Reply To: Plug and Play: Vea or Nelson?


Mar 7, 18 at 11:44 am #1065521
Cant say i agree with you Biggs. So if a QB like Josh Allen or Baker mayfeild are on the board at #7 are we taking them. of course not. If we sign Norwell, theres no way they draft Nelson. The FA signings have an impact of who we draft. If we fill the need in free agency it gives us other options in the draft for other holes.

I actually want Nelson more if we sign Norwell lol. Thats the whole point.. itd be the oppurtunity to completely power up the Oline in one offseason. Neslon, Marpet, Norwell in the middle. Thats like best case scenario type of offseason. I dont even like boring Barber, but he could be a thousand yard back behind that line.

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