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Pewter Report Bucs beat writers Scott Reynolds and Jim Flynn hosted a 30-minute chat session at 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Read Pewter Report's thoughts on the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this chat transcript.

Pewter Report provides a full transcript of the chat session below. Reynolds and Flynn are identified as pewterreportsr and pewterreportjf, respectively. His chat room identity is bolded below. The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

Included in this chat transcript is the latest on Tampa Bay's wide receiver competition and standouts from the Bucs organized team activities that took place earlier in the offseason.

Also included is a progress report on Bucs rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, who is unsigned, but hopes to ink his rookie deal before Tampa Bay reports to training camp on July 31. How will Tampa Bay fare in 2009? What can fans expect from the Bucs training camp, which begins on Saturday, August 1? Get answers to these questions and more in this chat transcript.

Bucs fans can find the full chat transcript below.



17:00:14 [pewterreportjf] Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin. We're about three weeks away from the start of training camp. Can you believe it?

17:00:42 [swashbuccaler] Do the bucs have any interest in free agent WR Matt Jones(who had his cocaine possession charges dropped this week)?

17:01:15 [guest] How much would the bucs have given up to get Freeman?

17:01:26 [along13] Do you see Buggerman making the team, or does Mahan restructuring his contract ruin those chances?

17:01:28 [pewterreportsr] SR is in the house. Anyone Jonesing for Bucs training camp yet?

17:01:42 [guest] cant wait

17:01:59 [pewterreportjf] swashbuccaler – No, the Bucs don't have much interest in former Jaguars WR Matt Jones. As you mentioned, he's had some off-the-field issues that likely will keep the Bucs away from him. They are also high on some of their younger wide receivers, including Brian Clark, who appears to be the leading candidate to win the No. 3 receiver job behind Michael Clayton and Antonio Bryant.

17:02:06 [buc4eva] when does the tc issue come out?

17:02:09 [guest] I wish training camp started today to get in some extra reps

17:02:22 [guest] With all the new faces whom will be receiving significant playing time on defense this year, who would you chose to make the biggest impact? Quincy Black?

17:02:25 [pewterreportsr] guest – Good question. Considering they let him slide to pick 17, I don't think they would have given up a king's ransom. The Bucs were prepared to take Illinois CB Vontae Davis if Freeman was gone at 19.

17:03:07 [pewterreportjf] along13 – There is a chance Bruggeman makes the team, especially with Arron Sears' absence and the uncertainty surrounding his situation. The Bucs like his versatility — right now he's playing backup guard and center. All jobs, especially the ones in the trenches, will be decided when the pads come on in training camp and preseason.

17:03:47 [swashbuccaler] Does Brian Griese have a legitamite chance to receive any trade value? Why is he still on the roster?

17:03:50 [pewterreportsr] I think Quincy Black will make a big impact on defense. I know he's not a new face, but I'm interested in seeing how Jimmy Wilkerson will fare as an every down starter at LE and at DT on third downs. Jimmy's in a contract year, so he has all the incentive in the world.

17:03:51 [pewterreportjf] buc4eva – The Pewter Report Training Camp issue will be mailed and posted in PDF format later this week. You don't want to miss it!

17:04:12 [along13] looking forward to the training camp issue!

17:04:20 [guest] Any early indications from sources or personal opinions on whether Freeman will be a bust or not?

17:04:31 [joey85] will carnel williams be starting this year

17:04:35 [buc4eva] any cheerleader pics in it?

17:04:38 [guest] Will the Bucs have any interest with the Supplemental draft coming up?

17:04:53 [pewterreportjf] swashbuccaler – No, if the Bucs were going to trade Brian Griese I think it would have already happened. The Bucs have basically kept Griese as an insurance policy … just in case something happens to one of their other quarterbacks between now and the start of training camp. We don't expect Brian Griese to be on the roster come Aug. 1.

17:04:54 [along13] Who do you guys think will make a bigger impact or play more at DT….Roy Miller or Dre Moore?

17:04:59 [jbuc15] If you look at Bates stats over all of his seasons, the 2 safetys always finish top 5 in tackles, and have always gotten on average, the most interceptions on the team. I think Sabby and TJAC will have big seasons..

17:05:10 [pewterreportsr] guest – The preseason games will give us a better example of how Freeman looks. Rob Johnson shined in practice and wilted under the lights on Sundays. It's hard to tell about QBs until they face live bullets.

17:05:30 [talib 25] Following your partnership with Bright House, is PR no longer partnered with ABC Action News?

17:05:42 [pewterreportjf] buc4eva – No, no new cheerleader pics in the Pewter Report Training Camp issue, but lots of pics of Bucs players. Don't worry – there are a lot of cheerleader pics in the Pewter Report Cheerleader issue, which is published in December.

17:05:50 [pewterreportsr] joey85 – No, I don't see Cadillac Williams starting this year. Either Graham or Ward will start.

17:06:16 [guest] will biggers make the team

17:06:32 [pewterreportjf] guest – The Bucs are doing their homework on Jeremy Jarmon. There is some interest there, but it isn't clear how much value the Bucs have in him. We'll find out soon enough.

17:06:34 [bluetick] How is Sammie's Hammie Doing?

17:06:44 [jbuc15] yeah, who is the 4th Cornerback this season?

17:06:46 [pewterreportsr] along13 – Not sure. Moore is coming on, but Miller has gotten rave reviews. I think Miller is more of a lock to make the team as opposed to Moore at this point.

17:06:50 [guest] Will this be the year Trueblood emerges as a force at RT?

17:07:06 [bucsbum] Any indication on Sears condition. Are we seeing any results from his treatment for Sears. Is there a time frame for Sears

17:07:15 [legend] Who are the leading candidates for SLB and WLB?

17:07:20 [pewterreportsr] talib25 – Correct. Pewter Report is partnered with Bright House Sports Network this year, not ABC Action News.

17:07:36 [pewterreportjf] jbuc15 – Those are good points regarding the safeties that have played in Jim Bates' defensive schemes in the past. The safeties are freed up in this scheme to do some different things, including get in position to pick off some passes.

17:07:54 [pewterreportsr] jbuc15 – As it stands right now, the fourth CB is Kyle Arrington with Torrie Cox and E.J. Biggers as the biggest challengers.

17:08:13 [bluetick] How is Sammie's Hammie Doing?

17:08:26 [booker] How happy is Gaines to get a new system?

17:08:31 [guest] did kyle arrinton have a good ota's

17:08:39 [pewterreportsr] guest – I think Trueblood has Pro Bowl potential. His biggest hang-up has been penalties. He can't let those hold him back. He's in supreme physical condition and should have a great year.

17:08:47 [bmarti5] JF, in the SR Fab Five, PR seems to defend the notion that the Bucs aren't tight on cash but simply particular to spending however it seems the last few teams to win the Superbowl were all in the Top 10 for spending. What do you think of that?

17:08:47 [jbuc15] thanks guys

17:08:50 [pewterreportjf] legend – As of right now Jermaine Phillips is the starter at weakside linebacker, and we don't see that changing. In fact, the Bucs like Phillips there so much that they've moved Geno Hayes over to strongside to compete for that job along with Quincy Black and Angelo Crowell. As of right now, it appears as though Black is the leading candidate to win the strongside job, but the competition is still open heading into camp.

17:09:03 [swashbuccaler] Is Jameel Cook directly competing with Josh Vaughn in training camp? Who is looking like the leader in the competition for backup FB?

17:09:23 [booker] how is Crowell healing?

17:09:35 [pewterreportsr] guest – I think Arrington started off hot and cooled off a bit. Similar to Kelly Campbell, although not as big a drop off. Arrington – like all young players – has to do it practice in, practice out, down in, down out. It's all about consistency.

17:09:38 [guest] Predict the Bucs' Pro Bowler(s) this year….

17:09:46 [pewterreportjf] booker – Gaines Adams is excited about the new defensive scheme, and he should be. It puts defensive ends in position to get after the quarterback. The pressure is on Adams to perform well this year, because some believe that if he can't succeed in Bates' system he won't be a successful NFL player, period.

17:09:53 [antcam] Scott do you forsee Peterson making the roster this year

17:10:14 [guest] If you had to pick one player to stay healthy the whole year who would that be?

17:10:15 [micronole] ?

17:10:16 [bluetick] How is Sammie's Hammie Doing?

17:10:28 [bucsbum] Any indication on Sears condition. Are we seeing any results from his treatment for Sears. Is there a time frame for Sears

17:10:57 [along13] You mentioned in a previous article that with Winslow playing wide out some year, you don't believe the #3 and #4 WR will get much action, is this saying you don't see Stroughter or Brian Clark getting any time to prove themselves?

17:11:24 [joey85] how is leftwich's groin injury recovery going

17:11:39 [pewterreportsr] bmarti5 – I don't think I was necessarily defending the Bucs' spending stance. I was simply stating the team's reasoning. I believe during the Super Bowl era of the Bucs (1999-2003) they were among the top 15 teams in payroll given the fact that players like Sapp, Alstott, Brooks got $$$ extensions along with adding top-dollar FAs in Brad Johnson, Simeon Rice and the trade for Keyshawn Johnson. Bucs are a long way from the Super Bowl now.

17:12:12 [antcam] in terms of talent or the victory?

17:12:31 [pewterreportjf] bmarti – Based on everything we've heard, read and observed, I do think there is validity to ownership's financial problems and how it relates to the Buccaneers and Manchester United. However, I also believe the Bucs have been careful in terms of who they decide to spend money on. They are not willing to overpay for players, and I can't blame them in most instances. Perhaps the biggest problem is what Scott wrote about, which is how most of the Bucs players that have hit free agency (or were scheduled to) weren't worth re-signing, or at least not to lucrative deals. That goes back to what we've written in regards to the team's drafts, which have not been good overall in recent years.

17:12:33 [bucpimpin] JF// Foxsports article said McCown isnt picking up the playbook well and Leftwich is a bum.. They feel Freeman will start.. Your thoughts?

17:12:35 [pewterreportsr] along13 – I think Jags will use receivers like Brian Clark and Sammie Stroughter situationally – provided they make the team.

17:12:36 [guest] would the bucs give up a 2nd and 3rd rounder for brandon marshall?

17:13:00 [guest] Predict the Bucs' Pro Bowler(s) this year…

17:13:26 [pewterreportjf] guest – Barrett Ruud is fairly durable, so if I had to pick a player to stay healthy the whole year in terms of the most likely to do it and the most important to do it, I'd go with Ruud.

17:13:31 [swashbuccaler] Is Jameel Cook directly competing with Josh Vaughn in training camp? Who is looking like the leader in the competition for backup FB?

17:13:36 [talib 25] I don't think the Bucs will trade for Marshall.

17:13:39 [antcam] Every team in the NFL is unstable financally

17:13:42 [pewterreportsr] bucpimpin – Don't believe McCown has had any trouble picking up the playbook. There's no evidence of that at all. Everyone I've talked to says that Luke has learned the offense. He's a pretty bright guy.

17:14:00 [bucsbum] We are not seeing anychanges this year in WR. If there is improvment in the WR production what do you feel would be the most likely reason for it. Protection on the line, Play calling, change in QB, or new OC

17:14:10 [booker] Who do the players seem to favor ayt QB?

17:14:10 [guest] what about giving matt jones a chance?

17:14:10 [guest] will luke be the stater???

17:14:16 [bmarti5] JF

17:14:22 [joey85] if the bucs trade for a free agent wide reciever, who might it be?

17:14:31 [guest] Will Jerramy Stevens make more of an impact in Jags' offense than he did in Gruden's?

17:14:33 [bucpimpin] I bet Matt Jones goes to Dallas

17:14:38 [talib 25] Luke seems like the favorite to start right now.

17:14:41 [guest] I really hope Mcckown shines this year….im pullin for ya luke!!!

17:14:46 [legend] why would we trade for a FA WR?

17:15:00 [along13] Do you believe the bucs will sign or trade for anyone before the season and if so who? Or do you believe they will go into the season with players that are already on the roster?

17:15:16 [pewterreportjf] along13 – The Bucs plan to use Kellen Winslow quite a bit, including some plays where he's lined up in the slot. That, in some cases, will keep the No. 3 receiver, whether it's Brian Clark, Maurice Stovall, Kelly Campbell or Sammie Stroughter, off the field. I don't think it will stunt their growth, it's just Jeff Jagodzinski's playbook.

17:15:17 [bucpimpin] I dont see how in the hell Jermaine Phillips can beat Geno Hayes out at LB.. I think Morris is trying to justify the switch and throw Jermaine a bone.

17:15:20 [pewterreportsr] bucsbum – I think the production will come for the WRs due to more aggressive throws downfield, especially in the red zone and fades into the end zone. We saw a ton of fades in OTAs and the mini-camp. We rarely saw that under Gruden's watch.

17:15:32 [guest] Should fan feel comfortable with Byron or Luke starting?

17:15:34 [jbuc15] In all six seasons Bates was at DC, only one year did his team fail to eclipse 40 sacks(05' Green Bay). Even in Denver, with suspect talent, Bates has always been able to utilize the depth of a team. We haven't gone over 30 sacks since Simeon. I think Gaines and the speed we have will give us a great year.

17:15:47 [joey85] Well there were talks of gettin plaxico, harrison, or boldin….

17:15:52 [pewterreportjf] joey – The Bucs expect all of their quarterbacks, including Byron Leftwich (groin), to be completely healthy when training camp starts on Aug. 1.

17:16:11 [talib 25] I am comfortable with McCown starting.

17:16:13 [bmarti5] JF and SR, I think its unfortunate that we lost a solid coach and are being sold the notion that its not about money when it clearly is. Please show me another coach that did more with less. As Parcells used to say, "you have to let the chef buy the groceries".

17:16:32 [pewterreportsr] bucpimpin – Phillips will definitely get first crack at WLB. If he can't hack it, don't expect the Bucs to wait to turn to Hayes. Flip is only on a one-year deal, so the team has little invested in this 30-year old.

17:16:38 [guest] Any idea if morning or afternoon practices will be in pads, or both?

17:16:39 [guest] If u were GM would u trade and what would u be willing to trade for B. Marshall?

17:16:49 [guest] Will Jerramy Stevens make more of an impact in Jags' offense than he did in Gruden's?

17:16:57 [joey85] I'm pulling for McCown if Freeman doesnt end up out shining everyone

17:16:58 [bucsbum] My biggest concern this years is Sears. He was going to be a great player in this league. Now where is he.

17:17:12 [antcam] he did buy the groceries he just wasnt mixing them the pot the right way

17:17:18 [pewterreportjf] guest – We haven't heard much from the Bucs that suggests they're interested in trading for Denver WR Brandon Marshall, or at least not for what the Broncos want in return. Even if the Bucs trade for Marshall, it will be a similar situation to Winslow, where the Bucs likely would want to sign him to a long-term deal. I don't see that happening right now.

17:17:22 [bmarti5] We wonder why Gruden went after so many washed up players, he had no choice. They could not spend the money on any big time names.

17:17:28 [pewterreportsr] joey85 – The talk about Plaxico, Harrison and Boldin was just that … talk. We rarely mentioned it because everything we were hearing was how the Bucs would be going with a youth movement.

17:17:50 [joey85] thanks SR

17:17:56 [along13] Do you believe the bucs will sign or trade for anyone before the season and if so who? Or do you believe they will go into the season with players that are already on the roster?

17:18:01 [bmarti5] "youth movement" = cheapest payroll possible to improve profit margins

17:18:12 [jbuc15] JF/SR, can we expect a more physical, hard hitting training camp this year? Can we be one of those "hit you in the mouth" teams?

17:18:22 [booker] or trying to build a team long term

17:18:24 [eldric t] how well do you feel Ruud will fit in with the new D? Does this have anything to do with not signing him to an extention?

17:18:27 [guest] didnt Manchester just get rid of their biggest star?

17:18:28 [guest] i hope so jbuc

17:18:41 [guest] saving them like $135 million!!!

17:18:48 [along13] yeah, Manchester got rid of there biggest star…

17:18:48 [joey85] i heard the bucs are switching to a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense, can you confirm??

17:18:52 [pewterreportsr] guest – I think Stevens will thrive in Jags' offense. With Winslow and Stevens on the field, Winslow will get a lot of the attention, freeing up the 6-7, 260-pound Stevens to do some damage one-on-one. Jags loves the TE position.

17:19:00 [pewterreportjf] booker – The players don't seem to prefer one quarterback over the other yet. It's too early. Both Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich have had their good and bad moments. We think McCown has played better, but by no means has he locked up the starting job. The competition is open at quarterback, and will be won in training camp and preseason.

17:19:16 [talib 25] That is scary SR, having Stevens and Winslow on the field at the same time.

17:19:23 [booker] Getting rid of Ronaldo was not the Glazers idea

17:19:50 [guest] well they have to go along with it…..they are the owners right?

17:19:53 [guest] do you honestly believe the best QB in TC and PS will win the job

17:19:57 [along13] I'm a big fan of Stevens, liked him from his days in Seattle (on-field, not off-field)…I hope he does very well this year

17:20:08 [antcam] SR-Who do you think is the better CB Aquiq or T. Porter of the Saints?

17:20:13 [joey85] Why haven't Josh Freeman or Roy Miller been signed yet?

17:20:32 [bucsbum] Is our O-line in shambles with Sears and Penn being question marks at this time of the season. Where will our depth come from on the O-line

17:20:33 [bmarti5] building a team long term requires keeping a core of the team together, that involves spending money. Ask Barrett Rudd if they are open to spending?

17:20:33 [talib 25] antcam – Aqib Talib is better of course!

17:20:34 [bucpimpin] SR.. Do you think Coach Maddon shoud pull Fat Dioner Navarro out of the line up and trade him to the Bucs as a long snapper?

17:20:36 [pewterreportjf] jbuc15 – Yes, we expect the Bucs to hold a more physical training camp, which is why Raheem Morris scheduled practices with two one day and one the next throughout. The pads should be on for most of training camp and the regular season.

17:20:39 [pewterreportsr] bmarti5 – Did Gruden get older vets because they were cheaper? Young players like Elbert Mack and Kyle Arrington are just as cheap, can run and can probably stay healthier than older guys. Luke McCown was cheaper than Jeff Garcia and has more upside and potential than Garcia does.

17:21:01 [antcam] I agree Talib 25

17:21:13 [bmarti5] Can you plug them in to play mistake free football?

17:21:31 [guest] full pads for ALL TC- WOW, Gruden didn't use full pads at all during TC

17:21:34 [booker] The old players just fill a hole for a little while

17:21:35 [pewterreportjf] joey85 – the Bucs will play a 4-3 scheme, but there will be a few wrinkles in there that feature three-man fronts, but the team will primarily run a 4-3 scheme under Jim Bates.

17:21:37 [joey85] I'm sorry, I'd take Garcia over McCown any day of the week. Thats just me

17:21:49 [booker] garcia is done

17:21:54 [pewterreportsr] antcam – I like both Porter and Talib. I think Porter is more of a Brian Kelly-type player while Talib is more of a Deion Sanders-type player. Talib's a way better athlete than Porter. Both have Pro Bowl potential, but Talib is the better CB.

17:21:59 [eldric t] how well do you feel Ruud will fit in with the new D? Does this have anything to do with not signing him to an extention?

17:22:00 [joey85] yea i know he's gone, and i'm sad

17:22:08 [booker] he isnt winning anything any time soon so why waste the time?

17:22:11 [bucpimpin] Garcia made our O-Line look like spit.. I bet they hated him!

17:22:11 [cigarfox] On average, how many rushing attemps do you see Tampa having per game this year?

17:22:12 [bmarti5] that is the defining factor between the two. Would you compare Stovall to Bryant?

17:22:24 [cigarfox] Who do you believe could be the biggest suprises for not making the 53 man roster this year?

17:22:25 [pewterreportjf] guest – Yes, I do believe the Bucs will play the best quarterback out of training camp. However, if the team struggles and the season is lost at the midway point, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Josh Freeman was inserted into the starting lineup.

17:22:31 [joey85] yea your right, he might start over in oakland tho

17:22:35 [cigarfox] Do you feel like Quincy Black can accomplish much by sticking around One Buc by himself? I would think that you would need other players to practice with to really better himself outside of conditioning.

17:22:48 [cigarfox] Do you think that Sammie Stroughter will see the playing field much this year?

17:22:54 [talib 25] guest – That's not true. Full pads will not be on the entire training camp.

17:22:59 [cigarfox] Who do you believe will be Tampa's top three sleepers?

17:23:10 [cigarfox] What is your biggest concern on defense? How do you think they will against the pass and rush.

17:23:31 [along13] Do you believe the bucs will sign or trade for anyone before the season and if so who? Or do you believe they will go into the season with players that are already on the roster?

17:23:36 [booker] Who is going to get the goal line carries?

17:23:37 [guest] How big of an impact would you assume Sabby Piscitelli to have this season?

17:23:54 [jbuc15] I know there was the story about Penn being overweight, and he said he will be fine. But, I still see him as a question mark. Is he ready to step it up, do you think he will be a liability this season?

17:23:55 [bucpimpin] SR/JF… The lose of the Byron Leftwich -Luke McCown contest has to be released right? I mean if Luke wins the job and struggles, you cant bypass Byron for Freeman.. There will be a mutiny.

17:24:00 [pewterreportjf] cigarfox – It's tough to tell. The Bucs have literally less than 10 running plays in Jeff Jagodzinski's zone scheme, but there are a variety of ways to run them. The Bucs want to be a physical team, and to do that you run the football. That's what we expect the Bucs to do early and often this year.

17:24:03 [pewterreportsr] eldric t – I think Ruud will fit in quite nicely in the new defense. He looked like he was mentally on top of the playbook in mini-camp. Ruud is a very cerebral player and is a good blitzer. I expect him to do quite well, especially in a contract year.

17:24:11 [guest] Even if full pads are used in HALF TC, that's HALF more than Gruden used full pads

17:24:13 [along13] With Sabby starting this year, I hope he does well…otherwise Will Allen may take his spot

17:24:28 [antcam] In the practices that were open to the media, how did T. Jackson look?

17:24:34 [pewterreportsr] Yes, the Bucs will be in full pads MORE OFTEN under Morris than they were with Gruden, but NOT every practice.

17:24:35 [guest] Is Freeman being talked about for starter more of his success or Bryon's and Luke's struggles?

17:24:41 [pewterreportjf] cigarfox – Sure, Quincy Black can accomplish a lot by hanging around One Buc Place while most of the others are on vacations. He can study film, work out, study the playbook, etc.

17:24:58 [jbuc15] Sabby has only made plays with his limited time on the field. I think he has a HUGE year in this safety friendly system.

17:25:08 [pewterreportsr] antcam – T-Jack looked solid. Very good. Kind of like Ronde Barber. Not making many plays, but not giving up any, either.

17:25:16 [talib 25] guest – I don't think full pads will be used much at all during TC.

17:25:30 [eldric t] in your opinion do you think Sears will be back this year?

17:25:41 [pewterreportjf] cigarfox – Well, Sammie Stroughter has to make the 53-man roster before he sees playing time in a regular season game. We like Stroughter, and so do the Bucs, but he was slowed by a hamstring injury towards the end of offseason workouts. Stroughter will have to be healthy in order have a chance of making the team. He'll also have to stand out on special teams.

17:25:42 [reighjeighintbeigh] How big of an impact would you assume Sabby Piscitelli to have this season?

17:26:03 [booker] he will be fine IMO

17:26:12 [antcam] I seen that touchdown he gave up to Winslow in the back of the endzone on play

17:26:22 [pewterreportsr] along13 – Will Allen has really come on and will see some time on the field. The Bucs plan to use some 3 safety alignments this year with Allen or Jackson playing nickel corner instead of E-Mack. Both T-Jack and Allen played some CB in college.

17:26:39 [pewterreportjf] bucpimpn – No way the Bucs release Luke McCown in 2009. They gave him a $2.5 million signing bonus. Byron Leftwich, on the other hand, is not due any money unless he makes the 53-man roster, so your point is a good one. If Leftwich doesn't win the starting job he could be released.

17:26:42 [guest] talib you better get ready to hit, they will practice ALOT in FULL PADS

17:26:50 [booker] T jack only plaed nickle at Cuse didnt he?

17:26:58 [talib 25] If Leftwich continues to struggle, is it possible instead of leaving him with a backup role the team would release him and keep Josh Johnson instead?

17:27:06 [booker] sorry corner

17:27:13 [bucpimpin] So.. If Leftwich is released then that bodes well for JJ.

17:27:16 [pewterreportsr] eldric t – I do not think that Arron Sears will report to training camp. My sources tell me they are not expecting him.

17:27:21 [booker] poor josh johnson

17:27:35 [bmarti5] Leftwich is gone, McKown starts

17:27:41 [booker] McCown

17:27:45 [antcam] Is it personal with Sears or what?

17:27:50 [bucpimpin] Rhonde

17:27:58 [along13] I'd rather Freeman learn from Leftwich and McCown and his coaches than keep Johnson on…too many projects IMO

17:28:03 [talib 25] guest: "talib you better get ready to hit, they will practice ALOT in FULL PADS" False.

17:28:04 [eldric t] how well has Black looked in the "GO Package"

17:28:19 [guest] Watch and learn

17:28:20 [along13] How did Ryan Sims look?

17:28:45 [pewterreportjf] booker – Tanard Jackson was a cornerback at Syracuse. He was converted to safety at Senior Bowl and once he was drafted by the Bucs. However, the Bucs have played Jackson at nickel cornerback a little bit this offseason, plugging Will Allen in at safety. We'll see if that sticks or not.

17:28:57 [joey85] Why haven't miller or freeman been signed yet?

17:28:58 [cigarfox] Do you see McCown as having real starting potential (franchise guy) in the NFL or do really see him as a career backup.

17:29:08 [pewterreportsr] eldric t – Quincy Black had an impressive offseason, but a guy like him is going to look good running around in shorts. Can he engage a RT and beat him with moves or speed and get to the QB when the pads are on? That's what we'll find out during camp and the preseason.

17:29:14 [bucpimpin] SR/JF.. What is the ceiling you project for Talib? You guys really think this guy can be a lockdown type / playmaker ala Deion?

17:29:18 [bmarti5] you will need a quarterback who can make plays especially with the a first year system being installed. The o line will be out of sinc for at least the first 3 to 6 games, especially if Sears is not in there.

17:29:34 [along13] Joey…most draftees for us don't sign before training camp, we should just be happy to have the others already signed

17:29:38 [booker] missing Sears isnt that big of a deal in the ZBS

17:29:47 [joey85] thanks along, did not know that

17:29:53 [booker] Zuttah filled in very well last year for Davin and is more athletic for the system

17:29:56 [pewterreportsr] joey85 – Dominik was on vacation last week. There's no rush as camp is still three weeks away. Signing them today or on July 30 doesn't really make a difference.

17:29:59 [cigarfox] If you look at the four games that McCown played all four quarters in back in 2007, he looked very good.

17:30:00 [booker] it hurts on depth

17:30:01 [antcam] SR-What A.Hayward is just a special teamer or do they have in future plans?

17:30:22 [bucpimpin] SR/JF.. If the bucs lose a guy like Sears due to whatever and he quits.. Do we get a comp pick?

17:30:37 [guest] good question pimpin

17:30:52 [along13] How did Ryan Sims look? Is he really expected to start?

17:30:54 [antcam] No pimpin

17:30:57 [pewterreportjf] cigarfox – Your question is one the Bucs are attempting to get an answer to. They re-signed Luke McCown because they believe he can be a starter in the NFL, but until he proves that there will be skeptics. This is McCown's chance to prove himself as a starter in the NFL. We'll find out soon one way of the other. He has all the tools — he just has to put it together.

17:31:10 [guest] were there any clues to Sears' problems

17:31:28 [pewterreportsr] bucpimpin – Talib is a stud talent. I think he can be a league-leader in INTs at this level and a Pro Bowler. Is he a Deion Sanders-type player? Yes, but he's not nearly as fast as Deion. But he does have some freakish athleticism. If Talib studies like BK and Ronde did to get to where they were professionally, Talib's ceiling is sky high.

17:31:32 [booker] i think the new offense fist Mccown well

17:31:32 [joey85] anyone think we should pick up brooks again?

17:31:43 [booker] probably a lot of play action and deep throws

17:31:52 [pewterreportjf] antcam – Adam Hayward is a good special teams player. I don't see him cracking the starting lineup this year, but I can see him making a big impact on special teams. I'm not sure if he'll ever start in the NFL.

17:32:06 [along13] Brooks is a Tampa Bay icon, but I don't see him returning to Tampa…

17:32:06 [cigarfox] Do you see any sign of Barber aging or does he still move at full speed?

17:32:15 [pewterreportsr] bucpimpin – No, there would be no compensatory pick for Sears if he never played another down for the Bucs.

17:32:23 [guest] Will we be able to stop the run?

17:32:37 [bmarti5] SR or JF, it will be interesting to see if the Glaziers play hardball with the signing bonus for Freeman. I would not be shocked if he sits out of camp due to this.

17:32:39 [eldric t] Do you think Stovals special teams prowess is good enough to keep him around if he doesn't win the battle for 3rd WR?

17:32:44 [legend] I know you weren't to big of fan of Freeman SR. But has he changed your opinion on him after watching him in camp?

17:32:46 [guest] Bates' D is about gettin to the QB

17:33:02 [antcam] If McCown balls this season say 4000 yds 31 tds 15 ints but the Bucs dont make the playoffs do think they would bring him back for another year or go with Freeman?

17:33:08 [booker] Freman isnt sitting out of TC

17:33:08 [cigarfox] I really like our QB's here in Tampa.

17:33:26 [bucpimpin] No way Freeman doesn't sign prior to TC

17:33:30 [pewterreportjf] cigarfox – Ronde Barber has a chip on his shoulder heading into camp. He is 34, so he's no longer in his prime, but Barber has played more man-to-man coverage than he's given credit for. If the Bucs can improve their pass rush I believe Barber will look a lot younger to the people watching the games. The whole secondary was put in bad situations last year due to the lack of pass rush.

17:33:36 [jbuc15] I know the team is trying to get stronger, and faster, but how have the position coaches and coordinators tryed to make our team smarter on the field?

17:33:40 [guest] What legend!?! SR was his biggest supporter

17:33:45 [pewterreportsr] Just a reminder that Pewter Report is still on sale for $10 (renewals and extensions, too), so save 75% off today by calling 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) or visit here and tell your Bucs friends and family members about it, too!

17:33:53 [bucpimpin] nice

17:34:01 [pewterreportjf] We've got to get going, Bucs fans.

17:34:18 [antcam] PR do you have any clothing items for sale?

17:34:29 [pewterreportsr] Remember to follow Pewter Report on Twitter at

17:34:32 [bucpimpin] Barrett Ruud Jock Strap

17:34:32 [cigarfox] Thank you!

17:34:34 [pewterreportjf] Thanks for the great questions in today's chat session. Hope you're ready for what should be an interesting training camp. The Bucs report on July 31 and hold their first practices on Aug. 1. Hope to see you there.

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