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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below.Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin. You have me for 30 minutes. Can you believe training camp is nearly one week away?
chester cooperpot: Jim- Do you think that Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of the assault he is being sued for?
cigarfox: Who do believe may be a few of the Bucs biggest sleepers in 2009?
bucstopcom: Hey Jim, Can you confirm if there is any truth to the rumors that there are only 500 season tickets left and that blackouts are now unlikely?
chester copperpot: Jim- Do you think that Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of the assault he is being sued for?
guest: Besides Crowell, who may be some suprise cuts?
pewterreportjf: Chester – I have no idea if Ben Roethlisberger is guilty of the sexual assault allegations that have been brought against him in a civil suit. I wasn't there (thankfully).
cigarfox: Do you think that Tampa is looking at signing anymore free agents going into training camp?
pewterreportjf: bucstopcom – We haven't heard at all that there are only 500 season tickets remaining and that blackouts are unlikely. We've heard the opposite. There is a chance some Bucs home games will be blacked out this year. We can't begin to tell you how many Bucs fans we've talked to that have given up their season tickets, for different reasons, of course. The good news is there is still time between now and the start of the preseason and regular season.
guest: Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
guest: Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
bucstopcom: I heard on the radio 1470 roy cummings talk about it, that the fan fest and the discounts have been a huge success. I was on hold for 20 minutes today with tickets and gave up, they seem to be very busy
guest: (enter your message here)Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
pewterreportjf: guest – I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs released quarterback Byron Leftwich — if he doesn't beat out Luke McCown for the starting job. Leftwich is due some money if he makes the team, but only if he makes the team. If he doesn't perform well and Josh Freeman, Luke McCown and Josh Johnson outperform Leftwich he might not be part of the 53-man roster. That would be a surprise cut to some, I'm sure.
guest: god i hope he gets cut…JJ has wayy more potential!
pewterreportjf: guest – We don't have much reason to believe Barrett Ruud will hold out of training camp. He took part in the mandatory mini-camp, which leads us to believe he'll be at camp reporting day on July 31.
chester copperpot: Jim- Are you worried about getting a staph infection from Winslow or any of the other former Browns that are now on the Bucs?
cigarfox: Who do believe may be a few of the Bucs biggest sleepers in 2009?
roger4680: Your website says you've been around for 18 years – what were you known as before the the Bucs switched colors? The creamcicle report?
jman35: Ronde Barber had a tough uncharacteristic year with stumbling and missed tackles do you feel that is behind him? Or is more of the same to follow?
guest: Do you think the new schemes on offense and defense give us a little element of suprise for the first few weeks
pewterreportjf: bucstopcom – Regarding Bucs season ticket sales, the team isn't going to disclose much about them. We'll find out what the deal is when the preseason and regular season games roll around. We've reported what we know, which is there was a significant number of season ticket holders that fell off, putting the games in danger of being blacked out if more season and single game tickets aren't sold. The Glazers have put a full court press on ticket sales (see their marketing campaigns in the Bay Area).
guest: Do you think it is possible for d-jax to have a "freak" injury so they can put him on IR and develop him?
bucstopcom: Thank You Jim
rbrown129: If williams makes the team, how will he figure into the run game?
guest: Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
bucs09: do you think the Bucs will bring D. Brooks on as staff since no one has picked him up?
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – I don't think he's a sleeper because he's well known, but it seems many people have forgotten about RB Derrick Ward. Ward will have a big role in Tampa Bay's offense. I think he'll do well in the zone blocking scheme. As for the real sleepers, the first few that come to mind are WR Sammie Stroughter, WR Kelly Campbell and CB Kyle Arrington.
guest: it seems people have forgotten about torrie cox…how do u think he'll do this year??
pewterreportjf: chester – No, we have no worries about catching the staph infection Kellen Winslow unfortunately suffered from while in Cleveland. The staph infections have been a major problem for the Browns and their facility, so I'm sure Winslow is happy to be Tampa Bay now.
guest: Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
pewterreportjf: roger4680 – Actually, Pewter Report is in its 21st year of existence. Before it became Pewter Report, our magazine was known as Buccaneer Magazine.
guest: do u think cox can win the 3rd corner spot??
pewterreportjf: jman35 – I think we're all anxious to see how Ronde Barber fares after the 2008 season and in Jim Bates' scheme. I can tell you that Ronde has a chip on his shoulder because of the fact that many people have written him off for whatever reason(s). I think Barber and the entire secondary will fare much better this year if the pass rush is up to par.
guest: mack
pewterreportjf: guest – No, I don't see the Bucs pulling any magic tricks to buy Dexter Jackson more time to develop. It's now or never for him in Tampa Bay. He's improved, but he still has a long way to go. If the season started today I don't think Dexter Jackson would make the team, but the good news for Jackson is he has training camp and preseason to open some eyes.
roger4680: ahh ok – your new name is more imaginative
guest: Any word on Ruud's potential holdout? Any word on Freeman's contract negotiations?
jman35: Do you feel like there is going to be fair open competition for WLB or is it phillips to lose? I like Geno Hayes chances in open competition.
pewterreportjf: guest – Torrie Cox had a strong mandatory mini-camp, but this is the time of year when he always seems to shine. Cox has got to be consistent throughout camp and preseason. He's a good special teams player, which helps, but Cox will also have to prove to be recovered from the knee injury.
cigarfox: Do you think that Tampa is looking at signing anymore free agents going into training camp? Any preospects?
guest: Do you think with the new schemes on offense and defense the bucs will have an advantage in game preparation the first couple weeks
pewterreportjf: guest – Bucs general manager Mark Dominik is working with Josh Freeman's agent to get him into camp on time. Neither the agent nor Dominik has said much about negotiations, but from what we can tell the Freeman's deal should get done by — or on — July 31.
guest: Since no one can really watch game tape from last year and prepare for us this year
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't see Torrie Cox winning the third cornerback job. Elbert Mack is the leading candidate to handle those duties at this point.
rbrown129: Jim what's your take on Gaines Adams from what you have seen, is there enough potential for him to have double digit sacks?
pewterreportjf: jman35 – The competition at Will linebacker will be fair and open, but right now that job is Jermaine Phillips' to lose. Geno Hayes is still in the mix, but now he's competing on the strongside, too. I'd be surprised if Phillips didn't win the job at this point.
roger4680: how much truth to rumor that the Nov. 8th game is going to be the throwback jersey game?
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – No word on the Bucs trying to sign anyone else besides Josh Freeman right now. Remember — for every player the Bucs sign they will have to let somebody go (unless they place Cadillac Williams on the PUP list or place Arron Sears on the non-football injury list).
rbrown129: Did Freeman really look that good in mini camp or was the front office trying to get some air play
bucstopcom: Jim, PR reported the Green Bay game as the Throwback game, but have you heard anything about that game also being a celebration of the 1979 team as it is also the 30 year anniversary?
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a great question. I don't like Tampa Bay's chances against Dallas except for the fact that the Week 1 game is at home and the Cowboys will have very little to go off of in terms of game tape study and preparation. That should bode well for the Bucs, and who knows? Maybe it will help the Bucs upset the Cowboys in Week 1.
guest: Does having a new scheme on defense and offense create problems for opposing teams
cigarfox: I don't remeber the front office reporting on Freeman.
pewterreportjf: roger – Yes, reported several weeks ago that the Bucs were targeting their Nov. 8 home game vs. Green Bay as the throwback game (where they'll wear their old orange and white uniforms) and the celebration of the 1979 NFC Championship team. The Bucs also plan to unveil a Ring of Honor at the stadium. The Bucs haven't made it official, but last we heard the team was targeting that date and game.
cigarfox: THe Bucs could sign that t Moten form Cowboys 4th and Long.
bucstopcom: Thanks Jim ,you answered my question with rogers.
bucuup: Do you think that the bucs will use all preseason games as the target to find out who is the starter?
guest: i really hope they cut lefty hes just a waist of roster spot
bucuup: i mean for QB btw
pewterreportjf: bucstopcom – Josh Freeman had his moments where he impressed, but he also had some shaky moments, just like Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich. I haven't seen enough from Freeman to believe he'll start in Week 1. Maybe he'll earn more playing time in camp. He's come a long way, but still has a long way to go.
chester copperpot: Jim- What was the point of having that Mike Alstott night when they are going to have to hold another one when they retire his number or induct him into a ring of honor?
roger4680: That's going to be great! And againt an old NFC Central foe! Perfect!
jman35: I hear Roy Miller is a stud in the weight room any chance he beats out Sims or Hovan on the field in Camp?
pewterreportjf: guest – Yes, having a new offensive and defensive scheme presents problems for opposing teams because they don't have a ton of game film to go off of. Teams will have to study Jeff Jagodzinski's offense at Boston College and Jim Bates' defenses with Miami and Green Bay to prepare.
rbrown129: Jim what's your take on Gaines Adams from what you have seen, is there enough potential for him to have double digit sacks?
roger4680: Does LS Economos do anything besides snap the ball? Can he backup at C/G?
guest: How much will Jags familiarity with Matt Ryan help in game planning?
pewterreportjf: bucuup – Yes, the Bucs probably will use most of preseason to determine which players are the starters and which ones won't make the cut. I'm sure the Bucs hope to identify their starting quarterback by the third preseason game (or right after it).
pewterreportjf: Chester – That's a good question. Mike Alstott, given his production and contributions to the Tampa Bay area community, was worthy of being honored and recognized at the game last year, but you're probably right in that he'll likely have his jersey No. 40 retired, maybe even as early as when the Ring of Honor is unveiled.
cigarfox: Will number 55 get retired too?
bucuup: What are the chances that Stovall makes the roster? He is a stud on special teams but i feel like we have a lot of studs on special teams.
pewterreportjf: jman – Roy Miller is one angry-looking dude, and he plays like it, too. He's not happy that he fell into the third round. However, I don't see Miller beating out Ryan Sims or Chris Hovan this year. He'll probably work his way into the rotation and maybe he'll replace one of those veterans in the starting lineup in 2010. Let's see how he does as a rookie first.
rbrown129: Can you see Jagodzinski working with and developing Freeman like he did with Matt Ryan at BC?
pewterreportjf: jman – Andrew Economos is the team's long snapper, so that's pretty much all he works on. However, if you're at practice you'll see him working on his conditioning with special teams coach Richard Bisaccia quite often. Economos is a very good long snapper.
bucstopcom: Jim, do you feel its safe to say that Matt Bryant is going to have to actually BEAT OUT Mike Nugent to keep his job, that a tie will go towards Nugent?
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – I would imagine the Bucs will retire No. 55 (Derrick Brooks) when they unveil their Ring of Honor unless Brooks plays for another team this year. If that happens the Bucs will have to wait to retire Brooks' jersey.
guest: Do the Bucs plan on keeping elements of the zone for Qb's that struggle with that defense?
pewterreportjf: bucstopcom – Matt Bryant is accurate, but he doesn't have great leg strength, which is a concern to the Bucs. Mike Nugent is young and has one hell of a leg in terms of kicking distance. If this competition is tied at the end of the preseason I think the Bucs would go with Nugent.
pewterreportjf: guest – While Jim Bates has brought in his own defense, which will feature man-to-man bump and run coverage, some of of the things the Bucs did under Monte Kiffin will be used, too, including some zone, but this will be mostly a man team.
jman35: I understand the logic you only keep one developmental QB on your team but do you cut JJ when his upside and skill set seems much higher than Byron Leftwich
bucwild02: During the practives/OTA's were there alot of bootleg or rollout plays being installed?
cigarfox: Do yout hink that McCown is a better west coast offense guy or do you believe he will do just fine in this spread offense?
cigarfox: McCown will probably use up more game clock and turn the ball over less wich will really help our defense.
pewterreportjf: jman – Whether the Bucs keep Byron Leftwich or Josh Johnson on the 53-man roster will be determined by how both players perform in training camp and preseason. If Johnson peforms well and Leftwich struggles, the decision for the Bucs will be fairly easy to make. If Leftwich performs well and Johnson struggles, the same logic applies. The thing Leftwich has right now that Johnson doesn't is the game experience. That's important because Luke McCown doesn't have much game experience, either.
rbrown129: Jim do you know if the bucs would like to keep AB after this season, even if he doesnt have last year's numbers?
chester copperpot: Jim- Considering no team in the league wants Derrick Brooks doesn't that say that he shouldn't have been on the Bucs last year? Especially after teams like the Raiders targeted, picked on, and embarrassed Brooks?
cigarfox: Brooks was hurt against Oakland
bucstopcom: thank you cigarfox
pewterreportjf: cigarfox – It's a shame because Luke McCown had a very good grasp of Jon Gruden's offense. I would have liked to have seen what he could do in Gruden's system in a full season. Like all of the quarterbacks, McCown has had some ups and downs in terms of learning and executing the plays in Jeff Jagodzinski's playbook. McCown has all the physical tools, it's just a matter if he can put it all together and take advantage of this opportunity, which is what he's been waiting for.
cigarfox: I would have loved to see him in Grudens offense too.
coloradobuc: Why did they keep Brooks in when he was hurt?
pewterreportjf: rbrown – The Bucs like Antonio Bryant, but they want to see how he does in this system. The team also wants to make sure any and all off-the-field issues are a thing of the past if they're going to sign him to a long-term deal. If Bryant performs well the Bucs can use the franchise tag on him again next year, or they can simply allow him to walk in free agency. Signing him to a long-term deal is also an option.
bucuup: What struggles does look have in Jags O? and how does this system work on the strengths of McCown or Freeman
pewterreportjf: Chester – Derrick Brooks was hurt down the stretch, so I'd say he shouldn't have been playing. All NFL teams study game film, and I think it says something in the fact that Brooks is still available in free agency. He's 36 and his best playing days are behind him. It was one hell of a career, and I hope he calls it a career. But Brooks has earned the right to keep playing football if that is what he really wants to do.
cbgb: How is Crowell's knee coming along ?
pewterreportjf: coloradobuc – That's a good question. Apparently the Bucs brass at the time felt it could not bench Derrick Brooks, who claimed he was healthy enough to play on his injured hamstring. I'm sure there's more to the story than we'll ever know.
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans.
bucwild02: cya jf
bucstopcom: thanks jim
pewterreportjf: Thanks for the great questions and we look forward to hopefully seeing you at training camp.

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