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This is turning into a bit of a frustrating thread to read.

What I’m seeing with the evals of Kwon in this thread is this very abstract sort of “destroy all nuance in order to make it impossible to distinguish play.” It’s not helpful. Making the Pro Bowl is a notoriously bad metric to evaluate a football player. People voting Kwon in as an alternate have 0 idea of his tackling efficiency or his Zone coverage grade. They probably know fast MLB with red hair who makes play, sometimes fills up stat sheets with a big tackling number, and had a great story a few years back when someone precious to him perished.

It’s also not helpful to talk about “everyone takes poor pursuit angles, overpursues, gets lost in Zone, misses tackles, and gets window-dressinged out of plays.” The question is frequency, impact on defense, and how that relates to the best 4-3 MLBs in the league (and what they earn).

That means things like tape, advanced metrics and PFF grades.

For instance:

Bobby Wagner – 96.7
Luke Kuechly – 93.9
Sean Lee – 88.9

The first two guys are Elite ranked and 1 and 3 in the rankings. The last guy is High Quality and ranked 7.

Compare to Kwon:

68.0 grade which is Below Average and # 48 in the league. Couple that with availability issues this year and watching the tape and you come away with the inescapable fact that Kwon did not have a good year last year (and throw in the Buffalo game where he was as causal for that loss as Hump and Justin Evans if not more…just a slew of harming plays where he was specifically targeted or responsible).

So those top two guys are 10 millish guys (like LVD). So the question remains, where do we slot Kwon contract-wise. I very much want to retain him, but his production, reliability, efficiency and availability makes me ball COMPLETELY at allocating elite MLB money (10 mil like SR was quoting) there. So again, 7.5 with some wiggle room upwards.

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