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    No focused a few games? Huh?? No more hanging with Randy Moss in the offseason!

    Every time I buy a jersey, he turns into a turd. I’ll stay away from the Jameis jersey I wanted to get this season!

    1. 1.1


      Where did you buy your jersey, in Cleveland?

  2. 2


    Sounds like you should invest in a Julio Jones, Cam Newton and a Drew Brees jersey then! Lol go bucs!

  3. 3


    I have no doubt he will even be better than before because he is making the effort to make it happen.

  4. 4


    Is that pass interference in the photo?

    1. 4.1


      And what is pass interference anymore??? Or a caught pass for that matter!

    2. 4.2


      Serious ‘pass interference’ and not called. Mike dropped passes last year, but IMO – and because he’s so physical with DBs, the stripers seem to let stuff go and Mike ends up with a few ‘extra’ drops on his sheet. If Jameis really is the guy we hope he is, he and Evans should join the list of the best play-making tandems ever. I know … total homer. Go Bucs!

  5. 5


    My favorite pass interference call was the one against him in the first quarter of the Texans game. What garbage and a terribly officiated game.
    It was only topped in the Colts game where we got completely hosed. The refs should have just put on Colts jerseys.

  6. 6


    My only observation on Evans is the fact that he did not seem to be too happy to be back at One Buc Place in his introdutory press conference this year. Of course no other player on this team is as excited to be back as Jameis but I think Evans has to match Jameis’s enthusiasm to some degree for them to be a successful combo this year. Maybe I am expecting too much excitement from Evans but even he admitted he was not happy with his season last year. If it were me I would be happy as hell to be in any of these players shoes. It is truly a privilege to be in the NFL and I think Jameis really appreciates that fact. Hopefully Evans will too.

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