Reply To: Kwon UFA Next Year


So back to the original post. This isn’t about “letting him walk.” This is about what sort of contract expectations should we balk at?

I’m probably in the “anything north of 7.5 million” camp. The truly great, difference-making 4-3 LBs are around 10 mil per. These are guys that cover in Man, heed their Zone responsibilities, tackle consistently well, play with great discipline/aggression/pace, and make plays (some of them also putting their defense in the other team’s huddle). Kwon is somewhere in the bottom-middle of the next tier, which is around 7.5 Mil.

When Kwon went out, Beckwith played comparably well in the middle (while not overpursuing or being influenced out of position).

And what if we draft the kid from UCF?

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