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Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they prepare to report for training camp in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.

pewterreportjf: Let the chat session begin. Are you ready for training camp?
guest: which coach has taken gruden's place as using the most profanity?
awesomebucs: Will the offense be strong enough to carry the defense up the learning curve
ajv211: Is vick out of the question for the Bucs?
tatmanfish: we know talib and barber are starters when TC starts. who do you see making the 53 man roster out of cox, mack, arrington, biggers, mcduffie, and willingham
pewterreportjf: guest – I have no idea which coach uses more profanity than Jon Gruden. He was known for using it … allegedly. :)
pewterreportjf: awesomebucs – It probably sounds strange, but the offense might be the strength of the team in 2009, or at least it probably will have to be in order for the Bucs to win some games. There is a lot of youth and inexperience on this team, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
guest: any idea if the stadium practice will be full pads?
guest: besides brooks who did have a lower performance at the end of last year. do u think that any of the starters we lost on defense were a major loss? i mean i dont remember how many splash plays june made last year or hayes
guest: will there be full contact scrimmages?
awesomebucs: I feel that Derrick Ward might be huge this year with Graham. What do you think?
pewterreportjf: ajv211 – The people we've talked to around the league and at One Buc Place have suggested the Buccaneers are not at all interested in acquiring Michael Vick. The only reason Vick gets associated with the Bucs is because Tampa Bay doesn't have many "big-name" players at the quarterback position, so pundits assume the Bucs would be interested in Vick, but we don't believe that is the case.
utahbucfan: What players stayed at one buc during this break before training camp?
ajv211: Why wouldn't this team be interested in signing Vick?
guest: Any word on Freeman signing yet?
rbrown129: Do you think morris will have the bucs practicing against the other florida teams during the summer camp in the future, pending if he will still be the head coach?
guest: any news on if the Bucs are interested in Vick?
utahbucfan: because we have freeman and mccown
guest: No Vick get it NO VICK
guest: any news on if the Bucs are interested in Vick?
ajv211: I don't want Freeman to play a down until 2011
utahbucfan: we dont want vick!!
pewterreportjf: tatmanfish – Boy, that's a tough question. As of right now I see the Bucs having Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib as the starting cornerbacks while Elbert Mack handles the No. 3 cornerback duties. I think Kyle Arrington will win the fourth spot. If the Bucs keep five corners then Torrie Cox and E.J. Biggers could be fighting for a 53-man roster spot.
ajv211: Freeman needs years of learning on the bench like Leinhart
guest: any idea if the first practices will be full pads?
pewterreportjf: guest – I don't know if the Bucs will sport full pads for their practice at Raymond James Stadium on Aug. 1, but we do know Raheem Morris plans to have the players in full pads for the majority of camp.
guest: or maybe he should play right away, like Flacco, Manning, Brees, et al….
bucuup: besides brooks who did have a lower performance at the end of last year. do u think that any of the starters we lost on defense were a major loss? i mean i dont remember how many splash plays june made last year or hayes
ajv211: Is there any chance of the Bucs wearing an alternate uniform? I know they're wearing the throwbacks but most teams have an alternate so why doesn't this one?
guest: those guys were ALL seniors, Freeman a junoir, and VERY unimpressive in college
ajv211: Pewter on pewter or black on pewter would be awesome jerseys
tatmanfish: weve heard that kyle moore, gaines adams, and dre moore are all going/have went to chuck smiths camp. do you think this greatly improves their chances to produce well this year? even dre moore?
utahbucfan: I wouldn't say VERY unimpressive
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs didn't really lose important starters during the offseason. Derrick Brooks is past his prime and would not have been a good fit for Jim Bates' defense. Cato June was in the same boat, although I think June can still play at a high level. Jovan Haye didn't fit the scheme, which is why the Bucs allowed him to sign with Tennessee. Kevin Carter didn't have much left to offer the Bucs, either.
guest: he's a three year starter… more than most guys. And he wasn't unimpressive. That's ignorant.
guest: maybe not VERT, but certianly not Manning or Brees or Flacco
pewterreportjf: rbrown129 – If the Bucs were going to scrimmage one of the other Florida teams in the NFL I think it would have been announced already. I wouldn't completely rule it out, but I wouldn't count on it, either.
guest: he was ranked lower than ahlf the QB's in the Big 12
utahbucfan: there were glimpses of him being a beast though
ajv211: Is there any chance of the Bucs wearing an alternate uniform? I know they're wearing the throwbacks but most teams have an alternate so why doesn't this one?
snoop101: Any feeling on how long Rah and the FO is going to let the QB battle go on? Assuming it lasts all preseson how long till we see some of freeman
guest: Baylor had a FRESHMAN ranked higher
pewterreportjf: guest – Both sides (Freeman's agent and Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik) have been quiet on contract talks, but the info we have obtained suggests Freeman will be signed before the Bucs take the field for their first practice on Aug. 1.
utahbucfan: gotta give him a chance though
bucuup: do you think the mind set is to be an offensive team or do you think morris wanted to make the offense better to help the D?
guest: he'll get a shot in PS to show what he's ready for
guest: I think Freeman is going to really impress people this preseason.
pewterreportjf: ajy – The Bucs likely will wear their throwback uniforms for their Nov. contest vs. Green Bay. The Bucs inquired through the NFL about the possibility of having a pewter jersey several years ago, but it got nixed because the NFL felt the color was neutral.
utahbucfan: Any new news on Caddy and possibly going on the PUP for traing camp?
guest: Any surprise cuts on the horizon
utahbucfan: agreed the preseason will tell alot
rcpadrick: Any word on Aaron Sears?
guest: Hey, if he WOWS in the PS than give him a chance, but I'm not high on Freeman, but he can change my mind on the field
pewterreportjf: tatamfish – I don't know if a player working with Chuck Smith greatly improves their play, but it tells me a lot about the player and their committment to being great. It certainly can't hurt for players like Gaines Adams and Kyle Moore to work with Chuck Smith. His track record speaks for itself.
tatmanfish: surprise cuts….good question
utahbucfan: I want to start mccown first for sure, unless Freeman blows him away in TC and PS. Then if we start out horrible throw Freeman into the fire.
guest: Just like the committment Clayton has made by working with Fitz and Rice
guest: Agreed utah
ajv211: surprise cuts- Dexter Jackson and Byron Leftwich
utahbucfan: those are expected in my book
ajv211: and torrie cox
rcpadrick: neither would be a surprise to me.
pewterreportjf: bucuup – Raheem Morris wants an offense that can be consistent and score touchdowns. That will help his defense. He's a defensive-minded head coach, but I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a fairly balanced Bucs team.
ajv211: and josh johnson because the thrid qb will be vick
rcpadrick: How many catches would you guess Clayton gets this season?
ajv211: 58
guest: what do we do if Barber or Talib go down, stand pat with our youngsters!?!
rcpadrick: no way Vick gets to TB. No way…
guest: 50 catches for Clayton, my guess
guest: and 6 td's
pewterreportjf: rcpadrick – Jeff Jagodzinski plans to have the ball spread around and for different players to be featured in his offense. That said, Michael Clayton should have 40-plus catches this season, but only if he stays healthy. I think he will score more touchdowns, too.
utahbucfan: 50 would be nice for our 4th option
ajv211: Every time he gets on the field the defense will need to pay attention to him wether he's taking the snap or not. I want them to get Vick!
utahbucfan: He can't score any less thats for sure
rcpadrick: Is 40-50 catches acceptable for a quality No. 2?
utahbucfan: Kellen is our real no 2
guest: he's really a #3
dudley dawson aka booger: Jim- How did James Lee and Julius Wilson do in OTAs? It seems the Bucs have no depth at the tackle position.
pewterreportjf: guest – There are some veteran cornerbacks available in free agency, like Patrick Surtain and Jamar Fletcher. I could see those players possibilly getting a call from the Bucs if the team has a rash of injuries at that position, but Tampa Bay is determined to play its young players in 2009 in order to see what it has in terms of talent moving forward.
guest: why did we let Buchanon go, VERY VERY STUPID move
ajv211: Is Leftwich's release as slow and pathetic looking in person as it is on TV?
pewterreportjf: rcpadrick – If the Bucs offense ranks in the top 10 and is scoring points (especially touchdowns), a starting receiver's catch total of 40-50 would be acceptable in my book, especially in this offense, where the Bucs plan to run the ball a lot.
utahbucfan: I liked P BUC!!! agreed bad move
guest: JF, I heard that the over/under in vegas is 6.5 games. How do you feel about that?
tatmanfish: if sears doesnt play this year, and zuttah is the starter who will be the backup other than mahan
guest: how could the Buc FO say Buchanon would not be a starter when he'd not oven been in this defen se yet as barber hadnt either
rcpadrick: Agreed, Jim. I'd rather see 10 TDs and 20 catches than 60 catches and 2 TDs.
ajv211: They predicted 6-10 so they like the under
ajv211: everyone is predicting the under, so much negativity around here
pewterreportjf: Dudley Dawson – That's a good point. Granted, the pads weren't on this offseason, but James Lee and Julius Wilson did not impress, and Xavier Fulton spent the majority of the offseason rehabbing his shoulder. The Bucs lack depth at the tackle position, and if Donald Penn or Jeremy Trueblood goes down this team is in real trouble unless Lee and Co. step up in training camp.
andrews1469: exactly, if our QB situation works out, we can be very dangerous
rcpadrick: I think 6-10 would be an OK season. I am thinking more like 7-9.
pewterreportjf: guest – The Bucs let Phillip Buchanon go in free agency because the team did not believe he was a great fit for Jim Bates' system.
guest: I think 9-7 or even 8-8 could win this division
utahbucfan: better fit than barber IMO
awesomebucs: Given that the running game is going to be a staple in this offense, do you think that Derrick Ward will put up some big numbers? Does it look like the support will be there?
pewterreportjf: guest – I'm not a betting man, but Pewter Report, as of right now, has the Bucs winning six games in 2009. That could change depending on what we see in training camp and preseason.
guest: yes Buchanon has experience and has excelled in M2M
dudley dawson aka booger: Jim- If Dexter Jackson doesn't make the team would you say he is the biggest wasted pick by Gruden and Allen?
rcpadrick: Ward will split carries with Graham. Neither will have giant numbers.
utahbucfan: Ward better put up big numbers. He will certainly get the carries from what I've read.
andrews1469: more like a wasted pick by allen
pewterreportjf: guest – I completely agree. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the NFC South division winner posts nine regular season wins. The Bucs aren't the only team with a tough schedule in the South. The NFC South shares common opponents for the most part.
utahbucfan: They are gonna split alot of carries though
ajv211: Why does PR say Caddilac will be on the PUP when everyone I read he is ahead of schedule and will be ready to roll this weekend?
guest: becasue they are realistic
utahbucfan: Ya anything new on that PR? Caddy gonna be in camp?
pewterreportjf: awesomebucs – I don't know if Derrick Ward will put up big numbers since he'll be splitting the load with Earnest Graham and maybe even Cadillac Williams if he returns. I expect Ward to have a 4.5 avg. or higher in the running game, though.
guest: Caddy would not make the team if he goes to camp
tatmanfish: if sears doesnt play this year, and zuttah is the starter who will be the backup other than mahan
utahbucfan: I think he would
ajv211: caddy would make the team
rcpadrick: Jim, is the Orlando market in jeopardy of Buccaneer game blackouts? Or is it only Tampa?
ajv211: guest, why don't you get a real name
pewterreportjf: Dudley Dawson – If Dexter Jackson doesn't make the team I think it would be hard to argue that the second-round pick Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen gave up for him was very costly.
andrews1469: JF, how far into training camp/preseason do the coaches have to decide whether they will place Caddy on the PUP?
guest: Who would Caddy make it over, Smith? Askew
guest: he doesn't paly ST
utahbucfan: Definitly not smith
ajv211: What has lead PR to believe Caddilac will be on the PUP?
utahbucfan: They'll find a way though
ajv211: take 4 rbs
utahbucfan: NOt unheard of
guest: That's why the PUP him, wait for injury to another back
ajv211: i know
pewterreportjf: ajy211 – The reason Pewter Report has suggested Cadillac Williams could start training camp on the PUP list is because the possibility exists. Williams is ahead of schedule compared to his rehab time last year, but given their depth at RB, the Bucs could choose to buy Williams more time to rehab by placing him on the PUP. We'll find out more regarding Williams' status on Friday.
andrews1469: from memory, i think Gruden only placed Caddy on pup to give him a little time, not because he wasnt ready
dudley dawson aka booger: Jim- In the Sporting News preview magazine Roy Cummings says that Sammie Stroughter will be the kick returner this season. Why would Stroughter return kicks over our Pro Bowl kick returner Clifton Smith?
tatmanfish: because cummings is a moron
utahbucfan: agreed
guest: here here
rcpadrick: ditto
pewterreportjf: guest – If Cadillac Williams participates in training camp he will be part of the rotation that includes Earnest Graham, Derrick Ward, Clifton Smith and B.J. Askew.
rcpadrick: Jim, is the Orlando market in jeopardy of Buccaneer game blackouts? Or is it only Tampa?
andrews1469: good question
andrews1469: i would like to know too
guest: any FA's out there the Bucs may be lookin at?
pewterreportjf: Dudley Dawson – I have no idea why anybody would project Sammie Stroughter to be Tampa Bay's primary return specialist in 2009. Clifton Smith solidified those spots en route to making the Pro Bowl last year. Stroughter does have return ability, but I can't see him handling those duties unless Smith gets injured.
utahbucfan: Are the Bucs wearing the old white uniforms for the throwback game?
rbrown129: Will Gaines achieve double digits sacks this year
pewterreportjf: rcpadrick – If there are blackouts for Bucs home games, I'm not sure if the Orlando area would fall into that category or not. I believe it's around a 100-mile window.
guest: won't be long now fellas, can
tatmanfish: i think the bucs will be looking at a lineman or two if sears is a no show. other wise most the depth are rookies
dudley dawson aka booger: Thanks Jim, that's what I thought. Cummings proves yet again he doesn't know football.
andrews1469: jesus…. thats a long way to drive to be able to catch a game! lol
rcpadrick: Good lord! that's the entire state…
theonly1phenom: Any word on if the Buccaneers or the NFL will be putting the throwback jerseys on sale to the gemeral public, cause I would realy love to own a K2 Orange and White jersey
rbrown129: why dont the bucs wear those black alternate jerseys.
guest: can't come soon enough after watching the Rays
pewterreportjf: utahbucfan – Yes, the Bucs will be wearing their old orange and white uniforms for one regular season home game in 2009 (we've reported that it likely will be the Packers game in Nov.).
dudley dawson aka booger: Jim- since you aren't predicting the Bucs to win the NFC South which team do you think will win the division?
tatmanfish: the black alternates are sweet
guest: thoughts on Nugent winning Pk position
utahbucfan: Thanks, I'm aware its the Packers game I am already planning my trip!!
pewterreportjf: theonly1phenom – I really don't know what the NFL plans to do in terms of selling jerseys. You'll have to check with the people in that business.
andrews1469: Dont black alternates only exist in madden? Back to the real world! lol
guest: too hot for black
pewterreportjf: Dudley Dawson – As of right now I can see the New Orleans Saints winning the NFC South division. If the Saints defense can just be average and Drew Brees can stay healthy, that will be a tough team to beat.
tatmanfish: black alternates are available. the orange jerseys will be available this year from reebok….no date though
andrews1469: the saints defense was just average last year too…
guest: where do you see us finishing at
rbrown129: So people outside of the sunshine state will still be able to watch the bucs games with the nfl ticket no matter what right?
guest: yes
dudley dawson aka booger: Andrews 1469- The Saints defense sucked last year
tatmanfish: the black alternates were sold, but they were the cheap kind from walmart
pewterreportjf: guest – The kicking battle will be interesting to watch unfold. The Bucs like Matt Bryant, but he doesn't have good leg strength. Mike Nugent is younger and has good leg strength. If the battle is tied when preseason comes to an end, I think Nugent will get the nod because he has more upside.
andrews1469: yep >:-(
dudley dawson aka booger: Jim- Why didn't the Bucs bring in competition for Bidwell. The punting was terrible in the last month of the season and Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik said they wanted competition everywhere.
utahbucfan: anywhere from 6-9 wins IMO
andrews1469: i didnt see terrible punting at all
guest: yes I wish they would have brought in another punter, Bidwell sucked towanrds the end of last tseason
guest: Are we looking at another Culverhouse ownership? Let's get real, just b/c the CBA isn't done shouldn't dictate them not locking up one of the best young players. It's a smack in the face to Ruud!!!
utahbucfan: Bidwell is pretty good at pinning people deep
pewterreportjf: rbrown – Yes, even if Bucs home games are blacked out, the people outside of the mileage market the NFL puts in place (I believe it's 100 or so miles away from where the game is being played), then people with NFL Sunday Ticket that live outside of that mileage zone would still be able to watch Bucs home games.
dudley dawson aka booger: Bidwell was clearly outpunted by Lechler in the final game.
guest: he was not good late last season
utahbucfan: He's the best punter in the game though
dudley dawson aka booger: I hope you're kidding utahbucfan.
utahbucfan: Lechler
elias: Any news on signing Freeman?
utahbucfan: not Bidwell
guest: Lechler made him look like a high schooler
rbrown129: Great
utahbucfan: No new news on Freeman
andrews1469: cuz lechlars a beast
dudley dawson aka booger: Ah, agreed Lechler may be the best, but Bidwell is not even the best punter in our divison. Michael Koenen is way better.
utahbucfan: Im saying you can't compare Bidwell to Lechlar is all
utahbucfan: Lechlar is in a league iof his own
guest: I'm saying Bidwell could use some competitioin
utahbucfan: Agreed on Koenen to
andrews1469: his average was 44.5 last year
andrews1469: second in the south
utahbucfan: Not to bad if you ask me
pewterreportjf: guest – There is validity to ownership's financial challenges regarding the Bucs and Manchester United. I do believe the Bucs have been trying to be smart with their money in free agency, but some of the other things that have taken place suggest ownership is tight on cash. I wouldn't go as far as deeming the Glazers the Hugh Culvershouse regime, though.
utahbucfan: nothing special but gets the job done
guest: what if Nugent wins and bidwell goes funky
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans.
dudley dawson aka booger: Thanks Jim.
andrews1469: tks JF
utahbucfan: Thanks
pewterreportjf: Thanks for the great questions. We hope to see you out at training camp. The Bucs report on Friday.

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