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Mar 12, 18 at 12:00 am #1066668
If Chubb fell to 4 and it would take a 3rd and a 6th to move up to get him, then hell yea we do that. Im baffled by anyone who is saying no to that hyothetical. We have had the worst DEs for years, and a terrible defense for a decade. You have a chance to get a potential pro bowl caliber DE but say “nah not if it cost us an extra third round pick this year”?

I get what you’re saying. But, I don’t see why Cleveland would make that trade for anything less than our 1st rounder this year or next, or a combination involving this year’s 2nd or next. There’s no valuable incentive for the Browns to make that trade for anything less.

I get that DE is our biggest need, and that our pass rush has been a joke for years. But, considering the state of this team; I’d rather work a trade with the Bills that involved us snagging their two 1st rounders and their 2nd round pick. I’d take that all day over any scenario involving a trade up for Chubb.