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pewterreportsr: Ready to talk some Bucs football tonight, Bucs fans?
buc4life79: what up scottie to hottie….lol
bschucher: hmmm where is everyone
buc4life79: they dont like us anymore….
bschucher: clearly LOL
bschucher: i just wish camp would start
bschucher: ughhh
buc4life79: so scott…any new news or rumors
buc4life79: have we signed anymore tight ends…
pewterreportsr: bschucher – On one hand, I'm ready for camp to start. I'm itching to cover some football. On the other hand, I only have three short weeks left of a relaxed schedule before weeks of working 70 hours a week kick in until January!
bschucher: welcome to my life
bschucher: hehehe
guest: Whats the latest on Jeff signing an extension
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Not much happening this week at One Buc Place. It's kind of quiet. We've heard some rumblings out of Dallas that they might be interested in Chris Simms. Seems plausible and Jerry Jones and Bruce Allen are close. I could see Dallas trading for Simms and giving up a draft pick or Terry Glenn.
buc4life79: terry glenn for simms…..i could deal with that….
bschucher: how is old Glenn now?
bschucher: Simms is clearly useless to us so anything would be ok me thinks
buc4life79: like 30…a old vet…chuckys fav….lol
pewterreportsr: guest – We haven't heard too much regarding Jeff Garcia's contract. We have a call in to his agent, so we'll see. The interesting thing is that if he doesn't get an extension prior to the start of the season … does he ever get one or does Bruce make Jeff sweat it out in free agency in 2009?
pewterreportsr: bschucher – I think Glenn is 33 years old.
pewterreportsr: Glenn missed last year with injuries but did have a 1,000-yard season in 2006.
bschucher: does Jeff sit out?? is he that nuts?
buc4life79: to bad jeff has never lasted a whole season…maybe allen is lookin at that….
kybucfan: Hey SR – Great Fab5 the other day. Any word on how the Garcia's contract negotiations are coming? Do you think it gets done bef camp or bef the season?
bschucher: as much as i WANT Luke to show hes the guy.. im scared as hell hes not
buc4life79: well vick will be out of prison next yr….lol
buc4life79: thats not even funny…
cheveliar: Do we really want Terry Glen
buc4life79: i wouldnt want him here
pewterreportsr: bschucher – I don't think Jeff would sit out. He knows that Bruce would file a grievance against him (Bruce doesn't discriminate when it comes to grievances). Jeff isn't getting any younger. I think he would play. However, in case he doesn't, Griese and McCown could duke it out for the right to start.
buc4life79: glenn could really help as a poss reciever i think
pewterreportsr: bschucher – Luke has to prove he's the guy. If he does and wins the backup job in 2008 with a great preseason, he could very well be the starter in 2009.
buc4life79: the problem with our recievers the last 3 yrs…none of them want to catch the ball….
cheveliar: Heck that's why Ike is hanging on, you know the joke around the league is that we got a bunch of TE's posing as WR's
buc4life79: look at dropped passes the last 3 yrs
bucsfan03: Any bets on Clayton having a rookie calibber year after his improved physical condition
guest: anybody know what is going on with bobby engram
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – Thanks for the kudos. I just talked about Garcia. Scroll down. There isn't any new news that I'm aware of. We have a call into his agent.
buc4life79: mr buttfingers himself…lol
buc4life79: butterfingers…sorry
cheveliar: Wuzzup SR, gimme some good Oline news brother
buc4life79: oline is the best its ever been….
pewterreportsr: bucsfan03 – Clayton is playing better and has a renewed sense of confidence from dropping the excess weight. We'll see. He SHOULD have a great year this year.
buc4life79: besides 80-83…with wilder
bschucher: im STOKED to get a look at our Oline in action
pewterreportsr: chev – I've got some good stuff coming from Davin this week in next Sunday's SR's Fab 5. Stay tuned.
guest: any word on draft pick signings
buc4life79: there young…big and they can get nasty…..
cheveliar: Hottness!
buc4life79: we signed hayes….go noles….
kybucfan: SR – Ok thanks….jumped in the chat a bit late.
stulaake: besides hayes, moore, and boyd
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Johnson will sign any day now – probably next week. I think Zuttah and Jackson sign a day or two before camp and I think Talib will sign the day the Bucs report. That's typically been Bruce's M.O.
buc4life79: thats so funny were goin to have a nole and gator spliting time in the backfield….lol
cheveliar: So what kind of real danger is Clayton in. Nice question by Yuc on the Fab Five. I caught the theme as well…
stulaake: what is Greg White's status as a free agent for the forseeable future
buc4life79: i think if parris warren and stovall can step up…i think clayton might be byby
cheveliar: Is he like on some kind of numbers eval during preseason and Camp? Like he needs to show, this, this, and this and he makes the team?
pewterreportsr: chev – I'd say Clayton is in some danger. Despite how good he looks, he has to overcome three straight years of sub-par play. The Bucs are done giving him the benefit of the doubt due to that rookie year and his draft status. He's got to earn it in camp.
buc4life79: is parris 100 percent scott….
stulaake: how many WR's do you see the Bucs keeping
buc4life79: cant wait to see him
buc4life79: 6
cheveliar: Even though he was injured will Carnell be treated simularly?
talib 25: Clayton looks like he has returned to rookie form
stulaake: not if they keep 4 TE's
pewterreportsr: stulaake – Greg White, despite the fact he's in his late 20s, was an NFL rookie last year. He'll be an exclusive rights agent in 2009 and won't be a restricted free agent until 2010 when he's 30 (I think). He has no leverage.
talib 25: hopefully he can play like it
buc4life79: ok 5…lol
stulaake: thanks
buc4life79: joey,ike,warren,stovall,jackson
pewterreportsr: chev – Clayton has to really make a run at Ike's job, I think. He's got to flash in the preseason the way that Paris Warren did last year, in my opinion.
cheveliar: But why does White have yo have any leverage? Bruce has set the precedent when he rolled on EG
dbo2440: I heard something today on PTI about there may be a rumor with chris simms and dallas… any word on that?
bschucher: was that contract "rolling"? really?
bucsfan03: Did anything ever 'flesh out' about the fight between Talib and Boyd
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Paris is 100 percent, but he didn't flash too much in the OTAs. Paris has always been a guy that shows up in games, though.
buc4life79: thats a rumor…..simms for glenn
talib 25: What kind of numbers do you think Warrick Dunn will put up this year?
pewterreportsr: stulaake – Too early to predict how many WRs the Bucs keep. Likely 5 or 6.
buc4life79: i know….cant wait til he gets a chance again i think he could be big
pewterreportsr: chev – No. Caddy will be treated differently than Clayton. He's fighting for the active roster vs. the PUP. My guess for Cadillac Wiliams is the PUP to start the season. That's the sensible thing to do.
cheveliar: Depends on how you look at it bschucher. If you look at the numbers no. But in principle that's not Bruce's style really
bschucher: understood
buc4life79: scott…could you see dunn as our starter
pewterreportsr: chev – Earnest Graham has five years in the league. White only has one. That's the difference.
stulaake: SR, next Buc to get his contract redone?
bschucher: one and already getting older
pewterreportsr: dbo2440 – I mentioned that earlier. I could totally see Simms going to Dallas for a draft pick or Terry Glenn.
dbo2440: sorry, joined the chat late but thanks for answering anyway
buc4life79: HAHAHAHA
pewterreportsr: bucsfan03 – Haven't heard a peep from my sources about the Talib vs. Boyd fight. If there wasn't a fight, my sources would have tipped me off that it didn't happen. My guess is that something certainly happened.
cheveliar: Ehhhh, ok…I ain't really buying that but I get the minimum thang and all of that. But for what he contributed he may as well have been a journeyman as well…we just haven't dreafted a better backup or ST guy, but that's my opinion
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I think Dunn will start and should be close to 1,000 yards on the ground this year if he plays in all 16 games. I would also think Dunn would have at least 50 catches.
bschucher: Dunn starting over Graham.. really?
bschucher: hmmm
buc4life79: i think so….
stulaake: SR, is Garcia worth an extension in your opinion?
buc4life79: dunn has a chip on his shoulder…
cheveliar: I'm totally down with Dunn starting over Graham
buc4life79: he wants to prove people wrong
bschucher: i believe you are Chev ;)
buc4life79: and he will
cheveliar: LOL
pewterreportsr: stulaake – I think McCown could get a new deal in September if he has a great preseason. If it's so-so, the Bucs might take a wait and see. I could also see P-Buc getting an extension after training camp. I think the Bucs want to see if he winds up starting over Talib.
buc4life79: he actually has a line that blocks here….lol
bschucher: im no Graham loyalist thats for sure.. im ust concerned about how old Warrick is getting….
cheveliar: Sorry man, but I just have an issue with that whole EG thang. I'm glad he got what he got and its over
buc4life79: i like grahams deal….
buc4life79: but dunn will start
pewterreportsr: stulaake – Is Garcia worth an extension? Yes and no (given his age). I would extend him one year, but give him a healthy bump in salary to compensate for that missed bonus last year.
stulaake: SR, LSU's Tyson Jackson is he a fit in the Bucs' defense?
cheveliar: Yeah but he's not worth the 6-8 mil right?
bschucher: g-d i hope not
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – I had a great Pewter Report Conversation with Warrick Dunn for the Training Camp Issue. He's on the cover of the next issue. I think our PR subs will find it to be a good read.
buc4life79: well bruce gave him a raise he deserves…..
buc4life79: but thtas all he gave him
stulaake: 6-8 mill is BELOW market value for a starting QB
buc4life79: hes not goin to start….
pewterreportsr: stulaake – I do like Tyson Jackson. I think he could be a good fit. This team still needs pass rushers.
buc4life79: my opinion
cheveliar: STU, and I'm really not down with that much. I'm thinking 4 tops…
stulaake: Jackson would probably be a top 5 pick, however
pewterreportsr: chev – Not $6-8 mill per year for Garcia. If I were Bruce, I'd offer $5 mill per year and hold tight. That's double what he's making right now.
bschucher: im with Chev here for sure…. i cannot see paying him that much
buc4life79: just because you have one sub par season doesnt mean you get the check book thrown at you
bschucher: hes short term.. thats no question
pewterreportsr: stulaake – True. $6-8 mill is below market value, but Garcia is also the oldest starter by 3 years (Jon Kitna) and didn't start all 16 games last year. That's why I would hold firm at $5 mill if I were Bruce.
stulaake: would Garcia except a back up role next season?
cheveliar: Whoa yall are just so generous with the grip. 5 mil for that guy? He should sign that before Bruce lets the ink dry…he'll not get a better payday or Cheerleader from the sidelines than here
buc4life79: talkin bout jacksons…how bout our boy tarnard…pro bowler next year….
pewterreportsr: Based on what I've seen from Warrick, I think fans will be pleasantly surprised with how fast and quick he still is. I think he'll get 15 carries per game and 5 catches per game with Graham and Bennett getting the rest.
stulaake: nice info
buc4life79: i agree scott….
bschucher: the guy has a year "maybe" two left and cant stay on the field 16 games… i wouldnt give him 5 even
cheveliar: Been saying that since we signed him SR…I can't wait to see this "Old Guy" behind our Young Oline
buc4life79: i agree bs
buc4life79: hes played how many seasons and never started 16 games…..
pewterreportsr: stulaake – I don't know if Garcia would accept a backup QB role next year. If his play were to decline this year, and he were replaced by Griese or McCown this year and either one of those guys was the starter in 2009 – that would be the only way I could see him accepting it.
buc4life79: in one year'
cheveliar: Wish 4Bucs was here. Gotta get him to read the transscript…He's gonna freak out…LOL
buc4life79: ok…scott….favre in a bucs jersey……
bschucher: i cant see Griese being the starter here… i hope not
buc4life79: ys that chev
talib 25: When will the rest of the cuts happen?
buc4life79: well he did pretty well behind a sub par line in 05….
buc4life79: and our line is alot better…soooo
pewterreportsr: Gruden is doing some pretty creative stuff with Dunn and Bennett lining up out wide at receiver, too. We couldn't write too much about it during the closed practices. If it is unveiled publicly at training camp, we'll disclose more. I really like how Gruden is using his RBs this year. I think they will be the focal point of the team in 2008.
buc4life79: can never tell
bucsfan03: Is it free to watch Training Camp at the Disney World of Sports…
cheveliar: He thinks Dunn will be used as a pass catcher more vs a runner…I think he will be taking shot behind tackles on piches and sweeps especially in the first half to tire the dline. Then EG comes in and muscles them
stulaake: oline better in '08?
buc4life79: "ROCKET BACKFIELD"
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Charlie Campbell is writing a Cover 2 about Favre for this week. I don't want to steal his thunder.
bschucher: graham in the back field and those guys out in the open…. SWEET
buc4life79: aight
stulaake: does Bryant have any special teams ability at all?
pewterreportsr: talib25 – The rest of the roster cuts will happen right before camp starts as the draft picks sign.
stulaake: Antonio Bryant
buc4life79: leave spurlock back there….
cheveliar: I'm not down with it Charlie!!!! NO BRET FAVRE!!!!!!!
pewterreportsr: stulaake – Does Bryant have any special teams ability? Yeah … he's the kicker! :)
buc4life79: LOL
bschucher: lol
bucsfan03: MVP of Offense (minus Jeff Garcia ) will be…..????
bucsfan03: touche
pewterreportsr: Oh … Antonio Bryant! (I know, I'm just messing with you). I don't think he has as much special teams value as Clayton or Stovall does.
guest: Galloway
buc4life79: dunn will be our mvp….
cheveliar: Hope all of you guys have RSVP'd for the TC Get2gether
stulaake: Wouldn't it be tough for a one trick pony for him to make the team without special teams ability?
pewterreportsr: bucs4life79 – I don't think Spurlock makes the team this year.
bschucher: i dont recall much of A. Bryant prior to all his issues… was he that promising?
pewterreportsr: I could see either Dunn or Galloway as the MVP this year.
bschucher: chev… i replied to the post… workin it out
guest: SR with the recent OPTING out of the current CBA, it has been said players will no longer be free agents after four years but it would take six years for them to be true free agents, can you comment on that?
buc4life79: glad i got him to sing his kickoff shirt…lol
cheveliar: Cool deal, I saw you in there bro
bschucher: i plan to be there… first run
pewterreportsr: guest – That's true if the current CBA runs out. NFL folks I've talked to are convinced they will hammer out a new deal in the two-year window they have.
cheveliar: Well they have too. That uncapped year thing is crazy…
guest: SR you drove home apoint in your recent Fab5 about Clayton not making the team this season, but aplayer like Stovall who has shown nothing on the field is safe?
buc4life79: i agree
pewterreportsr: chev – How many are we up to for the PR Get2Gether? Keep in mind that we still have 3 weeks to go and people are still making plans.
buc4life79: stovall didnt show anthing…did you see him on special teams…..
cheveliar: My last count was about 30
buc4life79: plus gruden isnt using him wither
buc4life79: either
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Stovall gets the benefit of the doubt for another year because he stepped up big time on special teams last year and he's entering his third year with the Bucs. This is Clayton's fifth year.
stulaake: how many years does R. Sims have left on his contract?
bucsfan03: When and Where is the PR get2gether
pewterreportsr: stulaake – Ryan Sims has one year left on his contract I believe. I think he's a free agent in 2009.
buc4life79: what pr get2gether….
stulaake: Wilkerson, Carter, or Douglas…which 2 of 3 make the final roster?
cheveliar: So even if Mike gets it together will we re-up him? or does it depend on how well he does
buc4life79: fill me in
guest: Stovall hasnt shown any receiving ability ans seems to fade in practice as the season goes along, Clayton on the other hand is a great down field blocker, produces on special teams as well and has shown in the past some receiving skills
pewterreportsr: PR Get2Gether info …
buc4life79: ty scott
cheveliar: Carter, like Hilliard are in STU. They are straight up JG guys
talib 25: My family and I will be at the get2gether
buc4life79: how can stovall show catch ability if hes never thrown the ball when he plays
pewterreportsr: stulaake – I think Wilkerson and Carter make it, probably Douglas, too. He's got to show well in pads, though.
guest: Stovall would need to prove it in practice first before Gruden will give him a cvhance in a game
cheveliar: Especially Ike. Love the guy but he really showed his age last year. But he caught dang near all of our first downs from 3rd down conversions
stulaake: who is the odd men out on the d-line this season?
buc4life79: he needs to play inside and use his height as an advantage
talib 25: Who do you think starts at LE? Carter, Douglas, or White?
buc4life79: white….
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, folks. That went by pretty quick. Too quick. I'm on vacation next week, but either Jim or Charlie will be here to host the chat next week.
buc4life79: aight scott hav fun
stulaake: appreciate the time thanks SR
pewterreportsr: chev – Ike wore down at the end of the season. If that happens again, this will be his last year in Tampa.
cheveliar: Hopefully White…Has Carter been playing any UT, SR?
buc4life79: thanks
talib 25: Thanks SR
bucsfan03: Peace Out…enjoy ur vaca
pewterreportsr: chev – Carter has been playing exclusively at LE from what I've seen.
cheveliar: I know!!!
talib 25: Thanks
cheveliar: Bummer
cheveliar: Thanks SR…
bschucher: thanks SR
buc4life79: anybody goin to the bears game let me know…..
buc4life79: got endzone seats will be there….
pewterreportsr: I think either Carter or White starts at LE, but it really won't matter because Coach Wash will rotate a lot of guys and both White and Carter will get a lot of playing time.
pewterreportsr: See you on the message boards and be sure to tell your friends about

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