Reply To: What is this rumor about McCoy to the Raiders?


It amazes me how much shit Gmac gets from fans and “writers”. Some times I wonder if people even watch the same games I watch. This dude has been one of the best DTs in the game year in year out, basically with no help. You got some moron rattling off all these names we’ve signed in order to help Gmac. Ok, we signed them to help but did they help? Hell no! Every signing on the DL has been a bust! It’s like they come to Tampa and catch the “I suck ass bug”. Michael Johnson was a bum when we signed him, and everyone expected him to save us? He had like what 1 good year prior to signing with us. He was who he was and we should’ve seen that. Baker was a nobody before the 1 good year he had in Washington. Robert Ayers 1 good year. Clinton McDonald has been solid for us but he’s never been a pass rusher we all know that.

So, you tell me what we’ve done along the DL to really help GMac? This dude literally gets double and triple teamed game in game out, but STILL produces! He still gets pressures! He’s been the ONLY consistent player on our DL. So I really don’t see how people think he sucks, or that he’s the problem. This guy has basically been doing it all on his own since Michael Bennett left. We’ve missed all basically every DE we’ve drafted to play along side McCoy. We’ve bust on every FA signee on the DL since McCoy’s been in Tampa.

It’s crazy how he’s getting all the blame for our bottom dwelling defense, and our league low sacks. But, last I checked there’s 10 other guys on defense, and 3 other guys on the DL playing with McCoy. If I remembered correctly 1 player can’t win it all alone.

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