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    Leave her arse in Miami, don’t bring that baggage here
    Go Bucs!!!

  2. 2


    Don’t misread my comment. Bring Brent Grimes here but leave the baggage in Miami where she fits right in.
    Go Bucs !!

  3. 3


    Well they fired their coach, and it was reported by the press that Tannehill was being a dick to some practice squad players. Miko told the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. If Ross was so happy with the way things were being run on his team he wouldn’t have cleaned house now would have he?

  4. 4


    Let me see if I understand this. Miko Grimes said what many of the Dolphin fans were saying and the owner, who should have been above such things and ignore her, cuts one of his best players for spite. She was just another voice in the chorus of frustrated fans. Ross should be concerned more about that lame logo, team colors and pathetic fight song than some outspoken girl.

  5. 5


    Hey Scudog I always liked, Miamiiiiiii Dophins, Miamiiiiiiiii Dolpins….
    Have to agree with you though.
    If you are cutting an All-Pro because his wife has a big mouth and who is also professionally paid to use it on a radio show, your priorities are way out of whack.
    Not all of the fans are sold on Tannehill either. I don’t watch him that much so I don’t know. I sure do hear a lot of grumbling though.
    Still, I hope she sobers up and keeps her pie hole shut around here.

    1. 5.1


      It was the same song as “Houston Oilers….Houston Oilers”

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