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    Strike Three.

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    Will we even notice that Bowers is missing? Its not like we hear his name called on Sundays unless it is a penalty. Bowers is a case of them trying to steal a value player (and it seemed to make sense at the time) that totally backfired. I think a flaw in the draft evaluations is that the scouts should discount any stats against lesser opponents and only look at player production when playing against talented teams/players. I almost hope they just put up a list of players names on the wall for the draft and then throw darts at it while blindfolded. Our chances of landing a solid player might improve.

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    this guy can’t even cheat and be good. Smh c’mon Bucs!!

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    I haven’t looked why doesn’t someone do it for me and compare Bowers snaps vs tackles vs sacks VS McCoy we need not be worried about Bowers we need to be worried about our one year wonder McCoy who is his own biggest fan that everyone believes his blah blah blah!! He still has the best get off in football but hasn’t improved his game after his second step at all, well I take that back this staff has kept him from running 5 yards past the play and totally removing himself from the play. He is so fast off the ball if he ever learned the game , had any experience/ instincts and some secondary pass rush moves he would be deadly, one of the best ever.He however just likes to politic !!!

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    Oh BTW stop withe the McCoy great player bull sht , he has 17 tackles and two sacks,Sheldon Richardson has 31 tackles 3 sacks ,a forced fumble and a fumble recovery and is a second year player and hasn’t missed a season yet!!!! Is he more talented than McCoy , NO ,He Plays harder and truly works at and cares about his craft more ,PERIOD.GMC is a self proclaimed superstar that has a couple games a year that he actually plays hard.Numbers don’t lie Big Mouth you aren’t half the player Richardson is.BTW Gerald Rx Ryan Wouldn’t put up with you big mouth . His tackle has double the tackles ,100 percent more fumbles recovered and forced and 30 percent more sacks. Ian Beckles please bring these stats up on your show and call this clown out!!

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