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Did not take Jackson too serious as an NFL CB before the draft because of his size. Jackson from what I read after the draft is one of the best athletes in the open field in this draft. His quicks as a CB very well may outweigh his size, as his forte is going to get the ball, and he’s a reliable tackler as well. Plus he is regarded as the best returner in this draft. And he has skills on offense too. I have to think the Bucs take him if the Titans take Howard, although trading down may have been more to Licht’s liking. One other reason we take Howard is he should be a reliable blocker helping our needy Ts, even if just a chip. We will see how well his blocking translates to the NFL…

Adoree is going to be horrible in the pros. Thank God they didn’t do the right thing and draft OJ. Crazy to think the two best offensive pieces in this draft would have gone to such a shitbox QB.

GoldsonAges on 2nd round pick, Safety, Justin Evans, out of Texas A&M – “coaching can’t fix this”.