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pewterreportcc: The Chat Session will begin at 9:00 pm.
jc510: Anybody here
guest: hi everyone
guest: testing
delraypt: testing
guest: testeroo
the crows nest: test
bschucher: hello?
guest: is this the Tuesday night chat?
weinberger83: hey ever one
delraypt: hope Garcia gets his act together!
pewterlove: Charlie Murphy!! you runnin the show tonight?
weinberger83: suprised not to see sims cut today
cremdonado: How is antonio Bryant doing with the Knee swelling ?
pewterlove: im wondering the same thing cremdonado
pewterlove: Bryant is my 08 bust out player of hte year!!
weinberger83: i hope he sits out in houston just to be safe
pewterreportcc: Let the Pewter Report chat begin. If I don't get to your question just ask it again and I will answer as many as possible.
pewterlove: Everytime they mention Bryant he has either run a perfect route or it's the broadcasters or reporters saying how he was wide open and we missed him!!
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- Bryant is day-to-day he was out of practice today, but I think they are being careful more than anything.
pewterlove: He is going to be a stud if we can get his knees together (bryant)
jc510: Has anyone asked Gruden why Bennett didn't get any snaps with the first team offense Saturday
weinberger83: any news on if the coaches are worried about Bryants missed chip shots in preseason
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- Bryant will challenge to be the starter opposite Galloway if 100 percent healthy. He should figure prominently in the Bucs passing game this season.
delraypt: Im a little concerned with Garcia, I know it was his first game, but do you think the favre situation and the lack of a new contract will affect his performance?
delraypt: wont the #2 receiver be Stovall?
pewterreportcc: jc510- The Bucs wanted to give Graham and Dunn some snaps. Bennett has gotten a lot of reps and had carries behind the first team offensive line throughout the preseason.
pewterlove: Charlie,does Garcia really look like his arm is THAT weak, or was it clearly rust?
pewterreportcc: delraypt- the No. 2 receiver is not clear yet. Hilliard has earned the trust of the coaches. Clayton had a great camp and offseason. Stovall has done well, and Bryant could easily be starting. It is up in the air at this point.
dabucs12188: What are your thoughts on Ike Hillard do you think he makes the final cut?
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- Garcia's arm strength has looked questionable throughout the offseason, training camp, and in the preseason game against Jacksonville.
guest: what about Brian Clark???
jc510: Yea and he's ran for ridiculous yardage behind the first team line, but if Saturday was a dress rehearsel for the regular season then Gruden isn't going to use him! He's clearly the best RB on the active roster!
pewterreportcc: guest- Brian Clark is fighting to make the team and he is putting up a good fight. I wouldn't be surprised if he is on the final 53.
bschucher: at the expense of who?
delraypt: PewterLove, I think it was rust, but I really like how Griese looks. Remember bucs we like 4-1 when he got hurt against Miami a few years ago. He seems to do well in Grudens system
pewterreportcc: dabucs12188- I'd be surprised if Ike isn't on the final 53. He is reliable and has great hands. He is great on third down as well.
detroitbuc: can Greise throw the deep ball?????
pewterlove: Is ther ANY chance we keep Clifton Smith and put Dexter Jackson on the practice squad or is his high drafting spot keep him on the team?
weinberger83: Are the coaches worried about Matt Bryants missed field goals
jc510: detroit, only if he's throwing it to the defense
detroitbuc: LOL
pewterlove: are the coaches even impressed with Dexter Jackson?
delraypt: Charlie whats your opinion regarding Garcia and the Favre situation and no contract? Will this affect his performsnce?
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- That is a good question. Griese does not have the strongest arms and he has rarely thrown deep passes in training camp and the preseason. I can't say with confidence that Griese is good at throwing the deep ball.
guest: Is there any player that was cut today that the Bucs might be interested in?
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- It depends. I think the coaches view Dexter mostly as returner. That was the view going into training camp and I don't think he has done enough as a receiver to change that view at this point.
weinberger83: with Caddy on PUP list does that open up spot for Peanut as a 4th RB
jc510: Charlie, the other day you wrote about Griese maybe taking Garcia's job soon. But why isn't Luke in the mix? Griese made some terrrible redzone decisions that were dropped by DBs in the endzone.
dls5492: Is there any player that was cut today that the Bucs might be interested in?
pewterreportcc: guest- Not that I've seen yet. I think the Bucs would be most interested in offensive tackle depth but they have interest in Fred Miller as we reported.
delraypt: testing
weinberger83: do u think clayton will make the top 4 WR or has he been replaced
pewterlove: Thanks for doing all that you do with the Pewter Report Charlie!! love having you aboard!! you have an awesome job!! and you do a great job too!! not to be funny in any way
guest: Are there any chances that we move Clayton to one of the teams that need a WR like the Bengals?
pewterlove: it's not that kind of party….lol
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- Thanks for the compliments. I love football and this is a dream job. The Pewter Report family is a fun group to be apart of. I was a subscriber for years, and now it is a lot of fun to be a messenger for the subscribers.
pewterreportcc: jc510- I agree that Luke should be in the mix, but Griese is a vet and I think the coaching staff is more comfortable turning to him first. He had some success in Gruden's offense in the past and they have a lot of confidence in Griese.
delraypt: Charlie how do you feel about Garcia this year??
weinberger83: What do you think of bringing Miller in for a work out
dls5492: Is there any basis to a possible Clayton trade?
detroitbuc: we will need all the help we can get at QB
pewterreportcc: guest- I would be surprised if the Bucs traded Clayton. Wide receiver is not a position group of strength to be dealing from. If they have a serious injury they could really need Clayton, just like in 2004.
pewterlove: Does Brooks still look like he has his speed or has he lost a step? I know his great instincts will always keep him in the mix, but how does he honestly look?
detroitbuc: brooks looks slowwww
pewterreportcc: weinberger83- I think it shows that the Bucs aren't completely comfortable with Anthony Davis as their swing tackle behind Penn and Trueblood.
dls5492: are there any surprise cuts looming?
tampa2d: Do you think we will get anything for Simms or will he just be cut and picked up?
pewterlove: Any whispers about Bolden?
pewterreportcc: tampa2d- I think that Simms will get cut in the final cut down and I don't think the Bucs will get anything for him. Teams know eventually he will be cut.
weinberger83: do you think Willson and Douglas make the final cuts when both have been outplayed so far this preseason
delraypt: Charlie when do you think Davin Joseph will be back??
delraypt: I love how Bennett looks so far!
pewterreportcc: weinberger83- I think Wilkerson is a lock. He has been really good in camp and the preseason. I have some doubts as to the fit of Marques Douglas in this defense. He hasn't stood out all that much, and I'm not sure he makes it, but they did give him good money and he is a veteran.
dls5492: are there any surprise cuts looming?
pewterreportcc: delraypt- Joseph could be back in mid September, but we haven't heard much about his progress. It is still pretty recent from his surgery.
pewterlove: Have there been any talk about Bolden?
delraypt: Charlie whats your opinion regarding Garcia and the Favre situation and no contract? Will this affect his performsnce?
the crows nest: Charlie, will Garcia play a lot on Thursday, and will Simms play at all?
pewterreportcc: dls5492- I think there may be a surprise cut or two. The Bucs have been pretty tight lipped. I think that the d-line might be the spot of a surprise cut.
pewterlove: Simms has always been garbage. I hat eto say that but his true colors are really showing
weinberger83: Sorry CC i was talking about Eugene Wilson
pewterlove: 6 ft 5 and you ALWAYS get passes tipped. Troy smith doesn't have that problem and he is damn near a midget
pewterreportcc: the crows nest- Gruden didn't have much interest in answering that question today. He said that would be announced/determined on Thursday. In my opinion they should play Garcia for a good amount of time. Why risk him being rusty against your biggest competition for the division title in the first game of the season.
detroitbuc: i thought Sammy would make it over wilson
delraypt: who on d line gets the axe, Kevin Carter?
pewterlove: Carter makes the team I think
jc510: Carter would be the only surprise
pewterreportcc: weinberger83- Eugene Wilson, is on the bubble. With Sammy Davis out, it looks like Wilson or Elbert Mack will be the fourth quarterback.
weinberger83: CC with Sammy davis getting the axe does Mack have a spot open now on this team
delraypt: I love how Wilkerson looks!! We need Gaines to have a big year, rushing the passer is something we've been missing
weinberger83: well never mind
pewterreportcc: weinberger83- Mack is definitely in the running to make the team. He is impressive, and it is a tough decision. The question is if one of the first three corners go down do you want a rookie like Mack or a veteran like Wilson as your nickel back?
delraypt: Charlie how has Tanard Jackson faired so far? He's coming off a great year and I fear a sophomore slump! I think he wiffed on a tackle in the jax game that lead to a TD, right?
tampa2d: How did you like Josh Johnson in camp? Do you think he is a possible future QB for the Bucs or will someone snag him on us?
the crows nest: Will Spurlock get cut?
weinberger83: i hear that adams and white switched sides but i didnt see it against the Jags will we see more in Houston
dls5492: I've been concerned abot T-Jack also.
pewterreportcc: delraypt- Tanard Jackson has had a camp and preseason that has not looked like the Tanard of last season. Hopefully for the Bucs he will make it through the preseason issues and turn it on when it counts. Sabby has looked like the best safety hands down.
pewterreportcc: the crows nest- I think Spurlock is a long shot, but he has played well. I think he will land on the practice squad.
jc510: Sabby looks like Ruud with 4.4 speed
dls5492: How probable is it then for Sabby to replace T-jack?
delraypt: Wow! So Sabby could get the starting position over T-Jack?
delraypt: Charlie whats your opinion regarding Garcia and the Favre situation and no contract? Will this affect his performsnce?
pewterlove: I thought they played different positions
pewterreportcc: tampa2d- Josh Johnson did not get a lot of reps in camp during the scrimmages. When he did he looked okay, but is definitely a rookie. I think we may get our last look at him on Thursday night. He is a project.
pewterreportcc: dls5492- I think Sabby will push his way onto the field over the course of the season. The Bucs also might do some three safety sets to get all three on the field together.
dls5492: Awesome!!!!!
pewterlove: Is the switch of Gaines to the left and white to the right official?
pewterreportcc: delraypt- I don't think the contract or Favre saga will impact Garcia. He has a lot of motivation to keep his spot and earn another NFL contract after this season. Garcia is a gamer and I think he never lacks motivation.
delraypt: I hope so, it was just painful to watch the mistakes he made
pewterlove: was Galloway playing the veteran "faking I'm hurt" during hte pre-season? or was he really injured? Because he had a groin injury before that lingered
delraypt: Charlie, how do you feel about the possibilities of Bennett pushing Graham for starting position?
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- The Bucs flipped them in camp here and there, but Gaines played mostly on the right side. White was mostly on the left, in the game they each played some right and left end. I think that will continue to be the case.
pewterreportcc: delraypt- I don't think that Bennett will push for the starting spot unless Graham was ineffective or fumbling a lot.
tampa2d: What do you picture the WR depth chart to be? Any chance Stovall breaks into the top three?
tampa2d: or even top 2
delraypt: I just love how Bennett has looked in the pre season, he's got speed over Graham
pewterlove: Charlie, do you predict a a ten or eleven game winning season and a NFC South championship in 08?
delraypt: Charlie do you think Bennett gets a good share of playing time though?
pewterreportcc: pewterlove-There have been some that have wondered if Galloway was taking it easy in camp and using the injury as an excuse, but I think there was a legit injury because Gruden and the team want him out there.
jc510: Describe "ineffective". To me when Graham has a huge hole and only gets 7 yards instead of 25, that's ineffective.
pewterlove: Our defense is the truth this year isn't it Charlie?
pewterreportcc: tampa2d- Galloway starting at split end. Bryant at flanker. Stovall, Clayton, and Ike rotating in with Bryant, and as the third receiver is my prediction for how the receiver depth chart will break down. Basically Galloway as the one constant and the other four players rotating in snaps as the number two and three receivers.
tampa2d: cool thanks
detroitbuc: if we beat the saints out the gate the will make my season
pewterreportcc: delraypt- Yes I think that Bennett will get his share of carries this year. He has speed and home run ability that the others don't.
dls5492: detroitbuc, I agree!!
guest: CC, do you believe that Graham will be a feature back or will there be a RBBC?
detroitbuc: beating the saints is a must
delraypt: RBBC!!!!!
pewterreportcc: jc510- I think ineffective would be if he isn't getting to the hole quick enough, seeing the holes, not breaking tackles, and finishing his runs, also dropping passes as a receiver. But I don't see any of that really happening.
pewterlove: NFC South Repeat CHamps?
jc510: I saw him miss a huge cutback lane vs New England and only get 3 yards instead of something huge. Bennett came in and sure hit those holes.
delraypt: we have to have a pass rush this year to win the division and beat the saints!
pewterlove: I think Bryant is going to surprise a bunch of people this year!!
pewterreportcc: guest- I think it will be committee approach for much of the game, but as the game gets into the second half Graham will get the lionshare of carries and will end up as the leader in rushes with around 20. The Bucs will be a running team and use their backs a lot in 2008.
tampa2d: Any updates on Bj Askew? Is he a explosive and important as Gruden has said? Would he be a big goaline guy for us?
dls5492: Bucs shock the national media, NFC South champs!!! This will really piss them off!!!
pewterreportcc: tampa2d- Askew should be back next week if things go to plan. Pewter Report found out he had surgery and nobody else knew, so maybe his recovery is a closely guarded secret as well.
dls5492: Is the injury to Askew the same ankle that he had a problem with last year?
pewterreportcc: pewterlove- I don't want to spoil our predictions in the next magazine but I will say I think there will be more than one NFC South team in the playoffs.
jc510: Charlie, whats up with June coming off the field on 3rd and long and Brooks and Ruud staying on? June is one of the best cover LBs in the league. Is Monte still going to pull that nonsense again tthis season?
pewterreportcc: jc510- good question. It looks like the nickel Will linebacker is really a platoon between Brooks and June. Similar to last year. I think that over the season June may get even more reps.
pewterreportcc: dls5492- I think it is the same ankle. The injuries were not related. Askew was 100 percent throughout the OTAs and into training camp. He needed to have the ankle scoped this time and last time it was twisted.
jc510: Charlie, Talib had a great blitz that forced Garrard's INT, did that come out of nowhere or are we going to see alot of that
pewterreportcc: Thanks for all the great questions. I have to get going. If I missed your question please ask it on the insider message board.
the crows nest: Charlie: Thank ya, thank ya very much!
tampa2d: Thanks alot for answering all the questions
jc510: Thanks, see ya
pewterlove: Thanks CHarlie! can we expect it again next Tuesday?
tampa2d: Had alot of fun for my first time in here!
dls5492: Forgive me, but I haven't heard anything on Marcu Hamilton's injury from last Saturday?
pewterreportcc: dis5492- Hamilton has a hip injury.
pewterlove: Next Tuesday too?
the crows nest: See you all on the BB's.
pewterreportcc: jc510- I think the Bucs will blitz more this year. Corners, safeties, and linebackers, all of that was in the playbook during camp. I expect them to do some corner and linebacker blitzes during the regular season.
pewterreportcc: Take care insiders, thanks for your support and please tell your friends about Pewter Report.
pewterlove: Charlie Murphy you've been great!!!
pewterlove: and I'm rick james
weinberger83: see ya
dls5492: Thanks Charlie, you are doing a terrific job!
pewterreportcc: Yes the Tuesday night chat is back in rotation now that training camp and the preseason is over. We'll be hosting another chat next Tuesday.

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