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    Does McShay even talk to anyone with the teams or others that cover various teams exclusively? From looking at his picks for all the teams, it sure as hell doesn’t look like it. He has Ramsey going 7th to Frisco, and the Cowboys taking Jared Goff. This is why I don’t pay attention to these national so called experts. Looks like he’s throwing darts then making up why a team would take the player that the dart hit.

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    I Agree his whole draft is nonsense. Not much of it is likely to play out. You never know until draft day but this seems pretty far fetched in many regards.

  3. 3


    McShay is smoking that WACKY TOBACKY

  4. 4


    I don’t know about the rest of his draft but I agree Conklin is better than Stanley and I would love to see the Bucs take Conklin. I said Conklin was better months ago.

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      Yes you have Pink and I agree. Conklin plays mean and aggressive. Haven’t seen a lot of that from Stanley.

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    I doubt the Bucs take Conklin at #9, but he is a nasty talent. He shut down Bosa, Buckner, Spence, Ogbah and pretty much everyone else he faced the last two years. He gave up zero sacks at LT against the top guys.

  6. 6


    I like the idea of Conklin at 9. Nasty, stud OT who can help the running game and Winston. Outside of Bosa there aren’t any other DEs worthy of #9 imo, same for WR.

  7. 7


    With 15 days to go I’m ignoring all mock drafts. It’s time for me to get the first 300 players list and get ready to watch the draft. Go Bucs!

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    Meat head, Meat head, Meat head…

  9. 9


    I like the picks but if Stanley is there I would take him at no#9.Then get a good CB in Late 1st or NO#2 Then get the best DEor DT in Rd-3.GO Bucs

  10. 10


    Well After I saw the picks I went back and change these selection @#9-I would pick OT Ronnie Stanley in Rd#2 @29 I would select OLB/DE Kamalel Correa and Rd-3 @#74 I would selected CB Xavier Howard. And this Tampa would do in Rd-4-6 Go Bucs

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    I would prefer to trade down but Conkin is not a bad choice. With our 2nd round pick we can get DE like Jonathan Bullard, third DT Javon Hargave & 4th WR Keyaaris Garrett.

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    Always fun to play “Knock the Mock” this time of year. There are so many folks doing Mock Drafts and changing them almost by the hour that no fan can, or should, give them much credibility. Too bad Regis Philbin isn’t the official moderator to ask, “Is that your final answer?” At least Mike Mayock only does it once. Can you imagine a test in which you can select any of the A,B,C,D or All of the Above options and the grader marks it correct? Nowadays I’m like Horse; not enough time to waste trying to figure out what our Bucs will do. Still fun to read the opinions.

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    Bucs will pick on Defense early and often. They have too many holes to fill. I could see them taking an offensive lineman, maybe even a receiver, but with the first two picks ? They need help on DL, secondary. It cannot be ignored.

  14. 14


    I think McShay is just trying to be different than everyone else. And hey, if it hits, then he is considered a genius. But I don’t think he has a clue. I seriously doubt that the Buc’s would look for a defensive project so early in the draft given our current situation. Nothing this guy says makes any sense at all, not even from a Sunday afternoon football couch perspective.

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    If Conklin is there it’s hard to pass up a 10 yr plug & play tackle that has handled everybody. Then go defense the rest of the way.

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    I would only be onboard with a first round offensive pick if it’s LT and a damn good one.

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