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Mar 7, 18 at 10:10 am #1065489
sad, but true. I’ve been at this a while so I am naturally cautious, but there’s a much stronger effort following MSD for some reason, at least compared to other mass shootings. Maybe its because the kids at MSD are rightfully pissed off and Internet-savy.

I guess we will see what happens

I’m done slapping around the pussy patrol, so I promise to stay on topic.

Even while working in the industry, I’ve never taken the “movements” seriously. But, this one definitely has some legs to it. Enough to ruffle the panties of NRA. They are on the defensive. They know that they only represent less than 10% of all gun owners nationwide. They know that 1/3 of their members support an AR ban. 3/4 of their members support closing the “gun show loophole”. Corporate sponsors backing out.

They do not speak for the OVERWHELMING majority of gun owners in this country and it’s being exposed everyday.

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