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pewterreportsr: Hello, Bucs fans. Welcome to 0-1, which is the start to 10-6 this season.
bucfan9720: scott i got too many questions for you tonight
bucfan9720: where the hell was michael clayton and michael bennett on sunday?
pewterreportsr: let 'er rip.
detroitbuc: 7-9 season
pewterreportsr: On the bench. Bennett was a bad coaching move by Gruden. He's too fast and too much of a playmaker to ride the pine. I could understand sitting Clayton down more than Bennett.
detroitbuc: what will it take to get Bennett active
bucfan9720: i thought they had great training camps, im very suprised by that
pikappaphi422: WHo plays QB this week
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – I'm not sure. Bennett can do some damage, even with 5-7 touches.
detroitbuc: true
bucfan9720: am i the only one who thinks that none of the guys we got at QB can play without a full week of practice?
detroitbuc: Gruden just cant think out the box
pikappaphi422: will clayton be active this week
bucfan9720: i dont think garcia or anyone else should start a game they didnt get a full week of prep for
peterlove: I thought we had a decent game, surprising but decent. We looked worsel ast year against Seattle thats for sure!
detroitbuc: Bennet and Dex need to see the field
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – Clayton was good, but apparently not good enough. Remember when we said that Clayton was not a lock to make the team? We were right. He's essentially the sixth WR on this team and I think he's likely to be traded unless there is an injury.
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – I think Griese may get the nod. Garcia will play if he can, but I think he's on a short leash.
jc510: SR, last year, although the defense was great, they were torched after the 8th possession. Didn't matter how good they played early or how bad the opponent was. It was pretty much automatic. It killed them again Sunday. Are the Bucs completely oblivious to this fact?
detroitbuc: Monte is slow to adjust
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Gruden can't help it when his starting QB has two guys open on fourth-and-6 and throws to the guy who is double-covered.
jc510: It's not a scheme issue
jc510: It's about the fast players not being able to play fast anymore
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – There is a chance Clayton could be active, especially if Stovall is out.
detroitbuc: right jc
buc101: why was Bennett inactive last game?
pewterreportsr: jc510 – I think you'll see more blitzing this year. Bucs did it 10 times on Sunday and got pretty good results. I think the Bucs will be more aggressive with blitzes later in games, too.
pikappaphi422: What will be the LB line up this week
detroitbuc: seems like Gruden stunts young players growth
buc101: and why am I suspended from the board for 5 days lol
bucfan9720: the bucs 3rd down defense was terrible yesterday.. bush and patten's big TDs were on 3rd down
bucfan9720: that has got to improve
pewterreportsr: buc101 – Bennett was inactive because of a numbers game. I disagree with the call on one hand, but Graham averaged 10 ypc and Dunn averaged 6 ypc, so it's hard to argue that point.
pikappaphi422: I know you are preparing for the draft…Can you give us a few name to keep an eye on
yuccaneers: Why is Carter still taking up space on the roster, the only thing he offers is leadership, the team needs players that have soemthign left in the tank, not players taking up space waiting on father time
buc101: still though, Bennett looked in pre-season and part of last year.
pewterreportsr: pikappaphi422 – If Brooks is out, I think June and Barrett are the nickel LBs. In the base, it will likely be Ruud, June at Will and Black at Sam. That's my educated guess.
buc101: why not just activate him and play him a few plays
bucfan9720: yuccaneers, i agree completely, the starting d-line needs to be gaines on the left side and greg white on the right
bucfan9720: greg white is so much better than kevin carter its pathetic
jc510: SR, Piscitelli looked good when he played. He drilled Colston on a 3rd down and had a great blitz where he forced Brees to check down to Shockey who was blanketed for a 1 yard loss. How close is he to just taking over that job?
detroitbuc: make Bennett active a set a WR
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Hard to argue that Gruden stunts young players' growth when you look at Trueblood, Joseph, Buenning, Sears, Clayton, Williams, Smith and all of the others who played as rookies – and played well.
bucfan9720: sabby in just one game showed hes every bit as good as phillips IMO
bucfan9720: and showed how good a coach raheem morris is too
peterlove: Why does the team not like Greg white? He led the team in sacks last year and apparently the only one that can apply pressure this year, but can't get the start or the majority of snaps? why?
detroitbuc: who is better Greise or Luke??
pikappaphi422: Who was off the field when sabby was on????
yuccaneers: Not to thrilled that Gruden would run to gut plays after the 46 yard run by Graham rather then taking ashot in the endzone from the twenty
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – Carter was consistently the slowest off the ball. I'd rather see White start at RE, Adams at LE and Peterson and Wilkerson in the rotation. I think Carter's best days are behind him. Lomas Brown was a great leader in 2002 and he didn't play a down.
peterlove: SR, was Detroit THAT bad or did the Falcons become THAT good?
bucfan9720: carter looks considerably fatter this year too, hes way past his prime
yuccaneers: Scoot – Should this team fall flat and finsih below 500 do you see Gruden seeing any of that contract extension?
detroitbuc: Detroit is that bad
peterlove: Burner Turner is gonna get his bell rung this Sunday
bucfan9720: yuccaneers, gruden gets that extension regardless, coaches salaries are guaranteed
pewterreportsr: jc510 – I think Sabby will play more as the season goes on. It could end up being a 50-50 deal by the end of the season. Who knows. He's the future at SS, though.
peterlove: The NFC represented this week!!!
yuccaneers: You guys know what I mean a coach on the sideline
guest: SR how is Garcia's injury??
buc101: SR – Do you think McCown will get the start on Sunday or will Garcia make it
peterlove: Gruden is still one of the best coaches in the league!!
pewterreportsr: peterlove – Good question. It's a hard one to get an answer to at One Buc Place for a lot of reasons. I think there is some politics at play, unfortunately.
detroitbuc: Gruden cant pick Otalent
bucfan9720: gruden is good
bucfan9720: not great
peterlove: Was Brooks at practice today?
bucfan9720: im sorry but this offense has got to start doing something eventually
jc510: They dont practice Tuesdays
guest: SR, why is it that the Bucs fans have to pay inflated ticket price for this inconsistent product. Thats not good business, this team has the financial means to get better but DOES NOT. In essence blackouts are justifiable if we dont have any star power. Does the Bucs brass acknowledge this?
bucfan9720: his tenure reminds me of brian billicks in baltimore
peterlove: Its PEWTER love not PETER love!! hahah It's not that kind of party SR
yuccaneers: SR – I just not sure what the deal is with Gruden and guys that are quote unqoute not his guys, It is just bad to see players as some say turtling up when contact is coming and after all the money and resource put into the offensive line to be still struggling, Muir to me should have been let go a long time ago.
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – I prefer McCown to Griese, but the team sees it the other way around. To me, McCown will be a UFA in 2009 and you have to know what this kid can or can't do over an extended period of time.
detroitbuc: yeah
pewterreportsr: guest – I wonder if Garcia has a phantom injury. I think he's on a very short leash to start the season.
jc510: SR, follow up on the Griese/McCown thing. Assuming Griese does start, if he throws a quick INT is he out of there?
buc101: yo Scott, howcome you didn't sticky my picture thread like you said you would at the GET2Gether
pewterreportsr: buc101 – I think Griese will play if Garcia can't go.
yuccaneers: SR – I have a gut feeling neither McCown nor GARCIA will be back in 2009, and the team will always be in flux until Gruden takes his lumps with a young player under center
guest: I am absolutely fed up with the lack of pass rush when we have the money to improve on both sides
detroitbuc: can Greise hit a deep ball
bucfan9720: im as realistic as the next guy, but im all for michael vick when he gets out of jail
delraypt: SR do u think Garcia is starting this week??
pewterreportsr: peterlove – Your sig says peterlove, not pewterlove!
delraypt: does anybody need 2 tix to the game in the club, $140 a seat
buc101: SR – According to all the depth charts McCown is the backup….when did it change to Griese?
guest: If Griese explodes will they leave him in?
bucfan9720: 3-4 years ago michael vick was the single best player in the league i think
bucfan9720: i think he could be great here, i really do
pewterreportsr: pewterlove(?) – The Bucs don't practice on Tuesday. They'll practice tomorrow.
pewterlove: Whoohooo!!! good lokin out!!
yuccaneers: The one the team released for the media packet for the Falcons game has Griese as the number 2 and Bryant the starter
pewterreportsr: guest – I can't comment on the ticket price increase because I don't understand it given the economic client and the fact that the playoff game barely sold out. Bad business move if you ask me.
detroitbuc: Bryant should dominate the DB from ATL
pewterlove: I still think Antonio Bryant is the receiver to watch out for, he was wide open a few times Sunday we just didn't hit him
jc510: I don't live in the area and couldn't even sell the Falcons tickets for below face value, had to give them away
drewzilla: When do you think the front office will start extending our current players and which would be priorities?
bucballa: will the bucs have bennett activated this week
guest: SR what is the mood of this team, are they really out of breath as a team after that loss or do they really feel they can make a run?
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – The offensive line didn't play that bad. Garcia ran into one of the sacks and held on to the ball too long on the other.
pikappaphi422: WHat college players are looking at
guest: I agree Garcia just flat out looked like he was in practice mode
bucfan9720: garcia looks like he cant even see over the line most of the time
bucfan9720: he cant complete a pass accurately right now
bucballa: will the bucs run the ball more this week
pewterreportsr: guest – Not many good pass rushers out there in free agency this year. Jared Allen wanted to go to Minn. and the Bucs weren't interested in Bobby McCray (don't know why?).
pewterlove: Why was the officiating sooo bad? Is it possible to make a complaint or does the FO get fined for saying stuff? It was more than just our game, it was all over the league
bucfan9720: hes a backup QB who can win a few games when your starter gets hurt
bucfan9720: and thats all he is
suspect516: Is it me or is Garcia just a little too unsure in the pocket, is that because of his "injury"?
pewterreportsr: The depth charts the team releases don't mean much. We'll find out tomorrow who is taking starter reps.
guest: How is davin joseph progressing
yuccaneers: SR – I understand Garcia had happy feet and floated into a lot of the trouble himself. But the team will be spending even more draft picks to find up grades at tackle in the off season when they should be looking to get players with speed and play making ability on the edges
bucballa: If brooks cant go does June switch to weakside
pikappaphi422: If clayton is bottom man on the WR list, will dex go on the field at wr before clayton
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think the Bucs are looking at Fred Miller anymore.
pewterlove: SR are we gonna get back on the regular schedule of getting Dirty Dozens, Flynns Focus's, and SR's Fab 5?
guest: I think that Gruden coaches with blinders sometimes. We moved the ball after we stretched the field, umm this was like Groundhog day…
bucfan9720: pika you kinda just answered your own question
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the mood is fine. The Bucs lost a road game last year and won the division. The key is getting to 1-1. If you are 0-2, a winning record is at least three weeks away then.
yuccaneers: SR -Miller is said to be close to signing with a team today my guess the Jaguars after the rash of injuries they had
bucballa: Ya the bucs need to challenge downfield more to open up the running game even more
delraypt: SR I didnt understand the play call on 4th and 6th, why pass over the middle in coverage, was that a designed play by Gruden??
pewterreportsr: guest – Griese gives the Bucs the best chance to win right now. I prefer McCown, but Griese had a solid preseason.
pewterlove: EDDIE ROYAL looked GREEEAAAT!!! monday night
jc510: Thats because he was playing vs DeAngelo Hall
guest: Its amazing how New Orleans manufactured a serious rush after a bad season but we could quite intimidate Mr. Brees
pewterreportsr: pewterlove – The officiating was horrible on Sunday. I detail it in this week's SR's Fab 5.
drewzilla: If Griese plays well and wins on Sunday, will the Buccaneers stick with him or go back to Garcia?
delraypt: I agree Griese gives us the best option to win, he has been consistent and has moved the ball downfield
bucballa: I agree sr Griese is not as much a liability as McCown
bucfan9720: bucballa whats the point when your QB cant hit a throw beyond 15 yards with any accuracy
guest: KUDOS to PR staff because you called Royal to be a solid WR
guest: SR…Do you think the Atlanta running game is the real deal or did they just face a terrible D
pewterreportsr: suspect516 – Garcia had a major case of the happy feet and he was not under near as much duress as it seemed because he was moving around the pocket so much – too much.
bucballa: ya but it keeps teams on their toes
detroitbuc: man i wish Greise would have some of his dads luck
guest: I just hope that we start fast and let the defense get loose
jc510: SR, do you have a rough estimate of how much Ryan Sims played? I only saw him out there a few times,
bucballa: i really want gaines to start takin over games since we drafted him number 4
pewterreportsr: pewterlove – The SR's Fab 5's have been coming regularly since the end of camp. Same with Flynn's Focuses. Don't know about Dirty Dozens.
yuccaneers: SR -How does the whole Garcia mess reflect on Gruden have you heard anything from the Glazer or anyone else?
guest: delraypt – Gruden talks about that 4th and 6 play on his radio show, believe its on the bucs website
pewterlove: GREISE still scares me come week 3! I think the BEARS will be licking their chops at the thought of getting to face Greise
suspect516: I wonder too about the running game of ATL can our D stop Turner? or is it more of a focus on pressuring Ryan?
delraypt: great thanks
pewterreportsr: delraypt – Garcia threw to the wrong guy, the double-covered guy. The Bucs had two WRs open on that play, including Galloway in the end zone.
bucballa: pewterlove lets keep it one week at a time here lol
pewterlove: my bad Buc balla
pewterlove: lol
guest: Pewterlove I think if we get a consistent offense we can beat anyone but until then we will have that uneasy feeling
pewterreportsr: drewzilla – If Griese wins on Sunday will the Bucs go back to Garcia? That's the million dollar question.
bucfan9720: scott- garcia is 6'0'', penn is 6'4'', sears is 6'3'', faine is 6'3'', zuttah is 6'3'' and trublood is 6'8'', does the size of our line not have an effect on his vision? on one sack from the endzone view it looked like he couldnt even see over the line
drewzilla: Pewterlove, I don't think it matters which QB plays against the Bears. If we can't run the ball, it could be a long day.
pewterreportsr: guest – Jim Flynn loved Eddie Royal. Thanks for the kudo. Bucs loved him, too.
delraypt: SR did Reggie Bush look that good or did we miss tackles?
bucballa: SR will bennett be activated anytime soon?
drewzilla: If Griese starts for the remainder of the year, the Bucs will not be able to keep McCown. Agree?
guest: Will bennett play Sunday?
pewterreportsr: guest – I think the Lions still stink on defense and the Falcons have improved. It's a mixture. The Lions defense is made up of Buccaneers rejects, essentially.
guest: SR, realistically do you think that the offseason mess with Garcia has had a Karma effect on him demanding more money
bucballa: delraypt we def missed tackles against reggie
pewterreportsr: jc510 – I thought we would see more from Ryan Sims on Sunday. I was disappointed he didn't play more.
guest: he is playing his salary as of the past two outings
bucfan9720: hey the last place team has always turned around and won the division the next year
bucfan9720: who knows about atlanta, we went from 4-12 to do it who says they cant
delraypt: did Ronde trip on his own feet to give up that long TD?
pewterlove: not this year buc fan!! we repeat
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I don't think the Garcia mess reflects poorly on Gruden at all. I'll address this in full in the lead item in this week's SR's Fab 5.
yuccaneers: SR – How does the whole Garcia mess reflect on Gruden have you heard anything from the Glazer or anyone else?
bucballa: SR what happened with the pass defense? Where were they on shockey?
guest: Are the bucs really content with Penn they have to be looking at other Lt who's availible
pikappaphi422: Did Hovan look like he is slipping
guest: I think that Ronde shouldnt have been on a islnd to start
drewzilla: Note to Gruden. keep Kevin Carter on the sideline. For Goodness sake!!
guest: WE WILL DRAFT A LT this year
bucballa: Carter needs to retire we need some new blood in here
yuccaneers: SR – DO you see anything that would lead you to believe that he is Finished here
guest: Carter is essential
pewterreportsr: bucfan9720 – Garcia isn't a tall QB, but neither is Griese, who is only an inch taller. I don't think it makes a huge difference.
guest: as depth and leadership
pewterlove: I think we have TONS to look forward to. Even with all the bad stuff that happened Sunday we still shouldhave and could have won that game!
drewzilla: Guest, I couldn;'t agree more about the LT in the draft.
bucfan9720: i said it once already, carter needs to be benched and gaines needs to move over to the left side, and greg white needs to start on the right side
pewterreportsr: delraypt – I think the Bucs missed tackles, but Reggie Bush MADE them miss tackles. He's improved and has become a playmaker. The guy has talent.
bucfan9720: greg white is a beast
suspect516: I'd say for all the bad stuff that happened on Sunday it sure was a Dogfight
bucballa: ya I hope there is a good LT that we can draft
pewterreportsr: guest – I think some of Garcia's problems are possibly self-inflicted.
guest: Maybe second round because this draft we MUST draft multple WRs in order to find one solid, SR dont you agree?
bucballa: get some WRs in here in free agency if there are any available
detroitbuc: Garcie should have not been the starter
bucfan9720: our division is damn good this year, if we can go 3-3 or 4-2 in it we got a real shot for the wild card or to win it
pewterreportsr: delayprt – Yes, Barber tripped.
bucballa: ya our division will be very tough
drewzilla: dude, LT is deep in the draft this year. 7 teams took tackles in the 2008 draft. We will have an opportunity to draft an excellent tackle.
richm66: for how many mistakes they made on both sides of the ball they still had a chance to squeeze out a victory in the final minute
bucballa: thank god our schedule isnt that bad
guest: SR but why would you put Barber in that position?
pewterreportsr: bucballa – Brees is a good QB. He made some throws into tight coverage.
bucballa: ya he did
delraypt: SR how do you see us finishing in the division…10-6 still as reported in pewter report????
guest: I predicted 11-5 but I also thought that our O would be better
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – If the Bucs go 0-2 and Garcia's play does not improve I could envision him getting benched like Brad Johnson was in 2005. Garcia is not the future for the Bucs at QB.
bucballa: SR How do you think talib did in his first start?
guest: I know its early but this is A typical of a Gruden offense
guest: Why weren't gilmore and troupe more involved
delraypt: guest its early only one game and I did like how we countered back with a TD to take the lead, if Ronded doesnt trip the outcome could have been different
bucballa: ya gilmore should have been more involved
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know if Phillips was supposed to have safety help over the top on the Henderson play or not.
bmarti5: SR, I dont understand why everyone points the finger at Gruden regarding Clayton and Garcia, I think he is being nice by telling the public they are injured, he could just say the suck and should be replaced. What do you think?
guest: Why didnt hit the seam of the Saints also because they employ the Cover 2 base
yuccaneers: SR – Do you see the team keeping Josh Johnson on the roster the whole season?
bucballa: SR i really like piscitelli what is keeping this guy from being a starter?
guest: Why did Gruden decide to throw the ball more as apposed to running?
pewterreportsr: delraypt – Yes. I think the Bucs have a real shot at being 10-6. The key is winning on Sunday. If they lose, 9-7, 8-8 or 7-9 are more likely destinations.
guest: SR is gruden just waiting for mcCowm to turn 30 before giving him a chance
pewterlove: Who does he replace Bucballa?
pikappaphi422: who came off the field when sabby was on
richm66: SR, how is Davin Joseph coming along?
bucballa: i dunno maybe phillips
guest: LOL Mckown to turn 30
delraypt: SR what do u think the key is for us to win 10 games??
pewterreportsr: bucballa – Talib gave up an easy TD, so it wasn't a banner day for him. But I didn't see him give up any other passes, either.
guest: Sabby looks like a stud….
bmarti5: SR, I dont understand why everyone points the finger at Gruden regarding Clayton and Garcia, I think he is being nice by telling the public they are injured, he could just say the suck and should be replaced. What do you think?
detroitbuc: pounding the rock is one key to winning
guest: SR Is gruden waiting for mcCown to turn 30 before giving him a chance?
bucfan9720: sabby in just one game showed hes every bit as good as phillips IMO
bucballa: lol
detroitbuc: thats funnty guest, LOL
guest: He can hit too
pewterlove: Phillips lead the team in INT's and has much improved since his down year, Sabby has to stay healthy in order to play! he is ALWAYS hurt
bucfan9720: one thing about this defense is they talk WAYYYY too much sh**
guest: He laid out Colston
bucfan9720: especially phillips
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – I'm not saying you are right (you may be), but Gruden won't throw a player under the bus publicly.
drewzilla: Sabby is a second round pick. He BETTER be a stud.
bucfan9720: him and talib need to shut up
bucballa: ya thats when you know hes a beast
pewterreportsr: yuccaneers – I think Josh Johnson will end up on the practice squad to make room for Jerramy Stevens.
guest: SR, in contrast, we are prob on schedule as a team arent we, given the preseason injuries?
guest: SR – was Talib known as a gambler in college? My fear is that he'll end up like D. Hall: an undisciplned player who give up too many big plays
bucballa: SR wats up with bennett we need his speed on offense
pewterreportsr: guest – Circumstance caused more pass plays than runs. Two two-minute drills, too many three-and-outs and two first-and-20 (25) prevented more runs.
guest: The two old men looked good Hilliard and Patten
jaybuc: i do not think we missed bennett, we missed a qb who will stand in the freaking pocket and deliver
pewterreportsr: richm66 – We'll get an update on Joseph tomorrow. Don't know right now.
drewzilla: What is the likelihood of replacing Bennett for Dunn on Sunday?
bucfan9720: why replace dunn
bucfan9720: he looked great sunday
guest: Dunn looked good too
bucfan9720: gruden is a moron for running him up the middle
guest: I think we are going to go off on Sunday
bucfan9720: that was beyond retarded
pewterreportsr: delraypt – The key to win 10 games? More pressure on the QB and sharper play from the QB.
detroitbuc: true
guest: IF we minimize the penalties
bucballa: ya penalties killed us
pewterreportsr: Sabby is the future at SS. He'll start next year and Flip will likely land a big deal elsewhere in free agency.
delraypt: thanks Scott for the knowledge!!
guest: Trueblood is a bad A#$ but he has to show some maturity
detroitbuc: who is samrtr Griese or Luck????
bucballa: SR why couldnt the bucs challenge that play that looked like a reggie bush fumble
bucballa: was that refs in saints colors
drewzilla: good question bucballa
guest: Bucballa we had few TOs left
guest: LOL bucballa the refs
bucballa: ya but id rather have a turnover
drewzilla: first half..take a chance
pewterreportsr: guest – Are the Bucs on schedule given the preseason injuries? Yes. Listen, I was not surprised at all the Bucs lost. I predicted it and forecast a close game. The only surprise for me was the defense giving up some big plays. I knew Garcia would be rust and would have chemistry problems together with Galloway.
bucfan9720: lack of timeouts is a terrible reaon, they waste them like none other already
yuccaneers: SR – If the Bucs are out of the race can you see them trading Phillips for draft picks?
bucballa: ya i thought garcia would look rusty too
bucballa: I just thought our running game would help him out a bit
pewterreportsr: drewzilla – I don't think Bennett will be up this week. Graham avg. 10 ypc, Dunn 6 ypc.
bucballa: why not play all three
delraypt: I agree I didnt think the Bucs were gonna win but I was pleased with how we played we just gave up some big plays and Garcia screwed up on 4th and 6
bucfan9720: yuccaneers i really think that if the tream gets out to a 1-3 or 1-4 start phillips could be shipped to a contender
detroitbuc: yeah play all 3 RB and set a WR
bucballa: i mean our wrs really dont do much
drewzilla: bucballa, Sit Carter…play Bennett
bucballa: just activate 4 wrs
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, guys. yucc – If the Bucs are out of the race, I can see a couple people on the trading block!
bucballa: yea exactly
delraypt: SR is Carolina for real or just lucky this week?
pewterreportsr: Enjoyed the chat. If I didn't answer your question, bang it on the PI boards.
pewterreportsr: delraypt – I think Carolina is for real. Maybe 9-7. I can see them sweeping the Bucs.
bucballa: our wrs could be Galloway, Bryant, hilliard, and Jackson
pewterreportsr: Come back next Tuesday night for the next chat!

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