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Mar 11, 18 at 6:31 pm #1066625
According to the trade value chart it would cost our 1,2, and 3 for the Colts 1, 5 and 6. If Buffalo traded up to three and Chubb dropped to four it would cost our 1,3 and 6 for Cleveland’s four overall and 7.

If the trade value chart held true in this case, at what point would you be willing to trade up for Chubb?

A. Bucs have too many holes, wouldn’t trade up no matter what
B. Depends on FA, if other needs (CB, SS, RB, OL, DT etc) are addressed we’d have the flexibility to make a move
C. Trade up regardless of FA. DE is our biggest need and Chubb would have a positive impact on other position groups

Trade Chart


He falls to 4 you get your ass moving and make that trade!

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