Reply To: What has happened since Trump has been in office?

John Wilson

I talked about the executive order in your previous thread. I think that was the first public sign of action to clean up corruption. The crux of Trump’s campaign was to drain the swamp. I guess you have to first believe there is such a thing as the deep state in order to get behind Trump on this. There have been too many illogical policies worldwide for me not to think there is a deep state.

So from that standpoint I would say eliminating such an entrenched deep state would take considerable time, effort and conviction(balls). So far we can see the Saudi clean up, human trafficking arrests and now movement on North Korea. There are ongoing investigations into the Clinton Foundation and for public consumption we will see the IG report soon. I think we’ll see movement from Sessions after that report is released and there is now talk of a second special counsel regarding all of the “other” election scheming.

For a lot of people what Trump accomplishes outside of draining the swamp is secondary. We all want prosperity, peace and a level playing field. Having some kind of powerful deep state limits and/or chooses for itself who/what benefits from policy decisions. If that doesn’t change, all else is theatre and has no real long term impact.

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