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I for one did not think very much of the DE’s outside of the top tier guys. Sure we could have gone DE with the second round pick, but that would have also meant that we didn’t draft a coverage safety. None of our safeties cover very well.


So boom, we take a DE, say Jordan Willis and he becomes a very situational pass rusher because when does he actually get on the field? Spence is our RDE on passing downs, Ayers slides inside and Smith becomes the potential LDE. So Willis replaces Smith? That’s all situational though. He would be a part time player drafted in the second round.


The idea to draft a safety was to get a starter, a full time player. Maybe we drafted the wrong guy with Obi and Josh Jones still on the board, who knows as all those guys outside of the top two players had some blemishes on their profiles. The point is we weren’t going to get a game changing DE who would be a full time player in the second round of ‘this years’ draft. The good thing about the draft is new players at every position come out every year.


It would hard to argue the the strength of this years draft wasn’t at the skill positions. The trench players, OL/DL, were very shallow. QBs were paper thin. While DBs, WRs, RBs and LBs not to mention TEs were deep and wide.