Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik spoke to the media in the press box at Raymond James Stadium just minutes before the Tampa Bay vs. Carolina game kicked off on Sunday.

Dominik addressed the team's decision to trade defensive end Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears on Friday night in exchange for a 2010 second-round draft pick.

Adams, who was the fourth overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, had 13.5 sacks with the Buccaneers.

Below is the Q&A session with Dominik.

Why did the Bucs trade Adams to the Bears?
"As part of this organization I'm always going to look for ways to make this organization as good as it can possibly be. We felt like with a second-round selection, which we view as a very powerful pick in the draft, it's part of a foundation we're building around here towards the football team we want to have around here."

Did the Bucs initiate the trade with the Bears?
"As a general manager, I think it's my responsibility to be in contact with all 31 teams, especially this time of the year in order to find out what's going on. If you don't know [wide receiver] Braylon Edwards is a three and a five [draft picks] you're not doing your job. We're calling around to all the clubs just talking about players to talk about what they have in terms of needs and talk about what they have that might help our football team. From there, we worked through the conversation with [Bears general manager] Jerry Angelo and initiated the trade."

What made you decide that having a second-round pick in the upcoming was better than having Gaines Adams on this football team?
"It was twofold. First, a second-round pick adds great value. We have a lot of value in the players you can add to your football team there. Two, we have some new players that might have the opportunity to play here, too. The addition of [defensive end] Michael Bennett, who will have a chance to have a hat on today and play in the ‘Go' package and rush the quarterback. [Rookie] Kyle Moore is a step away from being active and playing in games for us. We have some young players that will step up. I feel like [defensive end] Jimmy Wilkerson has played well. It comes down to value and what you got, and I felt like a second-round pick was a good value."

Did you feel Gaines was never going to reach his potential?
"I still feel Gaines has potential. Sometimes a change of scenery is good for a player. I wish nothing but the best for him. He handled this well when I talked to him Friday night. He's got a chance to work with some good people in Chicago. We're focused on the foundation we're laying here now."

Picking Gaines No. 4 overall, what would you say you got in terms of value for that pick?
"Bottom line is we took a player with the fourth overall pick and it did not pan out the way we had hoped. So, what we did was turn that into a second-round pick, and it's up to the people here right now to make sure that pick matters."

With Gaines Adams, a high first-round pick, and Dexter Jackson, a second-round pick, not panning out, what does it say about this team's scouting staff?
"I think it is one of those things in what does it say about what we want to do as an organization," Dominik said. "We are going to continue to provide this team with the best players possible. If we don't feel a player is can do what we are looking for then we are going to move on and find that type of player."

Was this a message on accountability to the players?
"In a way you can say it is accountability, it is also what you perceive the value that you can get," said Dominik. "You have to decide if it was worth it for us. For me it was worth trading Gaines Adams for a second-round pick."

Will you look to trade this pick for a veteran on the trade market?
"I have a hard time letting go of this draft choice," said Dominik.

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