Reply To: 10 Million ARs

Pewter Pirate

No CK, I just believe that the Trump hate with DH is to such a point where he calls Trump the pussy in chief. I simply pointed out that there is an article written long before any entrance into politics showing that maybe Trump is not the coward that DH has convinced himself that Trump is.

I like Trump and think he is good for the country, but I do not buy every idea lock stock and barrel with him. For instance, recently I did not like his idea on taking guns without due process. I also think he can be crass. Now some of crass personailty is just fighting back from all of the negative press. What I do like about his personality is that it may be working on China and NK (if NK is serious) which I am not so sure of at this point regarding NK. I am taking a wait and see approach.

To the contrary Klink, DH, Havok, and Schiano have such blind hate for anything Trump. Nothing Trump does would be good enough. He could cure cancer and they would still have blind hate just because he has an “R” rather than a “D” after his name. They buy this crazy Russia collusion stuff with Trump, even when it has been admitted by every Democrate person in Congress that there is zero evidence of collusion. Mueller is going after people on things not related to the election or Russia collusion. Klink, DH, Havok, and Schiano are so blind with hate that they do not see the insanity of the whole mess.

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