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    I surely hope the players dig down deep and get something done through hard work & pride this year, & Lovie needs to hit the couch again this weekend for a reassessment. I wasn’t expecting a great record or playoff contention this year, but certainly not this either. I hope Lovie has it in him to make effective changes in-season w/ the personnel he presently has. A few things have been glaring to me so far. 1) Ultra-soft pass coverage looks like 60 min’s of prevent defense. Though the 1st two games were close (poor justification considering opponents QB situations), they should’ve both been won if not for this alone. All day to throw to multiple wide open receivers = poor overall defense for all 3 games. 2) The Offense was not ready to go, and I attribute that to underestimating the importance of the O-line make-up and what I found to be a damning comment from Lovie concerning chemistry on the line being overrated. Personal observation tells me otherwise. These players IMO should have played much more in preseason to get the new system down, get a rhythm going, and yes some chemistry. I also don’t buy the BS of not showing too much, because right now, they have nothing to show. Find out what you’re good at & make em stop it. Then worry about deception. 3) Josh’s regression highlights how little camp & to some degree, preseason tells you, unless a player just stinks the joint up.

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    This team will never be a top 20 team until we get a real franchise QB. A top ten QB makes everyone much better. Glennon is just a backup QB and to think he is anything more is ridiculous. Took the Buc’s five years to figure out Freeman was not a top NFL QB. How long will it take to see they need a QB next year.

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      Couldn’t agree more Kinderrt….there is a reason Green Bay and New Orleans and Indy are in the hunt every year despite having very mediocre teams…they have fantastic QBs….our best QB ever (statistically and record-wise) was Freeman…ever…that’s the best we have ever had….get Mariota in here….

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    Most of us had at least moderate optimism heading into this season. We were hopeful that Lovie, the already solid defense and the new additions on offense would make for an exciting season. So far those expectations have been flushed down the toilet of despair. It’s kinda like thinking your parents are going to get you that new bike for Christmas and you wake up to find only a 1000 piece puzzle under the tree. Would have rather had the Magic 8 Ball. Maybe then we could get some answers.

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    Jeff Tedford has worked with young Q.B.’s most of his coaching life. He fooled the NFL several times taking the likes of T. Dilfer, and A. Smith, and making them first round picks. So why Lovie thought Tedford needed a 12 year vet is beyond me. Bringing in McCown should’ve been more about developing Glennon then actually playing McCown. What I find interesting is this offense doesn’t utilize the more athletic McCown. I haven’t seen any rollouts, boot legs, read options. Nothing that would give an athletic Q.B. an advantage. The way this offense has been run is more suited to Glennon’s talents. We might get upset at Glennon checking the ball down, but that’s what this offense is. Glennon is happy to complete a 4 yard pass rather then hold the ball past 3 seconds waiting for something bigger down field. Tedford can’t teach an old dog ( McCown) new tricks. Let’s hope he can again fool the NFL, by making Glennon a viable starter.

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