The Bills and Panthers had to do the same kind of thing last year. I’m not saying the entire staff should be fired… just Licht. Again… if he has deals lined up, then I will be so excited to be wrong about this. But, no deals are lined up right now, then the Glazers need to do something. Why wait? If he is whiffing on the FA’s we need, then those on the inside already know that. On the other hand, if he has locked up the FA’s we need, them again, I will be so happy that I am wrong.

What happens if we wake up on the 16th, and we haven’t signed at least 2 or 3 of these type guys?

Andrew Norwell, G, Panthers

Ryan Jensen, C, Ravens

Malcolm Butler, CB, Patriots

Rashaan Melvin, CB, Colts

Kyle Fuller, CB, Bears (transition-tagged) – why should we care if he is transition-tagged? All that means is that they have the right to match our offer. Why not make an offer?

Eric Reid, 49ers

Are we just going to say… “oh… darn it… I sure wish Licht would have gotten some top-tier talent”? My point is, he has or has not gotten these guys lined up and ready to sign. The Bucs haven’t played a game in months. All of these guys have essentially been available during this time. Licht, and other GM’s, definitely have been speaking with their agents. None of these guys are really surprises. At this point, there should be nothing secretive or surprising. He either has gotten it done or he hasn’t. If he hasn’t, it is time to throw a hail mary and let someone else take a shot.

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