Reply To: NEW 2018 Bucs' 7-Round Mock Draft 3.0


Mar 12, 18 at 8:07 am #1066691

For those that are not on board with going DT, IIMC it was not that long ago that some on here were down on the idea of drafting Aaron Donald.

Yeah, SR tried selling that bill of goods about Sheldon Rankins. Sheldon Rankins was/is no Aaron Donald, and neither is Vea. And FTR, I wasn’t opposed to Donald. It was clear he wrecked offenses constantly and consistently. That wasn’t Rankins – or Vea.

I’d love some of the Vea fanboi’s to address the fact that he only played 62% of his college snaps. That’s against younger and weaker competition. Do you fellas expect that percentage to go up once he starts competing against grown men with man-strength on every snap?

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