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Donkey, I knew Freeman had a drug problem. I heard a story about Las Vegas in summer of 2013. I just don’t believe the team did everything they could have done and had alot of responsibility in creating a substance abuse culture on the team.

As for Stovall, my stance as that when given the opportunity to be the #2 WR his production was that of an average #2 WR. It was backed up by statistics. I think he earned a real shot and didn’t get one, the team drafted Arrelious Benn #39 instead.

McCown had a 100.6 rating as a starter in 2007 and didn’t get a chance in 2008 as Gruden switched back between Garcia and Griese every other week. That makes sense to you? Leftwich did not beat him out in 2009 and basically stole money from the team.


The correct answer is “I was wrong on those”.

Thanks for playing.