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The PewterReport.com Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept 2, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans.

PewterReport.com provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. Their chat room identities are bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Hope you're ready for the 2008 regular season to kick off. Let the PewterReport.com chat session begin.
pikappaphi422: Do you think that Mahan will move into the starting line next week until Joseph returns
kegan: I hope that the trade was driven by the Bears coming after Dan
guest: It is very simple why the Bucs decided to bring Mahan back he is a better center the Buenning at this point
bucsfan4ever: hi all
gator thumper: really think so hu?
pikappaphi422: Any chance they add somebody else this week?
pewterreportjf: pikappaph422 – No, I don't believe Sean Mahan will start at right guard this week vs. the New Orleans Saints. The Bucs like Jeremy Zuttah. Mahan gives the Bucs versatility and depth at center and guard, particularly at right guard.
bmarti5: JF – Give us some insight on this recent trade, Simms who is still on the market and Clayton who seems to be mentioned for any trade involving a WR.
gator thumper: so why they felt buenning didnt offer them that?
pewterreportjf: kegan – The Bucs never wanted to lose Sean Mahan. They made a hard push for him in free agency, but ultimately stepped out of the bidding war. Now they have Mahan again, only they don't have to be responsible for his signing bonus. While Buenning can play both center and guard, Mahan is more experienced at right guard, which is a plus given Joseph's injury.
kad72: Do you think we will be running more to the left and less to the right until Davin returns or has zuttah proved well enough to run behind consistently?
pewterreportjf: pikappapah – I don't see the Bucs making any other roster moves this week, but you can never rule it out.
pikappaphi422: Any info on the new guys on the ps
pewterreportjf: gator thumper – Dan Buenning played at left guard only during his Buccaneer tenure. He only started playing center last year, and that was limited. Mahan started all 16 games at center for Pittsburgh last year and started eight games at center in place John Wade a few years ago. He also has played in games for the Bucs at left guard, center and right guard.
dls5492: Can you tell us about James Lee and where he fits in on the offensive line?
gator thumper: roger, more experiance..got ya
pewterreportjf: kad72 – No, I still think the Bucs will run to the right side since they can pull center Jeff Faine, they have Jeremy Trueblood at right tackle and tight end John Gilmore is also in the picture. Jeremy Zuttah is one hell of a player. He's a rookie and there will be some mistakes, but I wouldn't be surprised if he plays well in Joseph's place.
bucsfan4ever: JF Will Josh Johnson go to the PS when Stevens comes back??
kad72: With faine in the picture, will we actually see effective screens on sunday or will they work that into the system.
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – We don't really have a lot of info on some of the new practice squad players. We'll attempt to find out more this week. I was happy to see the Bucs bring back Dre Moore, Clifton Smith, Micheal Spurlock and Brian Clark, though. It's a very talented practice squad.
kegan: The bucs tried out some kickers…is it still Matt's job?
pewterreportjf: dls5492 – We haven't had a chance to speak with Jon Gruden about James Lee, but we believe he'll be a guy the Bucs lean on to compete at left tackle. Tampa Bay is not thrilled with the idea of being one play away from having Anthony Davis as its starting left tackle. Donald Penn must stay healthy. Otherwise, the Bucs could be in some big trouble along the offensive line.
bmarti5: Any insight on Simms not receiving an offer, i'm glad that story is done with. Is Clayton on the block to be traded?
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – I do believe the Bucs' plan all along has been to move QB Josh Johnson to the practice squad at some point. It could happen as early as two weeks, which is how long TE Jerramy Stevens' suspension will last.
dls5492: jf, I agrre with you on that !
bucsfan4ever: thought it was a 4 wk suspension?
kegan: Has AD gone down hill or are the other players just that much better?
pikappaphi422: I know SR said ya'll have started working on next years draft, can you give some names for us to keep an eye on this college season
pewterreportjf: kad72 – Your question regarding Jeff Faine and Tampa Bay's ability to run screen plays is a great one. During OTAs we saw the Bucs running a number of screen plays with the running backs, tight ends and wide receivers, but we didn't see a lot of them in training camp. Faine is athletic enough for the Bucs to run more effective screen plays. Those types of plays would be good to run against the Saints, who could send some linebacker and safety blitzes on Sunday.
dls5492: How different will NO offense be w/ Shockey now on their team?
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – Nope. Stevens' suspension is only for two games.
bucsfan4ever: Could Davin lose his job to Zuttah?
bucsfan4ever: cool thanks JF
fbickley: Do the bucs believe Mahan is worth the salary? or is this a temporary fix? I would cry if I had to see him play guard for this team again.
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – College football just started this weekend, so I would not say we've done a lot of work for next year's draft already. Scott was doing some draft research today. He is our draft guru. I am more focused on the NFL and handle most of our free agency profiling and previewing. I did enjoy watching college football this past weekend, though. It's nice to have football back.
kegan: If Lee works out…could they cut AD and keep 4 TEs (when stevens returns)
kad72: Do you think we will see the usual tampa bay 4 man rush, or with a seemingly weak pass rush do you think we blitz a little more this year?
pewterreportjf: dls5492 – The Saints didn't really use Jeremy Shockey a lot in preseason because he was still getting used to Sean Payton's offense. I don't know if that was by design or if it really took Shockey that long to learn again. I would expect Shockey to be heavily involved in the offense, but I feel the Bucs linebackers had an outstanding offseason, camp and preseason, especially against the pass. I would think Shockey will be more of a factor the second time around when the Bucs and Saints meet as opposed to this weekend.
bmarti5: Any insight no offers for Simms, i'm glad that story is done with. Is Clayton on the block to be traded?
bucsfan4ever: Could Davin lose his job to Zuttah?
pewterreportjf: fbickley – Tampa Bay was attempting to re-sign Sean Mahan in 2007. The front office really wanted to bring him back, but they stepped out of the negotiations and allowed Pittsburgh to pay him the big bucks. The big difference this time around is Tampa Bay has even more cap room (about $30 million) and it is not responsible for Mahan's original signing bonus. That's why the Bucs can live with Mahan's $3 million base salary. Tampa Bay could also attempt to restructure Mahan's deal. We'll let you know what we find out.
pewterlove: Mahan huh?
pewterreportjf: kad72 – Tampa Bay will initially attempt to get after the quarterback with its front four. That would be the ideal scenario. However, if the front four isn't getting the job done Monte Kiffin seems like he's prepared to send more blitzes. From what I understand, Kiffin has designed some unique blitz packages for the defense just in case.
kad72: Thats good news
pewterlove: Any firm word on the feely situation?
kegan: Does Gruden have a speed WR package with Galloway, Bryant,
kegan: and jackson
pikappaphi422: Do you think Gruden will have a quick hook if Jeff plays like he did in the preseason, if so who goes in to replace Jeff
kad72: You gunna watch Arnwood vs. Plant friday night on ESPNU?
pewterreportjf: bmarti5 – Other media outlets reported that several teams inquired about Chris Simms when he was a Buccaneer, but Pewter Report heard otherwise and reported it. Despite some of the other reports suggesting otherwise, the Bucs did not field a single phone call on draft weekend regarding Simms. That said, I'm not surprised at all that no teams have signed him. Regarding Michael Clayton, the Bucs had trade talks about him with other teams last year, so it was not a surprise to learn the Bucs were talking trades with other teams this year. I think it was more of a thing where teams were feeling out the Bucs and they were feeling them out as well.
kad72: *Armwood
bucjoe: You can say Mahan had experience at RG, but it was almost ALL negative! Additionally, Dan played at RG some in the preseason and I thought played MUCH better than Mahan ever did. Mahan is a weakling at guard and I HATE this move!
pewterreportjf: pewterlova – Only what we reported, which was that kicker Jay Feely worked out for the Bucs a few days ago. I think Tampa Bay is doing its homework on kickers just in case, but will take Matt Bryant into the regular season opener to see how he does vs. the Saints. If his kicking woes linger into the regular season, then look for the Bucs to get serious about making a move at kicker.
pewterreportjf: kegan – The Bucs will use Dexter Jackson on some screen plays on offense, but not a lot. Yes, I do believe the Bucs will have some packages that feature Joey Galloway and Antonio Bryant.
bmarti5: What are the chances of Cadillac coming back this season?
pewterlove: Any word on the condition of Antonio's knee? does it seemlke it's gonna be something to worry about throughout the year? or was it just US taking pre-season precaution?
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – I don't see where Jon Gruden would pull Jeff Garcia in Week 1, but if Garcia struggles for a few games and Tampa Bay gets off to a 0-2 or 0-3 start, I think you would see Gruden make a change at quarterback. As of right now, I'm pretty sure Brian Griese would be the guy to replace Jeff Garcia.
bucjoe: I think the Bucs recent moves on the OL CREATED a great weakness where was a strength! Mahan is neither a good center nor a good guard!
guest: RT Willie Anderson is scheduled to visit the team on Wednesday, could this be the sign that they are not happy with Davis? The only problem is that Lee is listed as a RT and Anderson is a right tackle.
pewterlove: Is Antonio Bryant's knee ok?
pewterreportjf: bmarti5 – Tampa Bay really believes that Cadillac Williams will come back by Week 6 of the regular season. His comeback from the torn patellar tendon is a great story, but I have some concerns about Williams coming back so soon from that type of injury, especially when the Bucs have so much depth at running back with Earnest Graham, Warrick Dunn and Michael Bennett.
kad72: Hows BJ Askew doing? Hes crucial to our offense
bucjoe: I have heard that Gru is developing a package of plays, including some slants, some quick throws to the flat and some go routes for Dex Jack this season. Is this true?
pewterlove: Antonio Bryant I feel is the Bucs answer to success at the WR position. How is his knee holding up? is it a major concern?
pewterreportjf: pewterlova – Antonio Bryant has had some swelling in the knee for the past several weeks. Rest is what the Bucs believe will help remedy the problem, which is why we didn't see Bryant play much in the last two preseason games. It will be interesting to see how Bryant fares vs. the Saints.
bucjoe: I think Caddy should not play this year even if he feels good. Take the entire season to heal and get stronger, then come back and win the starting job next year.
kegan: I agree, bring Caddy back this year…only if one of the other backs gets hurt
pewterreportjf: guest – We dont' have any confirmation that Willie Anderson is scheduled to visit the Bucs on Wednesday, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did. The Bucs are not thrilled about the idea of entering the regular season with Anthony Davis as their backup left tackle. The team is also in need of a quality backup right tackle for Trueblood just in case of injury.
pewterlove: Can we get an early prediction of the score on Sunday?
pewterlove: Do you feel the Bucs can make a legit run at the super bowl this year? or is it all a bunch of rah rah talk?
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Yes, Jon Gruden has some plays that are specifically designed for rookie WR Dexter Jackson. But remember — Jackson is a return specialist and is raw at receiver, so he won't be used a lot on offense in his rookie year.
bucjoe: I wouldn't play Caddy even if we get a back hurt; bring up Clifton Smith and go with him along with the other two backs.
bucsfan4ever: Hey JF can u check and see if we are all signed up for the PR league? Nobody else was showing up but me – so guess I win right?
pewterlove: Is Micheal Bennet in the plans to get a lot of touches eacj game?
bmarti5: If Caddy comes back do the Bucs have to cut someone?
pewterreportjf: pewterlova – Take my prediction for what it's worth, and you probably won't like it, but I am probably saying 20-17, Saints over Bucs.
pewterlove: WOW!!
pewterlove: I appreciate the honesty
kad72: Hows BJ Askew doin? we need him
pewterreportjf: pewterlova – I do not like how the Bucs offense fared in preseason, especially Jeff Garcia. That is the main reason why I'm picking the Saints to defeat the Bucs in Week 1. I certainly hope I'm wrong, though.
bucjoe: Are you PROBABLY saying that, or you saying PROBABLY 20-17?
pewterlove: Pick 6 is all I have to say!!
bucsfan4ever: Any word on WHERE the game will be played – RJS or Superdome?
kad72: espn said superdome
kad72: but thats espn
pewterreportjf: pewterlova – No, I think Tampa Bay's defense looked very good in camp and preseason, but I can see the Bucs offense creating scoring opportunities for the Saints, unfortunately. If Tampa Bay does not turn the ball over it will have a great shot of winning in New Orleans.
pewterlove: I like that in ya JF
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – We have no concrete information, but we've been hearing that the Bucs will play the Saints in the Superdome as originally scheduled.
bmarti5: IF Tampa does not turn the ball over they are undefeated under Gruden. Easy prediction.
pewterlove: The D is going to be good, Hopefully Brees throws a coupkle touchdowns into our hands
bucjoe: Do you think the Saints defense will be improved with all the moves they made, or will it be about the same?
bucsfan4ever: Nuts was hoping for the rathole at LSU
pewterreportjf: bucjoe – Saints 20 Bucs 17.
pewterlove: Antonio Bryant is going to be HUGE this year!! I am saying now
bucjoe: JF, I like how you are definitive!!
pewterreportjf: B.J. Askew is supposed to be back to practice this week. He had surgery to repair his ankle, which was giving him problems. You're right — Askew is a huge part of the offense. I just wonder how the offense is going to find its groove when it was without Askew, Garcia and Joey Galloway for so much of camp and preseason.
kegan: How do you think Tjac will do this year…he look a little weak in preseason
bmarti5: What is it about Zuttah that makes him stand out, it seems we hear this about every new face that comes in.
bucjoe: I think what will help a sputtering offense is the Saints defense.
kad72: thanks jf
guest: Its not which is going to cause fans to be in an up roar over the lack of playing time during the final pre-season game for Garcia and rightfully so.
pewterreportjf: guest – That's a great point. The Bucs offense hasn't scored an opening day touchdown in two straight years, but that was against stellar defenses in Baltimore and Seattle. New Orleans' defense, although likely improved, isn't that good. That's why I can see the offense scoring some points vs. the Saints. The question is will the offense score enough?
bucsfan4ever: Tjac is waiting 4 the regular season so he can PLOW Shochey into the turf
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, Bucs fans. Great questions tonight.
bucjoe: Thanks JF!! This is a great time!!
pewterreportjf: Enjoy Sunday's game. It should be a good one. Take care!

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