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Bucs DT Gerald McCoy got his third sack of the year - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
The official status of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy won’t be revealed until the coming week, but two straight Sundays of seeing the All-Pro laying on the field grabbing for his knee should be enough.

Head coach Lovie Smith announced the injury to be a hyperextension of the same right knee McCoy aggravated last Sunday in Detroit.

Team physicians may make the decision an easy one by saying the injury is season-ending. But even if he’s able to go for one or both of Tampa Bay’s remaining two games, is it really worth it?

The face of the franchise wants to play alongside the rest of his teammates whether the team’s 2-12 or 12-2 and he said as much last week when speaking about having to leave early in Detroit.

Reality is that this season can finish no better than 4-12 but it can end much worse that 2-14 if McCoy gets the green light, re-takes the field and makes a bad situation worse.

Until now, the fifth-year pro has enjoyed nearly three straight seasons of good, physical health after his first two years were marred by a pair of torn biceps. A broken hand forced McCoy to sit out the 14th game of his career during Week 3 in Atlanta this year.

Regardless of the team-leading 8.5 sacks McCoy’s produced in 2014, he should be shut down for the 15th and 16th times in his career even if he’s cleared to go next week.

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6 years ago

Let him play if he agrees to wearing a knee brace.

6 years ago

While I selfishly want the Bucs to win against the Packers and Saints so I don’t have to take on a stadium full of opponent’s fans by myself; I think McCoy, Vincent Jackson and perhaps Lavonte David should sit out the rest of the season.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg