoney3- Sabby Piscitelli should see a lot of playing time this year on special teams and I think you will see him get action on defense.
buccanoles: Any new reports on trades for Simms?
doclobster: i thought i was the only one who had lame dreams about bucs transactions
boomac: with or without his dancing shoes?
buc4life79: dunn will be our starter
guest: talib you are hard core! dreaming about bucs trades, ha ha!
pewterreportcc: guest- Greg White being a one year wonder would be a big problem for the Bucs. They need him to provide pass rush. The Bucs don't think that will be the case though.
guest: any chance simms goes to dallas for glenn?
guest: I sure hope not
talib 25: That was random because I never thought of the Bucs trading for Taylor before.
pewterreportcc: guest- Yes Simms could get sent to Dallas for Terry Glenn.
talib 25: Terry Glenn is done.
spider1003: How much does glenn have left
buc4life79: i agree talib
doclobster: you dont think jerry jones wants more for glenn?
chazmoney3: I think glenn has some left in the tank
buccanoles: Any news on Simeon Rice? (sorry)
guest: How much of a contributor would Terry Glenn be?
guest: Can't wait til Simms is gone.
buc4life79: not much
spider1003: Is glenn even good anymore?
chazmoney3: CC. How many games do you think tampa will win this year?
pewterreportcc: spider1003- It is unclear how healthy Terry Glenn is and it is unclear how Chris Simms is looking.
buc4life79: 111
buccanoles: 11
doclobster: glenn was good until he disappeared due to injury. he never fully healed
guest: glenn is not done. He could definetly contribute. and if not at least we got something for simms
boomac: I think glenn still has some left in the tank
doclobster: dont know how he is now
chazmoney3: 33 i think
spider1003: Glenn could be another tim brown signing
pewterreportcc: guest- I think Glenn would be more of an insurance policy in case there is an injury. Especially if there was one to Galloway.
chazmoney3: my bad i thought u said old sorry
spider1003: Brown caught like 9 passes that year
buc4life79: lol spider
guest: Do you think our WR corps is underrated?
buc4life79: depends on how warren and stovall do this year
spider1003: which is the total clayton has caught since his rookie yr
pewterreportcc: guest- Glenn did have a good season in 2006, but his health would be the big determining factor.
spider1003: lol
buccanoles: How did Joseph look in OTA's
talib 25: I know he can't pass a physical right now.
pewterreportcc: Thanks for all the great questions. I have to get going.
chazmoney3: thanks CC
doclobster: thanks
spider1003: How good can the ol for the bucs be
buc4life79: i think they need to put stovall and clayton inside cause they both block well
talib 25: That's the only way a trade would get done if he passes a physical.
buccanoles: Thanks CC
talib 25: Thanks CC
buc4life79: thanks cc
pewterreportcc: Please tell your friends about Pewter Report magazine and We will have some great training camp coverage coming up.
spider1003: thanks cc
guest: Thanks CC
guest: thanks CC
chazmoney3: PEWTER REPORT 4 LIFE


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