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With all of the new faces on Tampa Bay’s team this year, I thought it would be appropriate, helpful and telling to breakdown the team’s 53-man roster and detail how this year’s Bucs were built.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in this Pewter Insider article, which also includes some interesting tidbits regarding how these Bucs were assembled. You’ll find this information below the round-by-round listings.

*Note – listed next to each player is the year he entered the NFL and the team he originally entered the league with.

TE Anthony Becht (2000 – New York Jets)
LB Derrick Brooks (1995 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
WR Michael Clayton (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
WR Joey Galloway (1995 – Seattle Seahawks)
WR Ike Hilliard (1997 – New York Giants)
DT Chris Hovan (2000 – Minnesota Vikings)
DT Anthony McFarland (1999 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
DE Simeon Rice (1996 – Arizona Cardinals)
T Todd Steussie (1994 – Minnesota Vikings)
OL Matt Stinchcomb (1999 – Oakland Raiders)
T Kenyatta Walker (2001 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
RB Carnell Williams (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Total: 12

FB Mike Alstott (1996 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
CB Brian Kelly (1998 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
LB Barrett Ruud (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
DE Dewayne White (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Total: 4

CB Ronde Barber (1997 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
T Chris Colmer (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
LB Marquis Cooper (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
QB Brian Griese (1998 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
QB Chris Simms (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
DE Greg Spires (1999 – New England Patriots)
TE Alex Smith (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Total: 7

S Will Allen (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
P Josh Bidwell (1999 – Green Bay Packers)
CB Juran Bolden (1996 – Atlanta Falcons)
G Dan Buenning (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
S Dexter Jackson (1999 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
QB Josh McCown (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
RB Michael Pittman (1998 – Arizona Cardinals)
Total: 7

G Sean Mahan (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
S Donte Nicholson (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
S Jermaine Phillips (2002 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
G Jeb Terry (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
C John Wade (1998 – Jacksonville Jaguars)
Total: 5

DT Anthony Bryant (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
FB Jameel Cook (2001 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
CB Torrie Cox (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
TE Nate Lawrie (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
DT Ellis Wyms (2001 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Total: 5

CB Blue Adams (2003 – Detroit Lions)
WR Mark Jones (2004 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
TE Dave Moore (1992 – Miami Dolphins)
FB Rick Razzano (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
WR J.R. Russell (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
WR Paris Warren (2005 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Total: 6

DT Jon Bradley (2004 – Philadelphia Eagles)
K Matt Bryant (2002 – New York Giants)
T Anthony Davis (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
RB Earnest Graham (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
LB Ryan Nece (2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
LB Shelton Quarles (1994 – Miami Dolphins)
WR Edell Shepherd (2002 – Chicago Bears)
Total: 7

*Of the 53 players on Tampa Bay’s active roster, 20 of them originally entered the NFL with other teams, and 16 of them were other teams’ draft picks.

*Only 23 of Tampa Bay’s 53 players entered the NFL as first-day draft selections.

*Tampa Bay’s 53-man roster includes 16 of the Bucs’ draft picks from over the past two years.

*The Bucs have 12 former first-round draft picks on their current roster.

*The second-highest number of players from any particular category is third- and fourth-round picks, and undrafted free agents, with seven in each category. The Bucs have a total of seven players who entered the league as UFAs, and four of them are currently starting at their respective positions.

*The Bucs only have four players on their roster that entered the NFL as second-round draft picks.

*Many teams spend a first-round pick on a starting quarterback, but highest draft pick the Bucs have invested in a signal caller is a third-rounder, which was used on QB Chris Simms in 2003. Even starting QB Brian Griese entered the NFL as a third-round pick in 1998. Third-string QB Luke McCown entered the league as a fourth-round pick.

*The phrase “Raiders East” is dead, or at least it should be. Tampa Bay only has one former Oakland Raider player — OL Matt Stinchcomb — on its active roster.

*Of the 53 players on Tampa Bay’s active roster, only 14 of them were part of the Super Bowl XXXVII team. In fact, only 27 of the players on Tampa Bay’s current roster were even playing in the NFL when the Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2002, which means the remaining 26 players have three or less years of playing experience in the league.

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