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  1. 1


    Guess Dominik pulled the medical on brian price and gaines adams too, right?

  2. 2


    domidork is terrible why is he always on here he helped ruin the franchise, so glad he is gone and the bucs have a real gm, licht has already hit on more draft picks in two years than dork did in his whole career, and i also dont see dork working as a gm no more

  3. 3


    Listening to Mark Dominik talk about his process of selecting players in the draft is like listening to William Hung talk about his singing technique. Amusing, but irrelevant.

  4. 4


    Agreed with those above. This guy is just clueless and he proves it every time he opens his mouth. He doesn’t even realize he calls out his own stupidity every time he speaks. God he was terrible.

  5. 5


    Listening to Mark Dominick talk about the draft is like listening to Donald Trump talk about what a great businessman he is.
    Unfortunately for Domiinck, his acumen in the draft was put on public display every Sunday for 16 weeks. It wasn’t pretty.
    Certainly no one was looking at the medical report or giving a physical to Carl Nicks.
    Dude plays 7 or 8 games and then goes out forever with a turf tow, an injury particularly related to playing on artificial surf, i.e. the New Orleans Superdome.
    Don’t ever expect to see Dominick in an NFL front office again.
    He’s better suited to hustle Amway.

    1. 5.1


      That might’ve been the most frustrating injury this team was ever a part of. Dude got PAID for 7 games worth of work. Classic Dumanick.

  6. 6


    More wisdom from the guy who drafted Mark Barron over Luke Kuechly. And Brain Price… smh

  7. 7


    Funny to think how Dominik talks about how the Bucs really dropped Rob Gronkowski under his watch due to medicals. But in the very same 2010 NFL draft, took Brian Price and his congenitally deformed pelvis which required his hamstrings to be reattached to his legs over him in the 2nd round. Oh Dominik, you never cease to amaze me.

  8. 8


    I can’t wait for the PR Bruce Allen interview next! How does Dominick still have a job at the NFL Network? Why are we still listening to his sage advice? I bet the Bucs would have been better off with a monkey throwing darts at a draft board in the last decade over trusting Allen & Dominick.

  9. 9


    U r so right “e”. Both GM’s looked great in a Brooks Brothers suit but couldn’t judge football talent worth a damn.
    They also both sported immaculate haircuts as well. Always well coiffed.

    1. 9.1


      I love that we’ve gone from them to Meathead… So much more Buc like…

  10. 10


    some great lines in this comment section lol

  11. 11


    Do we care what this guy even says?

  12. 12


    My goodness this reads like the meeting minutes of the Mark Dominik Haters Club. He certainly made his share of mistakes, but he also hit on a few too. Maybe it’s that blind squirrel stumbling upon an acorn thing. I do find it amusing that Mark points out the medical factor that apparently he ignored when selecting the aforementioned infirmary squad. Wasn’t he the one who declared, “We know knees”?

  13. 13


    Those who can’t draft….commentate

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