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How have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted since head coach Jon Gruden's arrival in 2002?

Six drafts have come and gone without the Bucs sending a single draft selection from Gruden's tenure in Tampa Bay to the Pro Bowl. The jury still is out on the Bucs' 2008 draft class.

While criticism might be warranted, it's important to note that the Bucs were without two first-round picks and two second-round selections due to the trade that sent Gruden from Oakland to Tampa Bay.

Gruden has a championship to show for each of those lost draft picks – three NFC South division titles and Super Bowl XXXVII.

For as much success as the team has had under Gruden, it has lacked it terms of individual success as it relates to draft picks.

Pewter Report takes each draft pick under Gruden and deems it a Hit, Miss or Contributor in this column. In fairness, the 2008 draft class and a few from the '07 class fall into the Too Early To Tell category.

Although the list below is subjective and open to debate, one can see that the Bucs have had their fair share of misses and too few hits.

S Jermaine Phillips (fifth round)

LB Barrett Ruud (second round)

G Davin Joseph (first round)
T Jeremy Trueblood (second round)

S Tanard Jackson (fourth round)

DE Dewayne White (second round)
QB Chris Simms (third round)
G Sean Mahan (fifth round)
CB Torrie Cox (sixth round)

WR Michael Clayton (first round)
S Will Allen (fourth round)
WR Mark Jones (seventh round)

RB Cadillac Williams (first round)
TE Alex Smith (third round)
G Dan Buenning (fourth round)

WR Maurice Stovall (third round)
QB Bruce Gradkowski (sixth round)

DE Gaines Adams (first round)
G Arron Sears (second round)
S Sabby Piscitelli (second round)

WR Marquise Walker (third round)
RB Travis Stephens (fourth round)
DE John Stamper (sixth round)
CB Tim Wansley (seventh round)
TE Tracey Wistrom (seventh round)
WR Aaron Lockett (seventh round)
C Zack Quaccia (seventh round)

T Lance Nimmo (fourth round)
C Austin King (fourth round)

LB Marquis Cooper (third round)
G Jeb Terry (fifth round)
TE Nate Lawrie (sixth round)
FB Casey Cramer (seventh round)
CB Lenny Williams (seventh round)

T Chris Colmer (third round)
S Donte Nicholson (fifth round)
WR Larry Brackins (fifth round)
DT Anthony Bryant (sixth round)
FB Rick Razzano (seventh round)
S Hamza Abdullah (seventh round)
WR Paris Warren (seventh round)
WR J.R. Russell (seventh round)

CB Alan Zemaitis (fourth round)
DT/DE Julian Jenkins (fifth round)
TE T.J. Williams (sixth round)
CB Justin Phinisee (seventh round)
DE Charles Bennett (seventh round)
TE Tim Massaquoi (seventh round)

T Chris Denman (seventh round)
RB Kenneth Darby (seventh round)

DT Dre Moore (fourth round)
RB Cory Boyd (seventh round)

LB Quincy Black (third round)
DE Greg Peterson (fifth round)
LB Adam Hayward (sixth round)
CB Marcus Hamilton (seventh round)

CB Aqib Talib (first round)
WR Dexter Jackson (second round)
G Jeremy Zuttah (third round)
QB Josh Johnson (fifth round)
LB Geno Hayes (sixth round)

Counting the compensation required in the trade for Gruden, the Bucs have been without – or blown — two first-round picks, two second-round selections, three third-round picks, five fourth-round selections, four fifth-round picks., four sixth-round selections and 16 seventh-round picks.

Tampa Bay has missed out on the likes of Wes Welker and Marques Colston in the seventh round, but those picks are a lot more difficult to hit on than one might initially believe.

One of Pewter Report's league sources shed some interesting light on how draft picks have panned out in the NFL over the last several years.

According to the source, since 2004, 46 percent of fifth rounders, 37 percent of sixth rounders and 38 percent of seventh rounders from the entire league have made it three or more years in the NFL, but most of the seventh-round selections are backups.

There are only 10 players left from the seventh round from the 2005 NFL Draft, and only two of those players are starters in the NFL. Former Bucs safety Hamza Abdullah ironically is one of them – he is with the Denver Broncos.

The league source went on to break down the math as it pertains to hitting and missing on fifth, sixth and seventh-round draft picks.

"The math [around the league] says that every two years you should get a fifth rounder on your roster," the source said. "Every three years you might hit on a sixth or seventh. To get an impact player, it's about three or four years for a fifth, six or seven years for a sixth and almost 10 years for a seventh.

"Usually 45 percent of fifth, sixth and seventh-round picks make it on opening day rosters as rookies."

How well or poorly have the Bucs drafted during the Rich McKay/Gruden and Bruce Allen/Gruden regimes since 2002 based on those draft hit-or-miss statistics? Take a look for yourself.

If you don't count the Too Early To Tell Category and do include the Contributors as Hits, the Bucs have hit on 3-of-6 (50 percent) of their third-round picks, 3-of-8 (37.5 percent) of their fourth-round selections, 2-of-6 (33.3 percent) of their fifth-round picks, 2-of-6 (33.3 percent) of their sixth-round selections and just 1-of-17 (5.8 percent) of their seventh-round picks.

It's important to note that the Bucs still have several draft picks in the Too Early To Tell category, so these percentages could increase or decrease depending how those players as well as the Contributors fare over the next year or two. There are several Contributors on the verge of becoming hits, including Adams, Joseph, Sears and Trueblood.

One thing that would be difficult to argue is how well Tampa Bay has used draft picks to acquire veteran players over the past several years, particularly under Allen, who joined the Bucs in 2004.

Tampa Bay traded a 2003 seventh-round draft pick to Miami in exchange for tackle Cornell Green, who started three regular season games for the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. That move was executed by McKay.

The Bucs have traded three sixth rounders and one seventh-round selection to acquire quarterbacks Luke McCown, Tim Rattay, Jake Plummer and Brian Griese. All but one of those players – Plummer — has started at least one game for the Bucs, and Plummer was essentially dealt for $3 million.

Tampa Bay used two sixth rounders to acquire tight end Doug Jolley and running back Michael Bennett. The team also used a 2009 seventh-round draft pick to trade for defensive tackle Ryan Sims.

Of those eight trades, four of those players – McCown, Griese, Bennett and Sims — still are with the Buccaneers.

The Bucs also deserve credit for landing a few talented undrafted free agents, including tackle Donald Penn, former Bucs linebacker Ryan Nece, guard Anthony Davis, running back Earnest Graham and most recently, cornerback Elbert Mack.

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