Reply To: Will We Trade?


Arguably the two top MLB currently manning the middle for teams in the NFL are Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner at the position. The APY for Kuechly is $12,359,059 and Wagner’s APY IS $10,750,000 both have cap hits for their respective teams over $13 million. While Kwon might want the same type of money I am not sure anyone remotely believes Kwon is in the same neighborhood as a player as Kuechly and Wagner. The average of the next five MLB is an APY of roughly $7.9 million per season. Which includes Alec Ogletree, Mark Barron, Brandon Marshall, Danny Trevathan and Paul Posluszny. Now if you believe Kwon is int he same or maybe just ahead of the following five he could command an APY roughly in the $8-$10 million range based on the percentage increase of the salary cap each year and it would be hard to argue against.

But placing Kwon as the top 1 or 2 MLB in the NFL, with an APY of between $11 and $13 million based on his first three seasons – with a cap figure of $13 million is not prudent for the Bucs, considering he’s already had one suspension and is slow to recover from hamstring issues.

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