Reply To: Trading up for Bradley Chubb


There is no reason why the BUCs can’t fill a lot of their needs through FA. We should be able to get A couple of OL, DB’S and maybe a backup RB. I like scenario of trading up to 4 and getting Chubb , that way we can keep our 2 and get a RB ( Sony; Guice or Chubb). If we were willing to move up in the 2 for a kicker , we should take a chance on moving up to get Chubb. The reality is every draft pick is a gamble. I really don’t care about keeping the lower picks 5-6 because most of those don’t make the team. I’d rather have 2-3 potentially really good to great players than 1-3 good to ok players and rest rest just camp fodder. I just don’t think we would be giving up much by losing 5, 6 or 7 rounders.

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