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    Next week’s game against the Steelers is now the most important game of the season. If they are even half way competitive in this game, they might squeeze out a couple of win. If it is a repeat of last night, we are looking at 0-16. If I wanted this much abuse, I would of been a Cubs fan.

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    It’s an interesting thought (breaking it down and rebuilding), but does anyone actually think we’ll see anything different…does anyone believe we’ll now start throwing downfield to the Dunkaneers…or blitzing and mixing between zone and man…why would I think we’ll now start getting pressure on the QB (we couldn’t do that against porous lines)….or win the turnover battle (we give it away so easily)…it’s nice to think Clinton but I have absolutely no reason to think we’ll see anything different in Pitts.

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    Let’s take some damn ownership on the field. We need an attitude on this team and we’re getting bullied because we don’t have one.

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    My sentiment exactly Sactobuc. This team has no “spit in your face” swagger. Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David are good players but they simply don’t have the Sapp and Nickerson fight in them. To get beat down and bullied by a “soft” Atlanta team was just evident that this team lacks the “tude” of our championship edition. Choir boys are nice but give me a couple of guys who think it’s great fun to give them a wedgie.

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    Agreed Sactobuc/scubog! The Bucs are the least penalized team in the league. That’s good and bad. It’s the coaching. You can see it in the secondary. With the new rules our guys are letting WRs/TEs catch the ball uncontested, then attempt to tackle. No penalties, but they can’t stop anyone. We need to turn these guys loose and let them attack. Lovie’s attitude, no cursing etc, may have unintended consequences. Bottom line, we need to get tough!

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    Face it, Lovie Smith was the wrong hire and his stubborn refusal to change will cost us as many years as the Glazers are willing to sacrifice to finally admit their blunder. Empty seats will doom Lovie but not soon enough IMO.

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