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The Chat Session was held from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept 30, 2008.

Pewter Report Bucs beat writer Scott Reynolds hosted the 30-minute chat session and answered questions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. provides Bucs fans with a transcript of Tuesday's chat session below.

Reynolds is identified as pewterreportsr. His chat room identity is bolded below.

The chat transcript reads from top to bottom.

pewterreportsr: Hello everyone! Bucs are 3-1. You have to be happy about that.
bucsfan4ever: YEAH
hamburgler: very
bschucher: absolutely
guest: Both wins have been ugly, Brian Griese played like crap!
guest: I'll be happy when we get through these next four games
netsbucscardsfan: bring in josh johnson j/k
bschucher: Griese does have to get it together
talib 25: It's great to finally be able to chat again! I haven't been in here in a few months.
bucsfan4ever: any word on that rumor Big Al sent out about OUR beloved Kiffin?
bschucher: cant keep winning with his INTs
pewterreportsr: The Bucs won largely because of Griese at Chicago. They won in spite of him on Sunday against Green Bay.
dls5492: Any word on how bad Sabby is injured?
hamburgler: yeah our defense is on fire but we cant keep relying on them…as usual
guest: I think Davis dropped that Monte story just to take a shot at the Bucs
guest: How does Gruden sit there and say that Griese has made big plays? WTF?!
guest: key word in both of those statements is WON
netsbucscardsfan: why don't we run any screen plays for dexter jackson
detroitbuc: when will Joey be back?????
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow at One Buc Place about Monte Kiffin's supposed interest in the Oakland job.
bucsfan4ever: cause Dex hadn't earned it
hamburgler: yeah..whats the deal with the white tiger?
bucsfan4ever: but he did good on sunday
guest: So how many points has our offense scored not having to do with turnovers?
netsbucscardsfan: we need some speed on offense im sure dexter can break a big play. its not like our other recievrers are playing great
pewterreportsr: netsbucscardsfan – DJax has to earn his way onto offense with better special teams play. Last Sunday was a good start.
guest: What are the odds tampa makes a play a roy williams before the trade deadline
guest: I mean how many points have we scored when our defense doesn't provide us with a turnover?
detroitbuc: will we go after Roy Williams
guest: To get Roy in a trade is alot better than being in a bidding war in the offseason
detroitbuc: when is joey coming back???
guest: Why is Griese not hitting wide open receivers?!
bmarti5: SR, Any updates on Cadillac. Do you forsee Garcia getting traded?
bucsfan4ever: SR do u think Greise's arm was still sore from last Sunday? 67 attempts is A LOT
detroitbuc: why are the BUCs 3-1???,LOL
pewterreportsr: guest – The Bucs have scored 80 points on offense – 101 points total (including 21 defensive points). That's an average of 20 per game.
netsbucscardsfan: if griese throws 3 picks against denver and we win. will he get benched
talib 25: What are the chances that the Bucs make a play for a WR like T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Torry Holt, or Roy Williams before the trade deadline and which is the most likely target?
hamburgler: thats crazy we score more point but more picks come with it
pewterreportsr: guest – I think there is a chance that the Bucs will have an interest in Roy Williams, but my guess is that Dallas will be the front-runner for him.
bucsfan4ever: Yeah TO is starting to make waves agian
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – I don't think Garcia will be traded. I also think Caddy comes back after Week 6 from the PUP list.
dls5492: The offensive line has been great! Any word on Davin's injury?
pewterreportsr: bucsfan4ever – I don't think Griese's arm was sore from Chicago.
bucsfan4ever: So who goes to make room for him?
rdhess: Will Bennett be traded when Caddy comes back?
hamburgler: Is there any new update on Sabby?
talib 25: Is it possible that the Bucs QB situation is still up in the air and a guy like Garcia could get back into the starting lineup or has Griese solidified that job now.
netsbucscardsfan: if griese throws 3 picks against denver and we win. will he get benched
pewterreportsr: talib25 – I think the Bucs could make a play for Torry Holt. Remember, Greg Olson was the O-coordinator in St. Louis. He likes Holt.
guest: Who rides the pine on sundays if caddy comes back? Cdaay, dunn, graham?
pewterreportsr: guest – I would not be surprised if this was Galloway's last year in Tampa.
talib 25: Interesting SR.
rdhess: Remember the first pick on Sunday wasn't Griese's fault
pewterreportsr: rdhess – The Bucs aren't trying to trade Michael Bennett.
detroitbuc: any world on Joey comeing Back
talib 25: What are the chances that Galloway or Joseph play this week?
dls5492: The offensive line has been great! Any word on Davin's injury?
buc4life79: griese is 7-1 as our starter dont forget that
netsbucscardsfan: if griese throws 3 picks against denver and we win. will he get benched
pewterreportsr: guest – Just because Caddy could come back in Week 7 doesn't mean he would be active right away.
pewterreportsr: dls5492 – I think Davin could come back in two weeks against Carolina at home.
buc4life79: caddie sits out rest of year come back strong next year
pewterreportsr: dls5492 – Zuttah has played some real credible football for a rookie. The offense hasn't missed a beat with him in there.
rdhess: SR – who do you think would be let go when/if Caddy comes off the PUP?
buc4life79: graham and dunn are doing fine
guest: Yup.
bucsfan4ever: with denver d be so bad against the run – do you see Bennett getting any action?
detroitbuc: Joey is a bum
guest: What is the word on the injuries to Trueblood and Sears?
buc4life79: bennett returning maybe
netsbucscardsfan: cut cadillac graham is better and we need a Rb with hands to spell graham
pewterreportsr: bucs4life79 – I hope Caddy sits out all of 2008. I think he needs OTAs and a training camp to come back 100 percent – and shouldn't be rushed back during the season.
guest: Is Joey Galloway retiring this year?
buc4life79: i agree
bucsfan4ever: agree sr
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – I think Galloway is out another 2 weeks. He might be able to come back against Carolina.
guest: Why do we even need Caddy when we have Graham? Caddy isn't even as good as Graham!
buc4life79: we have two good backs and bennett in the wings why risk it
detroitbuc: dam really
hamburgler: trade bait
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Actually, Griese is 8-1 as a Bucs starter over the last 9 games.
detroitbuc: trade all the bums
talib 25: How much do the Bucs like James Lee? Would they release him to pick up a guy like Petitgout?
guest: What is the word on the injuries to Trueblood and Sears?
buc4life79: you are correct…sorry
guest: Griese should thank the defense for being 8-1 as a starter in his last 9 starts
buc4life79: but still thats a good stat
netsbucscardsfan: whats up with ronde… will this be his last year as a starter
dls5492: I have some minor concern about the big plays given up by the secondary? Are these concerns justified?
nfcsouthchamps2008: Are the Bucs considering making any moves to acquire players before the trade deadline?
pewterreportsr: guest – No word on any injuries yet, other than B.J. Askew. He's got a torn hamstring and he's out at least 4 more weeks. He's trying to make it back in closer to 3 weeks.
bucsfan4ever: dang I liked Askew
bschucher: damn..Storer gonna have to keep playin well
guest: Is Talib near 100%?
talib 25: Will the Bucs sign a backup FB or just go with Storer only?
pewterreportsr: talib25 – The Bucs do like James Lee. I think they would only be interested in Petitgout if Penn were to get hurt.
buc4life79: two thumbs up to our d line as of late
guest: Askew is always injured. He throws great blocks but is built to small to carry the weight of big D-linemen, which is why he is always injured
hamburgler: yeah gaines adams has been a beast lately
buc4life79: white is comin along too….
bucsfan4ever: with denver d be so bad against the run – do you see Bennett getting any action?
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – I think they are going to stick with Storer. The Bucs do run a lot of 1-back sets. Also, Graham was at FB and scored as a FB vs. Green Bay. Dunn was the HB decoy on the play.
detroitbuc: the D line is getting better
netsbucscardsfan: where do we rank in sacks so far?
buc4life79: i think we have 8 i believe
guest: What about the bucs interest in Cecil Sapp
guest: As we approach the trade deadline, are there any players on the Bucs radar or are they content with the team as is and try to just clean up the mental errors
talib 25: Sapp was signed by the Texans already.
pewterreportsr: netsbucscardsfan – I told Ronde tonight that I predict him getting a pick-6 vs. the Broncos, and that when he does, he has to give me my props!
guest: SR, in the game film you have watched, has Clayton been gaining any separation from defenders?
netsbucscardsfan: we have to have more then 8 sacks
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – You're right about the DEs. Adams, White, Carter and Wilkerson are all getting after the QB.
guest: What's the word on Ryan Sims?
outkast22: Bucs are 7th on offense and 13th on defense…GO Bucs
nfcsouthchamps2008: No pressure from Haye this year, though…
hamburgler: excatly i noticed that in the saints game we weren't getting a good pass rush and we lost
talib 25: With the way that Wilkerson has been playing, do you see him getting into the rotation on the defensive line a lot more often than just on third downs.
pewterreportsr: guest – Askew tore his hamstring in the 4th quarter covering a kickoff … and he still made the tackle. Then he taped it up and played all of OT. He's a tough S.O.B.
hamburgler: wow
buc4life79: we have 11 sacks
rdhess: SR – What happened to DJax this past week to make him return kicks/punts without falling down?
guest: Is Griese really our "long term answer" at QB?
bschucher: 7th on offense? Amazing LOL
hamburgler: and he doesnt mean Son Of Bob (Griese)
dls5492: I have some minor concern about the big plays given up by the secondary? Are these concerns justified?
pewterreportsr: netsbucscardsfan – Not sure where the Bucs rank in sacks, but they have 11 and are on pace for 44 for the year, which would be a dramatic improvement from last year.
hamburgler: does anybody know where we are on the Power Rankings this week?
bucsfan4ever: and have planted a few that got away (like that hit on Rogers)
guest: Did you guys ever get the details on Greg White's new contract?
outkast22: SR any idea on possible trade scenarios..
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Sims should be up this week on the active roster.
buc4life79: we are 10th
buc4life79: in rankings
guest: SR, I'm not drawing into question Askew's toughness, I'm just saying that his build makes him injury prone.
netsbucscardsfan: thanks
guest: espn has us at 10 peter king has us at 8
outkast22: 10th on power rankings
hamburgler: cool…thanks
guest: Scott, sorry if already answered for I was late….But in your opinion what would it take for Griese to get pulled and if so who goes in?
pewterreportsr: rdhess – Askew and some vets had some long talks with Dexter and told him "you don't fall down unless someone is taking you down!" It worked.
buc4life79: i think we will see how good of a defense we have against denver
hamburgler: we should shine against denver
guest: Bucs rank *th in the league with 11 sacks
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Griese could be the long-term answer at QB if he seriously cuts down on the INTs. That's been the story of his life, though.
bucsfan4ever: good on the vets for getting in there
hamburgler: our D-line is tasting blood
talib 25: Will the Bucs decide to re-sign Jermaine Phillips in the offseason because of Sabby's injury history.
guest: I wish the "veteran talk" that worked with Dexter could work with Griese, particularly on the INTs
guest: BUcs rank 8th in the league in sacks
netsbucscardsfan: we are winning 12 games this season
buc4life79: phillips will be resigned
pewterreportsr: outkast22 – I was told tonight that the Bucs aren't shopping Michael Bennett. It doesn't mean he won't be traded if the right offer comes along, though.
guest: Why does Griese throw INTs when there are receivers WIDE OPEN?!! That really kills me.
outkast22: SR…when do you forsee the FO giving extensions to P-Buc, Ruud, etc?
talib 25: Why hasn't Bennett been playing?
pewterreportsr: guest – As long as Griese keeps winning, he's the QB. If it's not him, I think McCown gets the next shot.
buc4life79: dont need bennett dunn and graham are doing fine
bucsfan4ever: then please explain WHY Bennett is not used?
guest: I think Gruden seriously misled Bennett when he was re-signed. If he is not going to play him, he owes him an apology!
buc4life79: have bennett do kick returns
rdhess: Through 4 games – who has surprised you most? disappointed the most?
pewterreportsr: talib 25 – Sabby has had some freak injuries, but so has Flip. It's the nature of the position. I think Sabby is the starting SS next year.
netsbucscardsfan: is geno derrick brooks heir or is it adam or quincy
guest: Griese needs to have some serious "veteran talk" given to him
guest: So if Griese puts together another game with 2-3 INTs and they lose….You see McCown starting against the Panthers?
outkast22: SR do feel that there is an interest in Roy Williams? He has to be on the free agency radar for next offseason….unless the Lions asking price is too high
talib 25: How did Anthony Davis and Sean Mahan look when they filled in for Penn and Sears?
guest: No, if Griese wins, but throws 3 INTs, and 1 or 2 TDs, I think we'll hear Gruden lauding his "tremendous playmaking ability"!
pewterreportsr: outkast22 – I think Ruud and P-Buc could get extensions later this year. I think Rosenhaus wants to take P-Buc to free agency, though. Just my opinion – not based on inside scoop.
bmarti5: SR – If Garcia is done after this year, why not get something for him later in the season?
hillside: Do you know the details of Greg White's extension?
netsbucscardsfan: we better keep p-buc
buc4life79: white got a two years
talib 25: I think that Adam Hayward will be the future Sam LB when Derrick Brooks retires and Cato will be put in Derrick's spot at Will.
pewterreportsr: guest – Bennett was re-signed before the acquisition of Warrick Dunn. The Bucs didn't know that Dunn was going to be a FA.
outkast22: would be a shame….P-Buc is playing great this year
hamburgler: i agree netbucs
rdhess: I have been impressed with E. Mack
pewterreportsr: outkast22 – There better be some interest in Roy Williams.
buc4life79: i agree
bschucher: DONT WANNA lose Pbuc!
detroitbuc: i agree get Roy
buc4life79: we need some help at reciever
guest: Still, I think Gruden needs to be professional and have a talk with Bennett rather than leaving him in the dark.
pewterreportsr: guest – If the Bucs lose and Griese has 2-3 picks in Denver, McCown may get a shot.
nfcsouthchamps2008: Do the Bucs even WANT to re-sign Flip?
hillside: I see E. Mack being like Antoine Winfield
buc4life79: bryant has really stepped up but stovall has disappointed me
outkast22: SR…enough to generate a trade or are the Bucs content with the offensive output…I mean..7th is pretty impressive for this team
hillside: little dude with plays big
dls5492: I have some minor concern about the big plays given up by the secondary? Are these concerns justified?
hamburgler: Luke has the illest Play Action in the game…for the record
detroitbuc: i just have that feeling that Bruce want go after Roy
talib 25: Is there any chance that Jeff Garcia gets back into the starting lineup?
pewterreportsr: bmarti5 – I don't think Garcia is worth much on the trade market.
hamburgler: gets me everytime
guest: do u feel the bucs should give up a first round pick for Roy Williams
guest: Does it irk you that this offense is like a junkyard of discarded NFL players?
buc4life79: roy for a late 2nd or early third
netsbucscardsfan: do not trade our 1st rd picks
detroitbuc: and 2 FOR rOY
outkast22: oop, look what I started…
bschucher: junkyard?
bschucher: silly
hillside: the offense is ranked in the top 10 right now
pewterreportsr: guest – I've always said that Gruden could do a better job of communicating with his players.
guest: Scott, What do you think it would take to land Roy Williams and I know its early but do you see something going down?
netsbucscardsfan: a 3rd for holt would do just fine
buc4life79: yeah drink more crown…lol
bucsfan4ever: junkyard?? we have ALOT of young players
guest: Well, you can find some valuable parts in a junkyard. Ok, I take it back.
guest: I have that feeling too. We can get Roy for a second and fourth
pewterreportsr: hillside – The reason why the O is ranked in the top 10 is the play of the offensive line. All hail Bill Muir!
outkast22: I have started an avalanche…..yikes….
talib 25: I also think that the Cowboys will land Roy Williams. That's where he wants to be and they wouldn't be afraid of giving up a first round pick for him.
buc4life79: our oine is kickin right now
guest: Is Bill Muir the equivalent to what Bill Callahan was in Oakland?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't know what it would take to land Williams. My guess is a first-round pick to start with.
guest: Torry Holt is getting older. We need a young wr
outkast22: SR on another note (and sorry if this has been brought up) you think there is an offensive assistant position on this staff for Lane Kiffin
guest: do u feel the bucs should give up a first round pick for Roy Williams
bucsfan4ever: and maybe TO also if starts his Sh1t again
dls5492: How's Matt Bryant doing?
guest: I still lament not getting Calvin Johnson in the draft!
netsbucscardsfan: i know earnest graham has done well breaking big runs for us but imagine if we had chris johnson or felix jones running through those holes
buc4life79: sr…amything on troupe and his injury
detroitbuc: Bruce Allen is to lame to pull the trigger on a Roy deal
hillside: We wouldn't have gaines adams though
pewterreportsr: outkast22 – Not sure about Lane Kiffin joining the Bucs. I think he is better suited to coach in college. We'll see what the fallout is surrounding Lane after Al Davis' press conference today.
talib 25: No, I think Lane will go back to college. He's probably more suited there.
dls5492: How's Matt Bryant doing?
guest: SR, is Donald Penn doing well enough at LT to warrant us not needing an upgrade at that position?
outkast22: I mean we do have Coach B wearing two hats….just a thought
pewterreportsr: detroitbuc – Bruce Allen traded for Joey Galloway, Brian Griese, Luke McCown, Ryan Sims and Michael Bennett. I think he's done quite well with trades.
guest: Also, Is Clayton able to gain separation from defenders at all?
pewterreportsr: buc4life79 – Troupe was cut.
talib 25: Troupe signed with the Raiders.
netsbucscardsfan: how is josh johnson doing in practice
buc4life79: no the reciever in camp that hurt is leg..maybe it wasnt troupe
buc4life79: from fsu
guest: Josh Johnson is another Cordell Stewart
pewterreportsr: hillside – Gaines is living up to all the hype we bestowed on him during the OTAs and camp. A couple of sacks and a couple of INTs and a TD is a great start for him.
hillside: When Trueblood got hurt, who came in for him?
outkast22: Anthony Davis
guest: Anthony Davis
outkast22: SR are you giving us a W in Denver?
talib 25: How did Anthony Davis and Sean Mahan look?
bschucher: I AM !
bschucher: lol
guest: Has Sean Mahan even played?
outkast22: yes
guest: Flynn predicted us to win in Denver
bucsfan4ever: he can in for a few plays
netsbucscardsfan: hey even kordell played very well in 97
guest: I still think this team loses something out west
dls5492: Scott, How's Matt Bryant doing?
guest: Cordell was a glorified running back!
pewterreportsr: outkast22 – I think the Bucs CAN win in Denver, but I'm going to follow my picks in the PR Season Kickoff Issue and dial up a loss. Hey, I'm 4-0 in my picks this year – my best start ever – so why go off the reservation now?
buc4life79: whos the reciever from fsu who hurt his leg in camp
bucsfan4ever: I think we can beat Denver. Their run d ahhhhhh sucks
outkast22: lol
buc4life79: i mean at the combine
outkast22: Well played sir, well played……
bschucher: well SR i hope you blow it this weekend then
netsbucscardsfan: he threw for 3000 yds in 97 with 21 tds
talib 25: Wasn't it Faggins or something?
guest: I want to see us destroy Carolina, I can't stand them. I want us to knock a few of their players out too.
buc4life79: decody fagg
talib 25: That's it.
buc4life79: thats who it was
detroitbuc: i am with you guest
pewterreportsr: dls5492 – Haven't seen Matt Bryant since Sunday. He has pictures of Tryson plastered all inside his locker room. He loved that little boy and is going to dedicate this season to him.
bucsfan4ever: especailly Steve (I am the boxer) Smith
buc4life79: why not look at him if hes a 100 percent
netsbucscardsfan: we need to run 40 times against denver
buc4life79: sr…decody fagg anything on him
guest: I hope this team dedicates the season to him. Remember what happened when Jurevicius lost his infant son? SuperBowl
bschucher: yeah.. he has a real bad name
buc4life79: lol
outkast22: well I will keep scouring the net for every ounce of info on Roy Williams…..I even joined a Detroit Lions Forum…the Lions' fans want him traded, its almost laughable..they want him gone for anything they can get…..
talib 25: LOL
dls5492: Scott, when you see Matt agian, tell him all of us at PR love him and Melissa!
hamburgler: lol
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, folks. Great questions tonight. Tell your friends about and be sure to listen to me tomorrow on the Buccaneer Blitz show at 5:00 p.m. on WDAE 620 AM.

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