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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept 23, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Jim Flynn hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Flynn is identified as pewterreportjf. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.


pewterreportjf: Hello, Bucs fans. Let the chat session begin.
pikappaphi422: Will Bennett be active this week
buccanoles: How would u rate SOB over Garcia at this point JF?
pikappaphi422: When do you think Dexter will get a chance at WR
pewterreportjf: pikappaph – We're not sure if Michael Bennett will be active this week. Don't get your hopes up. Dexter Jackson has not done well as a return specialist, but the Bucs have a second-round draft pick invested in him. They have much less invested in Bennett, although Bennett deserves to be active over Jackson. We could find out as early as tomorrow.
vegasbuc: How is Antoine Cash doing? Is he going to make a full recovery?
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – No, I don't think you're going to see much of Dexter Jackson at wide receiver. He needs to work on being the punt and kickoff returner, first.
pewterreportjf: vegasbuc – I am not sure how Antoine Cash is doing. I haven't heard anything, but the Bucs did expect him to make a full recovery when he was injured in August.
buccanoles: Is Clayton back in favor with JG now JF?
pikappaphi422: Jon make a comment at the post game about Caddy, any word how he is doing
dls5492: What is the latest on Davin Joseph?
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – Jon Gruden is rooting for Michael Clayton, but I'm not sure he's sold on him just yet. Clayton has been very inconsistent over the past three seasons. He performed fairly well on Sunday. Clayton likely will continue to start at flanker, especially with Maurice Stovall struggling so much vs. Chicago.
buccanoles: How about the Griese vs Garcia ? JF
vegasbuc: Did Cash at least get an injury settlement out of the deal? Sad to see these guys going down with serious neck injuries just about every week in the NFL.
pewterreportjf: dls5492 – The Bucs are hoping to get Davin Joseph back soon. He had the boot on his foot removed a few weeks ago, which is good news. Jeremy Zuttah has performed well in his place, but the Bucs could use Joseph as he is able to move bigger defenders off of the line of scrimmage. We should get another update on Joseph tomorrow.
buccanoles: Do they see Hayes a future replacement for Brooks? He has seen some playing time recently JF
fbickley: is stovall in a show me year? Or will he get another year
dls5492: What is the latest on Al Harris? If he doesn't play, how will that affect what the Bucs do on offense?
guest: Jim, u think Antonio Bryant is the real deal or a flash in the pan?
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – Can Geno Hayes eventually replace Derrick Brooks? It's possible, but the Bucs need to see Hayes play more before making that determination. So far, so good with Hayes, though. He's been outperforming Tampa Bay's two 2007 draft picks, Quincy Black and Adam Hayward.
buccanoles: Why did Clayton say he would start and didn't? I thought he was a lock, but Hilliard started instead.
spartan: the Bryant question was from me, sorry, forgot to log in
vegasbuc: Are the Bucs that high on Geno Hayes or just that down on Hayward?
pewterreportjf: fbickley – The Bucs were patient with Michael Clayton when he was struggling. I think Tampa Bay will be patient with Stovall, too, but it all depends on how much depth the Bucs add to the wide receiver position in 2009. I don't see the Bucs keeping both Clayton and Stovall around next year.
pikappaphi422: do you think we will see more of the sugar huddle this week, seems the O gets on a roll with the sugar and the no huddle
buccanoles: Both or one has to go JF?
pewterreportjf: guest – I need to see more from Antonio Bryant before I decide whether he's the real deal or not. Bryant needs to catch the ball better. I like how his knee, which gave him a lot of trouble in camp and preseason, seems to be holding up. The Bucs will need Bryant to continue to be productive and stretch the field since Joey Galloway probably will miss a few more weeks of action.
dls5492: What is the latest on Al Harris? If he doesn't play, how will that affect what the Bucs do on offense?
pikappaphi422: Any chance bennett takes Stovall's spot on game day, didn't bennett practice with ST during TC
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – There's a chance Bucs head coach Jon Gruden will use the no huddle offense more against the Packers. It worked well against the Bears. Plus, the no huddle would be a good way to get the Packers tired in the hot and humid conditions in Tampa.
buccanoles: Whats the feeling with Adams this year for the FO, I am sure they are very excited about the start of the season.
pewterreportjf: dls5492 – Sounds like Packers CB Al Harris is probably out for the season with a ruptured spleen. I just don't see him playing vs. the Bucs regardless of what the official diagnosis winds up being.
buccanoles: Was Ronde having a bad day? Or were the safties out of postion when he got beat JF?
spartan: Jim, there seems to be a lot of 'slipping' going on in the backfield this year, are we being too aggressive?
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – There's a chance Bennett will be active over Stovall, but only if Galloway plays, which I don't think will happen. The Bucs need numbers at receiver, so I think Stovall will play, especially since he's a solid special teams contributor. Michael Bennett played gunner a bit in OTAs, but he's not a proven player like Stovall is on STs.
buccanoles: Do the Bucs have a plan to stop Kampman for GB with the RB chips or TE's?
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – The Bucs front office is pleased with Gaines Adams. He's not having a second-year slump, that's for sure. The Bucs need him to generate more of a pass rush, though. It's never good enough.
bucsfan4ever: JF How long will Gru put up with DexJack falling down when the team is still 10 yds away?
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – Not sure why Ronde Barber was having trouble with Brandon Lloyd on Sunday. Hey, everyone has a bad day, right?
guest: barber had been beat a lot so far
pewterreportjf: spartan – I've noticed that the Bucs are having trouble keeping their footing as well, but I don't think it's at one position. I've seen Bucs cornerbacks, running backs and wide receivers slip.
hit55fan: barber has been beat alot
buccanoles: I heard on the radio that D jax admiited he fell to a journalist on purpose to avoid contact(PR) and that JG was going to investigate those comments. Any truth to that?
pikappaphi422: Will Marcus be moved backed to the PS
hit55fan: That was one of the PR guys he said that too wasnt it?
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – I'm sure the Bucs will use the tight ends and running backs to help hold off DE Aaron Kampman, but we don't know the game plan. Heck, the Bucs players don't even know the game plan yet. They'll get that tomorrow.
buccanoles: Scott I think hit
vegasbuc: Did you get the details yet on Great White's contract extension?
hit55fan: I love the pic on the msg of the djax dive class.. thats classic.
pewterreportjf: guest – It will be important for Ronde Barber to rebound as it won't get any easier covering WR Greg Jennings this week. He's averaging nearly 20 yards per reception. I think Barber will rebound, though.
bucsfan4ever: JF How long will Gru put up with DexJack falling down when the other team is still 10 yds away?
bmarti5: JF, do you think Garcia will make it past the trade deadline?
bucsfan4ever: Well the Bucs should know what cleats to use on home turf!! I hope
spartan: Pika, Dj told Scott and Emily followed up on it in the after game conference, JG was not a happy camper :)
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – That is true. Dexter Jackson told Scott Reynolds that he falls to the ground to avoid contact. Scott asked Jon Gruden about that on Monday, and Gruden said the team needed to investigate that comment. We'll find out what Gruden learned this week.
cheveliar: wazzup fellas!!!!
dls5492: I loved B Rudd interceptions! I think most corners in the league don't make that catch! Talk about Rudd's play this year. Thanks
buccanoles: I don't think Ronde will have a bad game IMO, he is to good to let it happen, he even said on his radio show what play are you talking about because he already forgot.
spartan: oops, scott did
cheveliar: You JF, did you get my question for Faine?
buccanoles: Great concentration from Rudd
bmarti5: JF, do you think Garcia will make it past the trade deadline?
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – No, Bucs CB Marcus Hamilton has been claimed off waivers by the Chicago Bears. The Bucs were trying to put him back on the practice squad since Elbert Mack is back from his one-game suspension. The Bucs were livid that Mack was suspended and lost his appeal last week, and the Bears claiming Hamilton only adds fuel to the fire.
buccanoles: Can they get him back JF?
bucsfan4ever: Not unless the Bears cut him
buccanoles: I thought the Bucs could math the offer.
pewterreportjf: bucsfan4ever – The Bucs should have already benched Dexter Jackson, but they haven't. There's some politics involved. Who knows how long they'll put up with it, but they'll continue to get criticized if Jackson keeps diving to the ground instead of returning the ball.
buccanoles: match sorry
pewterreportjf: bmart15 – I don't see a team trading for Jeff Garcia. The teams that are in a market for a quarterback have seasons that are already nearly over. Garcia might not even play past this season. He's 38 and turns 39 in February. He hasn't bene playing well since the end of last season. The Bucs might wind up holding onto Garcia unless they get an offer they can't refuse.
pikappaphi422: If a player is claimed off of waviers does he have to sign with that team? Not saying someone would not sign with the new team, but can they
buccanoles: The announcers said he should have checked his cleats before trying to return, do we know if he was out there before the game fielding KO's and punts to prepare JF? They questioned players dedication when they don't do that.
cheveliar: JF, posted a question for you guys to ask Faine tomorrow if you don't mind. Would love to know where the unique shotgun snap comes from?
bucsfan4ever: Hey if the Lambs can start Green SOMEbody will want Garcia
pikappaphi422: I understand them benching DJ off the KR, but still would like to see him at WR
pewterreportjf: dls5492 – Barrett Ruud is going to be a great player. Right now he's very good. I'll have some scoop for you on Friday regarding Ruud and his future with the Bucs. That interception by Ruud was amazing.
pewterreportjf: chev – No, I did not get your question regarding Jeff Faine.
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – No, the Bucs can't get Marcus Hamilton back unless the Bears release him or the Bucs trade for him, which isn't going to happen.
cheveliar: Check out the insider before you guys go to OBP tomorrow…preciate if you guys could get an answer for that
pewterreportjf: buccanoles – The Bucs are an NFL team. They have equipment managers. Cleats aren't Dexter Jackson's problem.
buccanoles: nuff said JF
bucsfan4ever: Why would you want DexJack at WR – he would prob run out of bounds beore the ball got there so he did get hurt – what a girl
buccanoles: I thought that was the issue(his heart) but was reaching.
dls5492: D Jack problem is fear. He has to get over that. Maybe a sports psychiatrist.
kybucfan: JF – How does Talib look for this week? Questionable/doubtable? I know that Gruden said that he's looking better than Galloway…but that's not saying much.
bucsfan4ever: ahhh didn't get hurt
pewterreportjf: pikappaphi422 – Don't expect to see Dexter Jackson playing offense, with the exception of a few wrinkles and plays for him, as a wide receiver. Bucs WRs coach Richard Mann told me earlier in the offseason that he wasn't a wide receiver and that he was very raw, and that the Bucs drafted him to be a return specialist. The Jackson pick is not looking too good right now.
cheveliar: How happy were they with Clayton returning the ball? He looked like a guy hungry for some PT so he could contribute in any way…would that be an accurate characterazation?
buccanoles: Clayton looked fast on that return and I mean fast.
pewterreportjf: kybucfan – Jon Gruden told us on Monday that he felt Aqib Talib had a better chance of playing this week, but we won't know his official status for the game until Friday. We'll know whether he practices or not starting on Wednesday.
vegasbuc: Clayton better learn to tuck the ball if he is going to return kicks. He is a fumble waiting to happen.
pikappaphi422: Bucfan4ever The WR for the Rams a few years ago bruce and holt always drop to the ground to avoid hits
bucsfan4ever: Clayton looked REALLY good – at least he stayed on his feet
buccanoles: So does Galloway
buccanoles: Avoid hits I mean
kybucfan: thx
pewterreportjf: cheveliar – I agree with you. I like the way Michael Clayton returns kickoffs, but I don't know if the Bucs are going to stick with Clayton or not. We'll try to find out more this week. Pewter Report asked Jon Gruden about Dexter Jackson on Monday, and Gruden clearly did not want to answer the questions.
cheveliar: Not Joey, I hate to say it but at his age, we can't risk him getting blown up by some rook trying to et on SC
bucsfan4ever: Yeah but they also were drafted as recievers unlike DexJack who is NOT doing what he was drafted for
buccanoles: I hope D Jax doesn't think he is Galloway yet and can drop to the ground, he isn't proven yet.
bucsfan4ever: EXACTLY buccanoles
cheveliar: I thought Clayton was better than Smith. Be nice to have both of them returning kicks
pewterreportjf: The frustrating part is that the Bucs could have traded their fourth-round pick and their second-rounder (those picks were used on DT Dre Moore and WR Dexter Jackson) to move up in the second round and select WR Eddie Royal, who has been very impressive for the Broncos. Royal was one hell of a return guy at Virginia Tech, and he's a pretty good receiver, too. Moore is on Tampa Bay's practice squad and Jackson should be benched.
pewterreportjf: I've got to get going, room.
bucsfan4ever: top 4th 2-1 birds
buccanoles: Hind sight JF it's a beautiful thing
dls5492: Thank you!!!!!!!!
pikappaphi422: See Ya
cheveliar: Later JF, don't forget to check out my Faine question for open locker room tomorrow…
bucsfan4ever: thanks JF
pewterreportjf: Thanks for joining the chat session and bringing the great questions. Enjoy Sunday's game between the Bucs and Packers. It should be a great one.

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