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Adoree is going to be horrible in the pros. Thank God they didn’t do the right thing and draft OJ. Crazy to think the two best offensive pieces in this draft would have gone to such a shitbox QB.

I’m not sure who Mariota raped more… Lovie’s defense or your dome.

Bottom line, Godwin, our third round draft pick, spent the rose bowl, raping Adoree in prime time. Just remember, they could have had both Corey Davis, who should have gone #1 in this draft and OJ Howard, who most had as a top 5 pick.

Yup, and the much maligned Oregon Ducks defense raped Winston on the big stage. Dalvin Cook couldn’t handle the pressure either.

It’s one freaking game. I’m not going to base my opinion of Winston or Cook on that one freaking game. Yes Adoree had a bad game, but bowl games are a strange beast. I’m more interested in how players respond to divisional opponents; those teams and players know the tendencies and have been game planning for months.

When it comes to Jaboo, he just hates the west coast. Mariota, Adoree, or anyone that plays in the PAC-12 he doesn’t think highly of… anyone that played in the ACC is the next best thing. As long as we all know and acknowledge his clear bias, you can filter his comments.