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    I am relieved. I would not want to defend against this guy twice a year.

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    Worse spot for him. With his huge ego and the New York high life will end his career in about 1-2 years. Next time meathead check out the true character of a player. DUI with breath system before the car starts tells one this wasn’t the first time. The guy is lazy and not motivated to go full blast on every play. We need players to play because they love the game. Go Bucs!

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    Isn’t he facing a suspension for the dui?

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    Bust. Agreed NYC only a smidge better than Miami for him. He can play catch with Freeman when his career is over.

    —Second round not our best recently – one bust (ASJ), at least two reaches (Kicker and LT who is a RT in disguise until we admit it and move him, possibly three with Spence) leaves Marpet as the only player performing at level he was drafted for.
    —After a decade+ of poor drafting under HickeyDom we have no depth anywhere. I was hoping we’d make progress more rapidly with new regime than seems to be the case. Maybe in another 2-3 years the pieces will finally come together and we can make a credible run.

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    I thought for sure the Saints would pick him up. He had all the tools and talent in the world to be a great player in this league. Unfortunately he lacked the mindset to use them.

    Ladies and gentleman, the Admiral has left the ship!

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