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    Both my boy’s went to UCF so I’m a fan. Storms a good back, has a lot of mileage from college. O’Leary ran a boring run right at you offense, so it’s tough miles. If the Bucs carry that third back, I’d put my money on Barber.

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    Maybe a 2nd time around will be a charm. You guys probably wondering what happen to all my comments. Well Iam on vacation in big bad Vegas. I’m too Old for parties and that sort of that! I’m enjoying a couple of great shows and swimming i 6 pools, I’m enjoying myself at age 71. I do like the Bucs turnaround and who they ask to join the NEW BUCS. I can’t wait for the National Games Espically when they play the browns in Aug.Last Year around my birthday I saw those same Browns, I hope this time it will be the Bucs that will sahine-Go Bucs

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    I believe this is your first article for PR,Welcome Hannah. Well written and hopefully many more from you to come. Second time may be a charm, who knows. We have some good talent evaluators now so I’ll leave it to the Buc’s brass. GEORGE- just got back from Vegas, not too old for the parties…yet. I’ll bet the pool has gorgeous “views” and that is never too old..lol.

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    I love all the competition at all the skill positions. Will bring out the best hopefully.

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    Actually, I like competition at ALL the positons.

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    You might remember I thought Lovie made a big mistake promoting stone hands Dontae Dye from the practice squad when there was a sure handed UCF receiver there, and our UCF Receiver was snatched away by another SMART NFL team. Glad we are giving a second chance to another UCF running back. I hope Barber makes our team as well, but should he get hurt we need another capable back available who knows our playbook.

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    Well I hope you have a great time out there GeoreHicks.
    I think you are being a bit hard on Dye owlykat.
    I have questioned his hands as well but don’t think they have reached the point where he should be described as stone hands or even worse, a Michael “Clang” ton clone.

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