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    Has training camp started yet?

  2. 2


    It’s great to see all of this legitimate depth at the mentioned positions. I’m still thinking that the Bucs will start the season with ASJ and end it with Brate at TE.

  3. 3


    My predictions for what they are worth. Lol.

    I think Smith beats out Spence at D.E. if he can stay healthy.

    Banks and Verner is a tough one to guess and I don’t know Mike Smiths defense well enough to say who might have the upper hand. Gut says Verner, but who knows.

    Agree with e ASJ likely start and Brate ends season as starter due to injury most likely.

    McDonald will beat Spence.

    Hawley will beat Smith.

  4. 4


    I was surprised to see that there was a competition between Smith and Hawley. I thought Hawley would easily be the starter. I saw him on the Falcons’ version of Hard Knocks. Man, he is one tough son of a gun with a mean streak. The falcons’ loss is the Bucs’ gain. Go Bucs!!

  5. 5


    Yea I agree EDS has looked very average at best compared to Hawley, but I suppose we are lucky to have two veteran centers.

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    I’m not expecting Spence this season to be dynamic, but it would be a nice surprise. I believe Spence will be given time to improve as he learns. I don’t get the Spence-McDonald thing as McDonald is far better, and Hawley is better Smith.

    1. 6.1


      Looks like we’ll need to add an ‘A’ or ‘N’ to our Spence discussions in the future…aside from the Banks-Verner battle, the others seem to have injuries play into the speculation. I think Verner wins it, but Banks shows some flashes again this year

  7. 7


    Surprised that slot receiver is not listed as a position to watch.

    1. 7.1


      Watson, I completely agree. All the other positions listed have reliable veterans mostly other then Spence, Hargraves is a lock as I see it.
      The slot guys are Mostly unproven as a group. Murphy won’t be there for a while as he is still recovering from injury. Seems to me this is one of the biggest battles to be settled and most important.

  8. 8


    I’ll be there this weekend to watch the battles unfold. Maybe even that heated punter competition. Hard to watch everything. One thing I do is to try to ignore the player’s number so my opinion isn’t biased by expectations or reputation. I’m sure some observers will be touting the likes of Brate and Vitale over ASJ no matter what their eyes tell them. There will no doubt be a player or two who are thought to be “camp bodies” who keep making a case for themselves and a few others who are thought to be sure to make the roster but are unable to fend off their competition.

  9. 9


    My predictions:
    Smith beats out Spence in our base 4-3 look (when I comes down to our nickel group I think you will see a d-line of Smith-DE, GMC-DT, Ayers-DT and Spence-DE)
    Verner will beat out banks (I’m hoping Brett Maxie gets him back to Pro Bowl form)
    ASJ beats out Brate (but we are going to see a lot of two TE groups with the lack of receiver Depth)
    Hawley beats out Smith(I can’t believe this is a battle)
    But I cant wait to see how it shacks out with training camp starting!!!! Fire the cannons

  10. 10


    Have I missed what happened to Josh Robinson?

    1. 10.1


      Noticed that as well

      1. 10.1.1


        Well, they mentioned him an had a pic of him breaking up a pass in the FAB 5-

  11. 11


    Well It seems that these players will solified the team more-Go Bucs

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