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For the second part of my analysis Quenton Nelson. Anyone who has done a little bit of research into Q has heard all of the below. He’s the safest pick in the draft, he’s one of the best players in the draft. He’s going to be a dominant NFL player, and so on.

He has plenty of film out there dominating North Carolina and Ohio U, so the next step in evaluating him is to find out how he plays vs. NFL level talent. You want to watch him vs. NC State and Georgia.

If he can dominate NFL level talent, then we can validate what has been said, that he will be a dominant NFL player. In the clip below vs. Georgia there is enough there for me to form the opinion that he will be an average NFL Guard. If he can’t dominate Georgia, he’s not going to dominate at the next level. This is simple analysis/reasoning.

Q had plenty of good plays and plenty of bad in this game. I’m going to focus on the bad. The reason why he’s not who they say he is.

:48 pancaked by a LB #51
:56 driven back and ran by #91
1:05 bull rushed and needed help by #5
1:23 unable to move #13 on run block and put on skates
1:34 unable to block #13
1:53 misses downfield block
2:12 pulls a DSmith and lets his block go too soon.
2:56 misses downfield block on #3 who makes the tackle
3:35 too slow to get out in front of the play. Blocks nobody RB swarmed and fumbles.
3:45 fails to drive #76 back or contain him on run block
4:28 bull rushed into the backfield on 2nd and goal from the 2 yard line.
4:52 pulls and driven back gets no push run goes nowhere.
5:09 thrown off to the side by #51
5:48 unable to move #5 who ancors and makes the run stop.
6:08 gets out in space on screen misses block
6:40 Severely bull rushed and put on skates

QNelson #56

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GottaJaboo wrote:
(Justin) Evans will be far superior to (Budda) Baker in the pros.

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