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pewterreportcc: The Chat Session for September 16th will begin at 9:00p.m
detroitbuc: yo yo
bucfan9720: lets get this thing kicked off
pewterreportcc: Let the Pewter Report chat begin. If I don't get to answer your question just ask it again and I will try and get to it.
bucsfan4ever: yoyo guys
guest: we got to kick bears ass!
aic63: I think yall should change your sophmore slump pick from T. Jack to Aaron Sears. Is there a chance when Davin Joseph comes back that Zuutah may go to LG in place of Sears
detroitbuc: for sure
guest: ff
bucsfan4ever: Hey CC is garcia trade bait??
bucfan9720: thats the #1 question on everyones mind, what are we looking at in terms of a jeff garcia trade?
chazmoney3: chazmoney3
detroitbuc: can we win in chicago??
pewterreportcc: aic63- I don't think that Zuttah will move to left guard when Joseph comes back. Sears had a rough start but it is too early to bench him. He also has been very good in run blocking. He can shore up his pass blocking.
bucfan9720: of course we can win
guest: charlie whats your take on Griese missing open receivers, are you concerned?
spiderman1314: CC, with Griese starting for at least the forseeable future, do you envision Jeff becoming a distraction in the locker room?
bucfan9720: its going to take turnover free, penalty free football though
pikappaphi422: will d jackson get some reps if galloway does not play
pewterreportcc: bucsfan4ever- Garcia could be traded, but I doubt that it will happen. I see the Bucs holding onto him like they did with Simms. They aren't going to just give Garcia away.
bucsfan4ever: Why?? or why not??
bucfan9720: are we ever going to see maurice stovall at WR?
guest: charlie whats your take on Griese missing open receivers, are you concerned?
detroitbuc: might as well keep garcia on the roster
pewterreportcc: pikappaphi422- Dexter Jackson should figure to get more receiver reps over the course of the season. Galloway being hurt accelerates that.
bucsfan4ever: are we ever going to see Mike B at running back????
buccanoles: yo yo
aic63: With the relationship between the bucs and chiefs, could that be a landing spot for Garcia
detroitbuc: nope lol
pewterreportcc: guest- I think Griese will get better with more snaps in practice and game action. He was off for a little bit and is getting back into the groove. He was very accurate in camp and the preseason. I think he will be better about hitting open receivers as he gets more playing time.
bucfan9720: cheifs dont benefit from bringing in garcia, i think he would rather retire
spiderman1314: What's your take on Mack's suspension and any truth to Troupe being released?
guest: CC do you think we will pose a pass rush threat soon?
guest: Why is Kevin Carer playing
hillside: Whats Talib's status???
bucsfan4ever: we could always trade him to tampa north!!!!
bucfan9720: sunday proved even more that gaines should start on the left side and greg white on the right
detroitbuc: yes
0utkast22: Is there any chance White moves into the starting lineup?
tpa08: CC- Name the Bucs biggest weakness… Pass rush?
pewterreportcc: spiderman1314- I was watching tape when the chat started I haven't gotten to the Mack hit yet, so I'll wait to comment. Troupe we are trying to confirm if he was released. It would not surprise me if he was cut.
buccanoles: WR IMO
pewterreportcc: tpa08- The Bucs biggest weakness right now as I see it is the wide receivers. They have not produced much in the first two games.
detroitbuc: Can Grese hit the deep ball??
jc510: Griese is the biggest weakness
buccanoles: Any news on shopping Garcia CC
0utkast22: not surprised by the Troupe move…
aic63: With the relationship between the bucs and chiefs, could that be a landing spot for Garcia
bucsfan4ever: are we ever going to see Mike B at running back????
guest: CC do you think we will pose a pass rush threat soon?
pewterreportcc: hillside- We will know more about Talib tomorrow. But he told me after the game that the injury wasn't bad and he didn't think he would miss any time.
bucsfan4ever: detroitbuc he did before
detroitbuc: pass rush is looking better
dexterindadirt: Gruden referenced Bill Muir making interesting play calls…does he have input on game day? Does he calll plays?
0utkast22: I dont think we will Bennett unless injuries strike…and thats assuming that Caddy doesnt come back
buccanoles: If Galloway is out who starts CC
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- I think Griese can hit the deep ball although that is not his strength. He is best in the short to intermediate part of the field. He definitely has a good enough arm to throw deep.
jc510: How many INTs will Griese throw ths week, 3 or 4?
bucsfan4ever: rays /soxs 1-1
detroitbuc: none i hope jc
pewterreportcc: guest- I think the Bucs pass rush is ramping up. Especially with Adams at left end and White at right end. They just need to get more pass rush out of their interior players.
jc510: Yea I hope I win the lottery tonight too
bmarti5: CC-What's the scoop on Garcia?
0utkast22: Im glad to see Greg White sign his extension
detroitbuc: pound that rock in chicago
dexterindadirt: G. White's contract is stealing without a gun…god deal for the Bucs
aic63: With the relationship between the bucs and chiefs, could that be a landing spot for Garcia
dexterindadirt: *good deal
pewterreportcc: jc510- Griese didn't throw many interceptions in camp and was safe with the ball in the preseason. He did that again on Sunday. I think that will be put to the test as the Bears have good pass rushers and a good secondary.
bucsfan4ever: If we can get to Ortin, we can win this game
bucfan9720: greg white was an ERFA he had no choice, it was take that deal or make a quarter of that for the next 3 years
jc510: He wasn't safe with the ball vs Jacksonville, the INTs were just dropped
bucfan9720: defensively i think we will be fine on sunday
dexterindadirt: for this year
tpa08: CC- My thoughts on the pass rush is that it was non existent against a pretty decent O-Line in N.O. and good against a horrendus line against ATL…. Agree?
pewterreportcc: That is thought provoking. But the Saints led the NFL last year in terms of pass protection so I think they are more than pretty decent.
hillside: Why was Hayes playing instead of Hayward?
0utkast22: With Mack suspended…will we use Sabby in dime coverages….is it possible that we activate Bennett this week…
dexterindadirt: Hayes>Heyward
bucfan9720: its all about special teams and our own offense, no stupid penalties and no turnovers
buccanoles: Does Clayton start opposite of Bryant if JG is out CC?
pewterreportcc: bmarti5- The Bucs are saying all the Garcia trade rumors are coming from somewhere other than One Buc Place. I don't think a trade is close, and if it does happen it will be probably be close to the deadline.
dexterindadirt: WR Corps needs to be rebuilt next year
tpa08: Especially in the second half when ATL's LT left with a injury
guest: CC I thought our offensive line looked better in the pre season opening holes for the running game, whats ur take?
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think that if Galloway is out then Hilliard will start at flanker and Bryant will move to split end.
aic63: With the relationship between the bucs and chiefs, could that be a landing spot for Garcia
buccanoles: Maybe a trade to the Lions for Williams(wishful thinking)
bucfan9720: where the hell is maurice stovall
detroitbuc: bryant needs to make a catch
0utkast22: CC With Mack suspended…will we use Sabby in dime coverages….is it possible that we activate Bennett this week…
dexterindadirt: tpa08…ATL only allowed on sack the week before
pewterreportcc: hillside- That is a good question, but Hayes flashed playmaking ability at the Will. I think the Bucs view him as a long-term option to follow Brooks.
tpa08: They only threw the ball 14 times… Thanks to Michael turner
dexterindadirt: I agree CC
dexterindadirt: True
buccanoles: I thought Hayes was a bad pick??????
detroitbuc: can we get to the chicago QB??
spiderman1314: Do you think Clayton is on the block CC??
pewterreportcc: guest- Galloway is questionable as of now. He had his ankle/foot rolled up. Dunn was tackled into Galloway from behind while Galloway was blocking a defender downfield.
0utkast22: well Im glad that we have acquired so much depth….
guest: What are the chances Galloway plays?
guest: No SR recanted on that is his latest roundtable
pewterreportcc: spiderman1314- I think that Clayton could be on the block. The Bucs won' give him away and will want some value in return.
guest: Hayes that is being abad pick
guest: CC- whats up with Antonio Bryant dropping passes??
tpa08: By the way… I'm a huge Bucs fan but I hope everyone has the Rays game on in the background like me !
buccanoles: yes me too CC on the dropped passes
0utkast22: fingers crossed for a Bennett sighting this week with Mack suspended
detroitbuc: ike is the best WR?
guest: whats the Rays score?
bucsfan4ever: 1-1
detroitbuc: same her outkast
pewterreportcc: guest- That was distrubing to see Bryant drop some passes. It seems that he is really good with the ball after the catch, but can struggle with gaining separation and drops. He got open deep on one route and was open on his dropped balls. He didn't record a catch and had two drops, not good. But he had some great blocks on Graham's game-sealing touchdown run.
guest: Sox 1 Rays 0
tpa08: 1-1 in the 8th
buccanoles: Why not go with Clayton CC and give him a chance????
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- Through two games Ike Hilliard is the best receiver. The first downs he has produced have been vital to the Bucs sustaining drives.
0utkast22: if Clayton were dropping this many balls people would be crying for him to be cut
guest: Charlie, sorry i just got here so i guess this has been asked already…what are the chances of Galloway playing on sunday, other than him being questionable?
detroitbuc: who picks our WR BA or JG????
aic63: JG he loves them big and slow
buccanoles: I posted that earlier detroit
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I agree I would like to see Clayton get a shot. He finished last year strong and had a great offseason. He also was the best down-in-and-down out receiver in training camp. Not to mention his blocking helps the running game.
finn_bucs: Are we likely to see Jackson on Offense is Galloway can't go?
bucsfan4ever: with stevens back at least it gives us another pass catcher and a big one too!!
0utkast22: furthermore Clayton got one look out of 30 passes….
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- Bruce Allen and the pro personal department lead the way in terms of free agents. Dennis Hickey heads up the college scouting. But the depth chart and playing time is determined by Richard Mann and Jon Gruden. Bisaccia also has a hand in game day actives by indentifying the special teams needs.
tpa08: CC- slip Gruden a note for me… RUN THE BALL MORE!!!! (We lead the league in YPC)
buccanoles: I am beginning to dislike this dog house of Grudens
0utkast22: just sucks because Clayton had such a great camp
bucsfan4ever: do you think we will see MB this week??
0utkast22: I hope so bucsfan
buccanoles: Not that Stevens is back and it's a so called #'s game IMO
pewterreportcc: bucsfan4ever- No I don't think that Michael Bennett will be playing this week. Mainly because he does not play special teams and the Bucs have some injuries.
detroitbuc: need to move dex jackson to the slot WR??
0utkast22: CC if Mack is suspended…what kind of backup plans do we turn to
bucsfan4ever: dang would love to see his speed adn EG's pounding and WD's opps where did he go
guest: CC I thought our offensive line looked better in the pre season opening holes for the running game, whats ur take?
pewterreportcc: I think that Stevens will be productive. He proved his potential to Gruden at the end of last season. He was used often as a passing target in training camp.
bmarti5: Dexter Jackson should not play receiver until he can prove he's not scared of his own shadow.
hillside: I think Bennett should be returning kickoffs
buccanoles: The Eagles have thrown the other D Jackson into the fire CC, why not the Bucs.
finn_bucs: will jackson pay on offense this week if Galloway can't go? What are Joey's chances of playing?
0utkast22: good question buccanoles
pewterreportcc: guest- I think the offensive line has kept up their good run blocking from the preseason. Their pass blocking has been shaky at times though in the first two games.
hillside: DeSean played for a Pac-10 school
detroitbuc: the O line needs to jell
finn_bucs: Joseph needs to return…
buccanoles: But they have the same potential IMO hillside
detroitbuc: true that
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Dexter Jackson has been viewed as a more of a project at receiver. I think you will see him out there some, and especially as the season progresses.
finn_bucs: how's Davin Joseph's return coming along? Caddy's???
detroitbuc: why did we draft a project WR with #2 pick when we needed help at that position???
pewterreportcc: finn_bucs- Joseph could be returning as soon as the Green Bay game. He is getting close according to Gruden.
0utkast22: I dont see the particular numbers game this week…Stevens takes Troupe's place….Sabby can play Macks spot in Dime coverages…Bennett should be active in Macks place….
finn_bucs: nice1
detroitbuc: same outkast
finn_bucs: T-Jack can play CB too I guess seeing as he played there in college
buccanoles: We need playmakers on Off. correct, that is why we drafted him,so why not use him on end arounds or something ? CC
finn_bucs: gd q bucca
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- Dexter Jackson was drafted to impact the team immediately as a returner. Due to his level of competition it makes sense that he may need some time to get ready for the NFL.
0utkast22: Then with 3RBs we can Pound the Rock down the Bears throat
detroitbuc: thats riht Outkast just what we need to do to the Bears
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- That is a good call because the Bucs ran those plays in the preseason and in training camp. I think that he will get more of those plays in the games to come.
guest: Jackson hasnt done much to impact the returner position unless you mean having to have Hilliard out there
0utkast22: It cant be that hard to have a couple of packages for Dexter Jackson…an end-around….a fly pattern…"run deep, run fast and catch the ball"…
buccanoles: Well acc. to all local radio stations he is already a bust and we have to do something to justify a nd round pick IMO CC.
guest: thats tru outkast22, spurrier put in a rookie for a few plays and hit big this weekend
buccanoles: 2nd, sorry
pewterreportcc: 0utkast22- The other thing to keep in mind that when the Bucs want to run the ball they haven't needed to resort to those plays because the running backs have been running at a good clip.
detroitbuc: but its john gruden he dont like young player wjile the rest of the teams do
bmarti5: Dexter Jackson runs backward too much, he needs to learn to follow the blocking in front of him first.
0utkast22: true…but when its early in the game we take several shots down the field to open up the secondary…often those play are to Galloway….Im just saying that it could ust as easily be Jackson
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- Well the thing is that Gruden has started rookies on offense every year for the past five seasons.
finn_bucs: CC – how do you rate Joey G.'s chances of playing on sunday?
buccanoles: He is just as fast as Galloway, are his hands a ?
dexterindadirt: CC….don't hit them with facts!!
pewterreportcc: finn_bucs- That is tough to say. If I had to give a number for Galloway playing on Sunday I'd say 50-50 right now.
finn_bucs: cool man.
finn_bucs: so it doesn't appear to be a long-term ailment then?
detroitbuc: we will need all the speed on the field we can get
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- Jackson's hands looked good in training camp. I think what the veterans have over him is route running, knowing the offense, and of course experience against NFL corners.
detroitbuc: put bennett at WR slot
guest: any chanc djax gets in offense this week
buccanoles: My giggest concern is on Def. with Talib as opposed to JG
buccanoles: Biggest
0utkast22: Of all the teams, of all the positions….why do the Bucs struggle to develop WRs and QBs….sure QBs are definitely hit or miss, boom or bust prospects…but WRs….we havent drafted and developed a WR in a decade…very WR that we have depended on since 2000 has been a free agent or trade acquisition
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- You are right the Bucs need speed on offense. Especially from the receivers, because soon, as in Sunday, defenses will really start packing the box to try and take away the running game and the Bucs will have to find a way to stretch the field.
0utkast22: *ever
detroitbuc: yeah cc same old story, lack of thinking out the box by jg
buccanoles: How great does the FO look now because of the Zuttah pick up CC?
guest: CC – even more reason to stick Jackson in there on Offense.
pewterreportcc: 0utkast22- This Buc regime has had mixed results. Trading for Galloway was one of the best deals in Buc history. But their draft picks at receiver have not become reliable players in their offense.
detroitbuc: o line needs to show up this week
bucsfan4ever: Still 1-1 top 9th
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think the Zuttah pick has already proven astute but will over time definitely prove to be a great pick.
dexterindadirt: Patience w/ WR guys….I live in Pittsburgh and Limas Sweed has been inactive both games….they know it takes time for some
buccanoles: Do you see the Bucs going after a WR by the trade deadline CC to boost the team?
0utkast22: That has to be someones responsibility….where is he disconnect…..why cant we deelop a young WR…
bucsfan4ever: Really want to see Davin in there
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I think they should go after a veteran receiver before the trade deadline. I would bet that they will.
detroitbuc: if we get a WR they will need to know the system our hard system, LOL
buccanoles: Anyone in mind CC?
dexterindadirt: it will be Jerevicius
detroitbuc: yeah whos out there
guest: A player on a lossing team
pewterreportcc: detroitbuc- Good point that is a concern for any trade as Michael Bennett proved a year ago.
detroitbuc: LOL
bmarti5: CC-Where do you see CLayton and Garcia ending up?
0utkast22: Curious on who the FO might target and what they will be willing to trade
buccanoles: My neck and my back
guest: CC – if Clayton is on the block, surely they would have to bring in a WR to replace him?
dexterindadirt: 1st and 5th for Anquan…do it!!!
pewterreportcc: buccanoles- I will be going into possible wide receiver trade targets in the next PI Quick Hits.
detroitbuc: BUC leaders just cant pick O talent
buccanoles: Tease
detroitbuc: ever
guest: when will that quick hits come out then
0utkast22: CC you tease
guest: or i suppose clayton would be part of a deal to acquire a WR?
pewterreportcc: guest- Possibly. If Clayton was dealt they might sign a player there, but if all of their receivers are healthy then they wouldn't need another to replace Clayton as a gameday active player.
bradentonian: missed our chance to deal Clayton to the seahawks today
buccanoles: Ocho Cinco?
buccanoles: I hope not
detroitbuc: no one wanted clayton
0utkast22: Funny how we were all over Coach Rich B when special teams was suspect, Coach Muir when the OL wasnt producing, next up….Coach Mann I guess….
guest: i really feel for the seahawks and Jags. Nothing brings your season to an abrupt end quicker than multiple injuries at 1 position
detroitbuc: i bet we got no calls for him
pewterreportcc: Room- Thanks for the great questions. I have to get going. If I missed your question please ask it on the Insider Board.
bmarti5: Roy Williams for Clayton, lions need a true 2nd receiver, they currently have two #1's
guest: when will the quick hits be out to read
buccanoles: Thanks CC
bradentonian: they traded for Colbert, who is even worse
detroitbuc: good idea bmat
bucsfan4ever: night CC thanks
guest: Claton is more of a glorified #4 at this point…
pewterreportcc: Please tell your friends about Pewter Report, and thanks your support. You guys rock!

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