Reply To: Kwon UFA Next Year


I like Kwon, but at the right price. Although all positions are important, inside LB is amongst the lowest on my priority list with safeties and running backs. This thinking is supported by franchise tender values which place these positions amongst the lowest in the league.

If we’re a 4-3, I fear overallocating to LB. If we become a 3-4, the calculus could change and LB raises in importance, but that’s largely due to the need for LB edge rushers. Lavonte and Kwon would eat up a lot of cap.

Granted, this only matters if we’re planning to spend all of our cap (which I hope we do).

Unless we go all in on FA this year to stock our lines, I’d suggest giving Kwon his money now, but being ready to trade him or Lavonte if/when we need to free cap for higher priority areas. His trade value could increase with a long term deal in place, though I don’t know if there’s much of a market for his position.

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