Reply To: Plug and Play: Vea or Nelson?


I meant to title this “Plug and Play: Nelson or Vea?”

I just see the defense needing a major boost, and if the interior , “low value” positions are being addressed with premium selections, that cut needs to be damn good. I think if both are there, Q-Nails will get the nod. I would pick the future Haloti Ngata, as he instantly improves the d-line by taking pressure of the scheme. He needs to not just hold his integrity, but he needs to move humanity around, which based on his game, and combine, he should. He reminds me of when Dontari came out, big time combine size-weight metrics, but played an ugly position. I see the same thing with Vea. I don’t expect sacks by the fistful. By expect a better functionality of the defense with the interior being patrolled by some seriously big and fast predators.

They can snag Curry, draft another DE, and suddenly the defense looks remarkably improved on paper.

Defensive Line has to be addressed. Those who don’t want Vea because of “perceived value” want a guard because it is better value?

He may be a two down player, but I’d prefer he be a part of a nasty rotation (Vea), which is how good d-lines are manufactured. He isn’t going to be a part of a pure pass rush situation. Most aren’t.

I like Q-Nails, but I’d prefer Vea because of value for the defense. Which is garbage.

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